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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Harley Quinn – New 52 | Comics

Harleen Francis Quinzel chased her childhood interest on criminal psychology till her adulthood and attended Gotham University to become a brilliant criminal psychologist with a lot of potential for development. She outclassed her field and became a psychiatrist who got the chance to be transferred in the infamous Arkham Asylum of Gotham.

harley quinn comics
Harley Quinn – New 52 | Comics

There she saw many patients who are criminally insane and among them she found The Joker to be the most mistreated one. So she goes undercover as a patient there but the clown eventually caught her disguise and her confidence on face of his madness impressed him. Even though her supervisor, Dr. Sterano, discovered their secret affair, she was taken to Ace Chemical Processing Plant by Joker and hurled into the chemical vats.

Joker fished her out from the bottom of vat but she was drastically changed by then both physically and mentally, and the maniac dubbed her Harley Quinn. They became lovers and after a while Joker left her as he got bored. She then made a uniform for herself. Black Canary stopped her from an unchecked homicidal binge and she is taken to Belle Reve Penitentiary.

Amanda Waller then recruited her to her secret command unit called Task Force X, AKA Suicide Squad. After their first mission (Kicked in the Teeth), she managed to escape the prison while creating a prison riot. She was later kidnapped and tortured by The Joker when the maniac was up against the entire Bat-Family as a part of his ploy against his arc-nemesis; The Dark Knight (Death of the Family).

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harley quinn new 52
Queen of Mayhem

Here is your links to buy "Harley Quinn – New 52" comics from DC Comics on Amazon.

Suicide Squad Vol 01 – Kicked in the Teeth (Softcover)

Suicide Squad Vol 02 – Basilisk Rising (Softcover)

The Joker – Death of the Family (Softcover)

The Joker – Death of the Family (Hardcover)

Suicide Squad Vol 03 – Death is for Suckers (Softcover)

Suicide Squad Vol 04 – Discipline and Punish (Softcover)

Suicide Squad Vol 05 – Walled In (Softcover)

Harley Quinn Vol 01 – Hot in the City (Softcover)

Harley Quinn Vol 01 – Hot in the City (Hardcover)

New Suicide Squad Vol 01 – Pure Insanity (Softcover)

Harley Quinn Vol 02 – Power Outage (Softcover)

Harley Quinn Vol 02 – Power Outage (Hardcover)

Harley Quinn Vol 03 – Kiss Kiss Bang Stab (Softcover)

Harley Quinn Vol 03 – Kiss Kiss Bang Stab (Hardcover)

Often portrayed as an anti-hero just like her maniacal love interest The Joker, who originally debuted in “Batman – The Animated Series”, Harley Quinn is a popular DC Comics fictional character created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. Following the effects of the “Flashpoint” crossover event, the character also had a few changes like the other titles and a new monthly ongoing series as well.

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Insta Selfie Time

The character is also featured in The New 52 version of the Suicide Squad. The popularity of the character brought her as a member of the cinematic incarnation of live-action Suicide Squad (2016) movie, which is a part of the DC Extended Universe and the role is going to be played by actress Margot Robbie alongside method actor Jared Leto portraying the role of The Joker himself.
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Black Adam – The Dark Age | Comics

black adam dc comics
Black Adam – The Dark Age | Comics
With the removal of godlike powers that has been taken away from him by Captain Marvel as a last resort after he single handedly decimated an ensemble roster of powerful super-heroes opposing him, with ease (in World War III), Teth Adam seeks to find out the new secret magical word that will re-establish him as Black Adam again and the only thing that always kept his heart from turning entirely black with anger, his now-dead wife, Isis. Some hidden place in Kahndaqi border, Adam is bound to a chair and having one of his loyal followers, Tamir, beat him to face to bruise it to a point when it appears almost unrecognizable. When Teth thinks it is done, he goes to Kahndaq border to enter the country posed as a native named Hassan Bari with his faithful followers.

Adam and his followers broke into the tomb of Isis to collect her charred remains for a resurrection ceremony but quickly attacked by armed guards working for an unknown organization who wants Black Adam dead. During the shootout, Adam manages to escape with help from his followers who sacrificed themselves for him to safely get-away. JSA team is also in search of him while he was on the run. Adam embarks a long and hard journey to find out a Lazarus Pit to resurrect his love once again. But Isis dissolves as soon as she was revived; led Adam to believe that something went wrong in the ceremony that has skipped his sight. The situation will eventually force him to team up with the vile magician Felix Faust to fulfill the rest of his mystical journey to revive his beloved wife back.
black adam comics
Clash With Wings of Fury
Here is your link for "Black Adam – The Dark Age" limited series from DC Comics.
hawkman vs black adam
Fight or Flight

