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Friday, November 20, 2015

Punisher – Last Days | Comics

mitch gerads punnisher last days comic
Punisher – Last Days | Comics
Getting out of his regular territory of New York, The Punisher took out the Dos Sols cartel of L.A. and then took care of some business with Crossbones. Now, Hector Del Sol took the operation of Dos Sols and ushered a reign of chaos. Returned to Los Angeles to stop the gang violence, Frank Castle realizes his relatives are kidnapped by the Howling Commandos to get to him. He responds by bringing the entire force of L.A. gangs behind him to the abandoned hotel they kept the hostages in by lighting up the building with his signature skull symbol. Myers, Ruby Red and Sidewinder of the Commandos prepares for the confrontation with him, seeing him only as a former marine but Frank packs a lot more with him than that! Their fight turns the hotel into a freaking war-zone.

As both parties finally face each other, Frank takes down Ruby Red and Sidewinder but then Myers shot him down from the top. An execution order for Frank Castle came from above but he eventually manages to get to the guy responsible for all the mess from Mexico and so, he abducts the secretary of U. S. government and interrogates him about all that happened. This led him to an encounter with the current Captain America; Sam Wilson. They fought gallantly and Frank then gave him something to take care of before running off. As the entire world was about to face an imminent destruction by the Incursion of Worlds (Time Runs Out), the Howling Commandos flies him to Tikrit, Iraq to fight out a terrorist cell named Black Dawn to deliver the final punishment.
punisher war zone comic
War In The Streets!
Here is your links for “Punisher – Last Days" tie-in storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

The Punisher V9 13

The Punisher V9 14

The Punisher V9 15

The Punisher V9 16

The Punisher V9 17

The Punisher V9 18

The Punisher V9 19

The Punisher V9 20

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captain america vs punisher
Capital Punishment Force

Punisher – Last Days

As the world ending "Secret Wars" crossover event is about to shatter the entire Marvel Universe, writer Nathan Edmondson (Black Widow – The Finely Woven Thread, Black Widow – The Tightly Tangled Web) and artist Mitch Gerads (Punisher – Black and White, Punisher – Border Crossing) returns with Frank Castle one more time to raise hell before all goes to hell. Collecting issues #13-20 from the ninth Punisher ongoing monthly series, "Last Days" is a tale of the final adventures of the vigilante Punisher before the end of the world. Even though, this storyline is just a continuation of two of its early predecessor, it served as a tie-in plot to Secret Wars, leaving everything open to a chance.
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Punisher – Border Crossing | Comics

all new all different marvel punisher
Punisher – Border Crossing | Comics
Previously, Dos Sols cartel of Los Angeles and their associate Electro were single handedly taken down by Punisher but he ended up taking a bullet from the Howling Commandos. Frank Castle manages to escape death and now he's heading towards Mexico to avoid detection. He seeks the aid of a surgeon who sold him out to a Central American drug lord "El Diablito" Ortiz after patching him up. They lock him up with another American operative and Ortiz made a deal with Crossbones to hand over Punisher. By the time Brock Rumlow came to pick him up, Frank already freed himself and made a run for it as his fellow prisoner call an airstrike on Ortiz's stronghold. After some heavy shooting, Frank agrees to come willingly in exchange for sparing the life of his partner.

En route, Crossbones made a stop on an abandoned oil tanker on order, where Frank made his escape and took down many of his goons. He discovers Black Widow on the same ship, already took out Rumlow. Natasha dropped Frank in a Costa Rican prison where he starts a riot to find a man named "Ruiz" for information. Meanwhile, Del Sol's brother Hector Del Sol returns to Los Angeles to take revenge on The Punisher and burn down the city. In absence of Frank Castle, L.A. has plunged into chaos. Frank's buddy Lou gets beaten and a now-discharged Sammy Stone took it upon herself to fight off L.A. goons. Frank returns Los Angeles to finish what he started and to lure him out; the Howling Commandos abducts his only remaining relatives but wishes that they didn't.
marvel comics punisher war zone
In Dangerous Terrain
Here is your links for “Punisher – Border Crossing" storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

Punisher V9 07

Punisher V9 08

Punisher V9 09

Black Widow V5 09

Punisher V9 10

Punisher V9 11

Punisher V9 12

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mitch gerads punisher marvel comics
Long Trail of Blood

Punisher – Border Crossing

No sooner had he taken down an organized drug cartel in L.A., Frank Castle has been forced to run away and then got captured by the worst. Marvel Comics brings writer Nathan Edmondson (Black Widow – The Finely Woven Thread, Black Widow – The Tightly Tangled Web) and artist Mitch Gerads (Punisher – Black and White, Punisher – Last Days) on board to continue their explosive run on Punisher in "Border Crossing" storyline on 2015. Avenger member Black Widow and Hydra goon Crossbones have their cameo appearance in the story to make things more interesting. The arc is collected within the issues #07-12 of the ninth ongoing monthly volume of Punisher comic series and issue #09 from the fifth ongoing series of Black Widow, before the events of "Time Runs Out" and "Secret Wars".
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Punisher – Black and White | Comics

punisher black and white
Punisher – Black and White | Comics
The new Howling Commandos are a black-ops unit, who has secured a hostage from captivity in Togo, West Africa and hired to take down The Punisher next. At the La Tovara River, Frank Castle busts a small drug exchange, blows up their boats and killed the drug dealers. Then he dropped the thug in charge into the water to be eaten by crocs after extracting the name of Hector Suarez. Frank's been chasing after the Dos Sols cartel for five months from Mexico, who employs deadly chemical weapons and now, he is in Los Angeles to stop them. At Lou's diner, Frank befriends a police officer named Sam Stone before heading to meet his military contact Tuggs for weapons and gears. He then kidnaps Hector, located where the drug is packed and blew it up all.

He sneaks up onto Dos Sols leader Del Sol who is about to acquire a weapon from A.I.M. but lost them. Next up, he steps into a firefight between the cartel thugs and police. Two of the officers were unfortunately electrocuted to death, leaving Officer Stone behind. Punisher gives a chase to them and it turns out that the gang now has the super-villain Electro working for them, from whom Frank barely escapes. He breaks into another hideout of Dos Sols and goes on an extermination parade on them until Electro knocks him out for good and bagged him. Surely, taking down an entire cartel is no big of a deal for Frank on any given day but with that much on his plate already, can he outrun and survive the relentless Howling Commandos team behind his tail?
electro marvel comics
The Electrifying Revelation
Here is your links for “Punisher – Black and White" storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

Punisher V9 01

Punisher V9 02

Punisher V9 03

Punisher V9 04

Punisher V9 05

Punisher V9 06

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punisher vs electro marvel comics
Static Charge Sting

Punisher – Black and White

There is a new drug mafia on the rise in the city of angels and The Punisher visits the town to mow them down. Marvel hires writer Nathan Edmondson (Black Widow – The Finely Woven Thread, Black Widow – The Tightly Tangled Web) and artist Mitch Gerads (Punisher – Border Crossing, Punisher – Last Days) to start off a new starting point for the deadly vigilante in the storyline "Black and White" in 2014. The arc is comprised of issues #01-06 from the ninth monthly ongoing volume of Punisher comic books where Frank Castle goes hunting into an urban jungle that is out of his regular territory and as usual makes a mess out of the bad-guys.
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