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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Detective Comics – The Victim Syndicate | Comics

On the entrance of Wayne Tower, Batwoman stands aside with Renee Montoya inspecting a security footage showing an unknown group of people appear and kills the approaching guards by apparently exposing them to various poisons. The man leading the group comes forward and states that they are here to file a complaint.

detective comics victim syndicate
Detective Comics – The Victim Syndicate | Comics

Batman goes to meet Jacob Kane in the Belfry holding cells but he refuses to give up any information about his mission. He talks to Kate about the current condition of Stephanie, who was hanging out at Thompkins Clinic with Harper Row and Jean-Paul Valley. Orphan and Clayface was training in the Mud Room, when Basil Karlo realized that he is the biggest bad-guy in Batcomputer's database before Cassandra finally shuts down the program.

Bruce and Kate walks into policemen's ball as the former is here to recruit Luke Fox in his fold as Batwing. Suddenly, an explosion goes off and the group who earlier broke into Wayne Tower arrives, introducing them as The Victim Syndicate. Soon, Bat-Family arrives in scene but are easily taken down by Victim Syndicate.

Their leader; the First Victim explains that he and his companions; Madame Crow, Mister Noxious, Mudface and Mute are all results of Batman's failure. Batwoman's investigation revealed that all members of Victim Syndicate were victim of The Joker, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow during their fight with Batman. Meanwhile, a poisoned Spoiler starts acting all rational and out of character. Plus, A.R.G.U.S. has been keeping a secret called Monstertown!

batman batwoman batwing dc comics
War In Gotham

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Detective Comics – The Victim Syndicate

The "DC Rebirth" mania successfully kicks off with "Rise of the Batmen", DC Comics brings the second storyline of Detective Comics in order again in 2017. The story is comprised of issues #943-949 of the Detective Comics monthly ongoing featuring works of writers James Tynion IV (Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Red Hood and the Outlaws) and Marguerite Bennett, who are also assisted by artists Alvaro Martinez, Ben Oliver and Eddy Barrows (Superman, Teen Titans) as well.

victim syndicate batman
See The Devil

Taking place right after the crossover event "Night of the Monster Men", the plot of the book takes a flashback at "Zero Year – Secret City", when The Dark Knight debuted his crime-fighting career by start fighting against the gang Red Hood One used to run. The story will continue in the next arc "League of Shadows" and stakes will go higher.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Batman – Night of the Monster Men | Comics

As Hurricane Milton is headed towards Gotham City, something weird starts happening to the corpse at Tolliver Memorial Morgue. Batman and Batwoman were atop a building observing the weather. Reminding even he cannot fight nature, Nightwing also indicates the possibility that this one may be worse than "Zero Year" but since he has lost Tim, he won't allow any more loss of life.

batman night of the monster men
Batman – Night of the Monster Men | Comics

So, he calls for Clayface, Orphan and Spoiler to lend hands. In Cauldron, Dr. Hugo Strange is working out and is reminded that it is time, to which he agrees and the corpse on the morgue starts taking grotesque form, turning into something monstrous. The entire Bat-Family is assembled and given their task of rescuing people when they all suddenly saw a giant monster approaching to them.

Sending his cavalry to help the citizens, Batman jumped in to confront the monster and after quite a hassle, he even managed to take it down. Upon analyzing its DNA, they learn that the person Bob Castro, who was turned into this monster, actually killed himself in Commissioner Jim Gordon's office and was a former patient of Hugo Strange.

Batman eventually deduced the real culprit behind this incident by connecting the dots and then another monster arrives. He sends Nightwing for investigation while trying to draw the monster's attention to him and Batwoman. Clayface, Orphan and Spoiler assists Detective Bullock with evacuation. The situation on street worsens and Gotham Girl decides to join the fight in her shaky condition in spite of Batman's warning.

batman batwoman nightwing
Knights and Monsters
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Batman – Night of the Monster Men (Softcover)

Batman – Night of the Monster Men (Hardcover)

"Night of the Monster Men" is the very first crossover that took place right after DC Rebirth, succeeded by "I Am Gotham" and "Rise of the Batmen" storyline. A team of writers James Tynion IV (Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Red Hood and the Outlaws), Steve Orlando (Justice League of America – The Extremists, Justice League of America – Road to Rebirth), Tim Seeley (Grayson – Agent of Spyral, Grayson – We All Die At Dawn) and Tom King (The Omega Men, Robin War).

batman batwoman and nightwing
Strange Secret Unleashed

They were also aided by artists Andy MacDonald, Riley Rossmo and Roge Antonio for DC Comics on 2017 to shape the plot. The crossover ran through the issues of regular Batman, Detective Comics and Nightwing monthly ongoing series respectively.
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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Detective Comics – Rise of the Batmen | Comics

Former member of the Order of St. Dumas; Azrael was being chased by a shadowy figure in Gotham City before Batman arrives to the scene. He trashed a nearby drone with a Batarang and then asks to Azrael if he knows who did this. To which, Jean-Paul Valley answers it was Batman himself. Former military operative Kate Kane, now acting as Batwoman was having a chat with her father about her vigilante activities.

Upon reaching home, she is approached by Batman with the drone and he asks her to help him train the next generation of heroes like Clayface, Orphan, Red Robin and Spoiler. While Batman-Family starts their boot-camp training session under Batwoman's command, elsewhere, the man behind these attacks assembles his army of "The Colony".

batman detective comics rebirth
Detective Comics – Rise of the Batmen | Comics

In Belfry, Mud Room, Batwoman ran a simulation of an army of Jokers on the team which an exhausted Red Robin shuts down and everyone goes to their own places. Tim Drake receives a grant from Ivy University but he didn't tell Bruce that he wants to go to college.