Black Adam – The Dark Age

"Black Adam – The Dark Age" is a 6-issue limited series published from DC Comics, written by Peter J. Tomasi (Batman – Arkham Knight, Forever Evil – Arkham War) with excellent pencil work by artist Doug Mahnke (Justice League Elite, Major Bummer). This mini epic comes for JSA fans is a must-have collectible saga that was released as a weekly limited series 52's follow-up title Countdown. In the course of this entire journey that Black Adam embarked on has led him to face few members of Justice Society of AmericaAtom-Smasher, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Hourman, Martian Manhunter, Power Girl, Red Tornado, Superman and Wonder Woman either in nightmare or only their flashbacks were shown. The limited series has explored the chronicles and the other side of this mighty magical villain of DC, who was one of the prime focus of the 52 crossover event and it's aftermath World War III from DC Comics.
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Infinite Crisis | Comics

infinite crisis comics
Infinite Crisis | Comics
Following the actions of an unstable Superboy-Prime, Superman and Lois Lane of Earth-Two came to Earth-One for recovering Lois' health and to look-out for his cousin, Power Girl. He seeks Batman's aid to replace the current Earth with Earth-Two but Batman refuses this offer and attacks him instead. Superboy-Prime is on Earth to team up with Alexander Luthor and came to Earth after he broke out of their realm. Alex starts restoring multiple Earths as well as founding a new Secret Society of Super-Villains of his own that is ambushed by the Freedom Fighters. Not only Superboy-Prime unknowingly resurrected the long-gone adventurer team of Doom Patrol and former RobinJason Todd through his actions but he also sparked a war between Rann and Thanagar.

Then he engages in a battle with Earth-One's Superboy, Conner Kent followed by destroying the Justice League Watchtower. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman rushed to the scene after discussing their possible roles in this Crisis. Batman suggests Superman to head for Earth to help and to held Diana back. With the Teen Titans totally decimated by Superboy-PrimeThe Flash and Jay Garrick tries to trap him into their Speed-Force after several heroes are killed by him. To stop the menace of this psychotic Superboy, the Superman of the two Earth teams up for the final battle against him. In the midst of this chaos, the Clown Prince of Crime decides to exact revenge on Alexander Luthor for not inviting him into his Secret Society of Villains.

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Infinite Crisis (Comics) DC Wikia

green lantern vs superman prime
The Corps Fights Superboy-Prime
Here is your links for "Infinite Crisis" limited series from DC Comics in issues.

Infinite Crisis 01

Infinite Crisis 02

Infinite Crisis 03

Infinite Crisis 04

Infinite Crisis 05

Infinite Crisis 06

Infinite Crisis 07

Here is your links for "Infinite Crisis" crossover event from DC Comics.

Infinite Crisis (Softcover)
superboy prime comics
Superboy-Prime Unleashed

Infinite Crisis (Hardcover)

The Infinite Crisis Omnibus

"Infinite Crisis" is a major crossover comic-book event from DC Comics that took place in 2005 and is a follow up to 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths. This event was plotted by writer Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Brightest Day) along with some of industry's talented artists like Phil Jimenez, George Pérez (Final Crisis – Legion of 3 Worlds, Infinity Gauntlet) and Ivan Reis (Green Lantern, Sinestro Corps War). The core plot was formed with a seven issue limited series following "Countdown to Infinite Crisis" limited series. Artist extraordinaire Jim Lee (All-Star Batman and Robin, Superman Unchained) draws the seven alternate covers of the limited series for this comic event. Infinite Crisis brought major historical change to DC's timeline and later it led to the "Final Crisis" event which was the main reason for all the Crisis themed events.
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Superman/Batman – With a Vengeance | Comics

superman batman comic
Superman/Batman – With a Vengeance
 | Comics
The world's finest superhero duo, Superman and Batman faces a new superhero team from another dimension, whom are calling themselves the Maximums. When Superman learns that Lois Lane is dead and the villain Skyscraper is the one who killed her, Superman faces him quite harshly. Back on Earth, when the World's Finest duo were fighting with the villainous Automic Skull, the Maximums came to this reality following a lead form one of their fallen comrade and attacked the duo almost instantly. After a fight, they quickly gained the upper hands on Superman, also knocking Batman out as well. Batman's counterpart Batzarro, the world’s worst detective came to rescue his "idol", Batman.

