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Superman/Batman – With a Vengeance | Comics

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Superman/Batman – With a Vengeance
 | Comics
The world's finest superhero duo, Superman and Batman faces a new superhero team from another dimension, whom are calling themselves the Maximums. When Superman learns that Lois Lane is dead and the villain Skyscraper is the one who killed her, Superman faces him quite harshly. Back on Earth, when the World's Finest duo were fighting with the villainous Automic Skull, the Maximums came to this reality following a lead form one of their fallen comrade and attacked the duo almost instantly. After a fight, they quickly gained the upper hands on Superman, also knocking Batman out as well. Batman's counterpart Batzarro, the world’s worst detective came to rescue his "idol", Batman.

Batzarro informed Superman's counterpart, Bizarro in his 'Graveyard of Solitude' about the ensuing fight and after Batzarro convinces Bizarro about helping the World's Finest, they soon team up to save their original counterparts from trouble. One of the Maximums met Lex Luthor and Batman eventually becomes possessed by the Kryptonite Man. While K-Man attacks Superman, Bizarro and Batzarro makes a failed attempt to pull them to the New Earth reality via a Boom Tube. Meanwhile, Darkseid, the evil god of Apokolips is finally freed from the Source Wall and because of his immediate betrayal, Superman is now trapped there instead, with o hope of releasing from there. As it seems that it could not go any worse, it is finally revealed that The Joker and Mr. Mxyzptlk were behind these mysterious twists in reality, which was part of a game.

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Mistaken Identity Crisis
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Superman/Batman Vol 04 – With a Vengeance (Softcover)

Superman/Batman Vol 04 – With a Vengeance (Hardcover)

Collecting issue #20-25, "With a Vengeance" is the fourth storyline from the first volume of Superman/Batman monthly ongoing series by DC Comics in 2006, by writer Jeph Loeb (Batman – Dark Victory, Batman – The Long Halloween) and artist Ed McGuinness (Superman/Batman – Public Enemies, Thundercats – Reclaiming Thundera). This duo previously worked on the "Public Enemies" storyline of the series and their remarkable work also led the story to be the plot of great importance. A hint about the oncoming “Infinite Crisis” is also given in the final part of the storyline by the villain Mr. Mxyzptlk to Darkseid. A near-similar plot, where The Joker became omnipotent and took over the world in "Emperor Joker" also used the idea of reality warping using the magic of Mr. Mxyzptlk.
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