Batzarro informed Superman's counterpart, Bizarro in his 'Graveyard of Solitude' about the ensuing fight and after Batzarro convinces Bizarro about helping the World's Finest, they soon team up to save their original counterparts from trouble. One of the Maximums met Lex Luthor and Batman eventually becomes possessed by the Kryptonite Man. While K-Man attacks Superman, Bizarro and Batzarro makes a failed attempt to pull them to the New Earth reality via a Boom Tube. Meanwhile, Darkseid, the evil god of Apokolips is finally freed from the Source Wall and because of his immediate betrayal, Superman is now trapped there instead, with o hope of releasing from there. As it seems that it could not go any worse, it is finally revealed that The Joker and Mr. Mxyzptlk were behind these mysterious twists in reality, which was part of a game.

For more information on Superman/Batman – With a Vengeance storyline, you can check out the link below.

Superman & Batman – With a Vengeance (Comics) DC Wikia

batman and superman
Mistaken Identity Crisis
Here is your links for “Superman/Batman – With a Vengeance" storyline from DC Comics in issues.

Superman/Batman 20

Superman/Batman 21

Superman/Batman 22

Superman/Batman 23

Superman/Batman 24

Superman/Batman 25

Here is your links for “Superman/Batman – With a Vengeance" storyline from DC Comics.
world's finest comics
Here Come the Maximums

Superman/Batman Vol 04 – With a Vengeance (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 04 – With a Vengeance (Hardcover)

Collecting issue #20-25, "With a Vengeance" is the fourth storyline from the first volume of Superman/Batman monthly ongoing series by DC Comics in 2006, by writer Jeph Loeb (Batman – Dark Victory, Batman – The Long Halloween) and artist Ed McGuinness (Superman/Batman – Public Enemies, Thundercats – Reclaiming Thundera). This duo previously worked on the "Public Enemies" storyline of the series and their remarkable work also led the story to be the plot of great importance. A hint about the oncoming “Infinite Crisis” is also given in the final part of the storyline by the villain Mr. Mxyzptlk to Darkseid. A near-similar plot, where The Joker became omnipotent and took over the world in "Emperor Joker" also used the idea of reality warping using the magic of Mr. Mxyzptlk.
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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Superman/Batman – Public Enemies | Comics

superman batman comic
Superman/Batman – Public Enemies
 | Comics
In Metropolis, S.T.A.R. Labs, the kryptonite-hearted super-villain Metallo appears, throwing fists against his arch-enemy Superman for no apparent reason and as soon as he blasts Superman off with a Kryptonite blast, he escapes. Right after the fight, Superman shows up in Gotham City Cemetery looking for Batman to discuss Metallo’s recent appearance, who was investigating some desecrated graves. Speaking of the devil, Metallo suddenly appears again and knocks both of them off in an open grave by surprise, buried alive after shooting Superman with a Kryptonite bullet, mortally wounding him. Meanwhile, Captain Atom informs President Lex Luthor of an upcoming massive Kryptonite asteroid, which is headed straight to Earth and about to crush very soon.

Though President Luthor promised to take care of the matter to Amanda Waller, he announces $1 billion bounty on the head of both Superman and Batman, declaring them as enemy of the states. He claims that, Superman is responsible for this oncoming Kryptonite asteroid and the bounty on their head sets out heroes and criminals of all kind to attack them. Even if it was not bad enough, Luthor also assigns Justice Society of America against the world's finest to make sure that they fall. Now world's greatest detective along with Man of Steel should stand against a Superman from future, Green Lantern John Stewart, Power Girl, Major Force, Starfire, Katana and Black Lightning as well as a long list of super-powered hired goons all at once before they are taken out.

For more information on Superman/Batman – Public Enemies storyline, you can check out the link below.

Superman/Batman – Public Enemies (Comics) DC Wikia

batman and superman
Running Wild With Rogues
Here is your links for “Superman/Batman – Public Enemies" storyline from DC Comics in issues.

Superman/Batman 01

Superman/Batman 02

Superman/Batman 03

Superman/Batman 04

Superman/Batman 05

world's finest comics
Fall of World's Finest
Superman/Batman 06

Here is your links for "Superman/Batman – Public Enemies" storyline from DC Comics.

Superman/Batman Vol 01 – Public Enemies (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 01 – Public Enemies (Hardcover)

"Superman/Batman – Public Enemies" is the first story arc taking place in the monthly ongoing series of Superman/Batman by DC Comics in 2003. Superstar storytellers Jeph Loeb (Batman – Dark Victory, Catwoman – When in Rome) and Ed McGuinness (Our Worlds at War, Emperor Joker) brought up this tale of World's Finest, which ran through monthly issue #01-06 of this series. The story gets better with every turn of events as Captain Marvel and Hawkman also showed up to tussle with World's Finest duo at point. Later the story was adapted to a direct-to-video from DC Universe Animated Original Movie line titled Superman/Batman – Public Enemies (2009).
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