Batman was discussing about the possibility of a military connection of The Colony with Alfred, when he was attacked suddenly. He leaped out of the Batmobile to face off fifty Bat-suited men and even after putting up a good fight, they took him down. Tim calls Kate and shows this, prompting her to assemble the Bat-Family. What she did not realize that The Colony also reached at their hideout with help from an inside man she never even suspected. All of this will lead to a tragic loss in the end.

batman dc rebirth comics
Army of Batmen

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Detective Comics – Rise of the Batmen

With the DC Rebirth wave has kicked-in, DC Comics has finally returned with the original numbering of the Detective Comics monthly series. For the first story-arc from the series, writer James Tynion IV (Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Red Hood and the Outlaws), who was assisted by artists Eddy Barrows (Superman, Teen Titans), Eber Ferreira and Alvaro Martinez were hired.

batman family dc comics
Red Badge of Courage

The story titled "Rise of the Batmen" ran from issues #934-940 of the Detective Comics monthly ongoing and came out on 2017. When Batman took out Riddler on his own where an army failed, it gave Jacob Kane the concept for an army of Batmen (Zero Year). The story features the mysterious appearance of Mister Oz, who would twist and turn the end of the plot and the adventure eventually continues in "The Victim Syndicate" storyine.
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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Batgirl – Death Wish | Comics

As she continues to train with Batman, Batgirl prepares to encounter the unbeatable assassin Lady Shiva one year later.

In spite of her superior training, Batgirl takes a punch from a thug during patrol, which Batman notices and tries to figure out what caused her to lose focus. Oracle calls in to inform Cassandra Cain that she has located the complex where the group of government agents she tussled with earlier has her tape and other evidence to identify her.

With approval from her mentor, she heads to Langley, Virginia and breaks in evading every security measure like they were nothing to steal physical proof of her being such as blood samples and video tape. Barbara talks to Bruce concerning for the girl and he later sends her after the rogue agent Masters, who killed one of her friends.

Batgirl then meets Robin in the middle of a mob shooting where one was chasing a mob boss and another is seeking an assassin. The Boy Wonder is astound and shocked to see her bullet dodging skills with all the exit wounds on her body left by her trainer David Cain. She is shot by the killer with cybernetics named "Deadeye" but still takes him down.

Next up, she had to approach another fellow costumed vigilante Spoiler after retrieving one million dollar and a ransom note from gang feud. They got into the case together because the latter wanted to take part in this adventure and eventually sorted everything out in the end before agreeing to donate the money to a children's hospital.

batgirl death wish cassandra cain dc comics
Batgirl – Death Wish | Comics

Barbara Gordon calls in for Batman after picking up master assassin David Cain on the nuclear weapons storage of Hanford Island through satellite. He then teases the Caped Crusader through security feed to go there and face him. Feeling responsible for her father, Cassandra wanted in but is denied and left to keep a watch on Gotham.

The Dark Knight walks straight into a trap set by Cain and he goes on taking a shot at her young daughter. Turns out, he was hired by an individual who has physically suffered at the hands of Batgirl a year ago and is part of organized crime in Gotham, only wanting her to be taken care of with no knowledge of what she is to the person he hired for the job.

After she takes down a suicide bomber, Barbara talks to her about how exciting the experience is for the first time and how it was a rush for Babs at the beginning, which reminds the young protégé of how a year have passed of her deal with Lady Shiva. So, telling Oracle to run simulation for Shiva, she goes to study the lethal assassin.

In the mean time, Barbara talks to Batman about how she is worried that it's been nearly a year Cassandra has fought Shiva but she never told Babs about it. Bruce points out that only by facing Wu-San in combat, Batgirl can move past her death wish.

Besides, they have been keeping tracks of her confrontation with powerful rivals like Bizarro and Shadow Thief lately after moving on to her own cave, which was quite impressive progress on her part. Oracle still protests about letting her go ahead with what she is up to fearing the outcome but The Dark Knight allowed her to continue nevertheless.

Finally, that fateful night arrives when Cassandra prepares herself for a face-off and Barbara tries to talk her out of her deadly duel with Shiva in a ditch attempt to throw her away from the path of a certain suicide. So, she paralyzed Babs with a nerve strike before apologizing for doing that and heading over to a rooftop of Gotham City to meet her fate.

batgirl cassandra cain david cain dc comics
Cain Has Lost It

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Batgirl – Death Wish

The seventeen year old young heroine Cassandra Cain returns to her Batgirl cowl with the third story arc "Batgirl – Death Wish" from the first monthly ongoing comic-book series of the character by DC Comics in 2003, collecting issues #17-20, 22, 23, 25.

Writer Chuck Dixon (Batgirl – Year One, Robin – Year One) joins series regular Kelley Puckett (Batgirl – A Knight Alone, Batgirl – Silent Running) and artist Damion Scott (Robin/Batgirl – Fresh Blood, Robin – To Kill a Bird) in a journey to take the Silent Knight of Gotham into a new height by pitting her up against major league players out there.

batgirl cassandra cain lady shiva dc comics
The Inevitable Rematch

Not only has her relationship with Oracle strengthened whom she sees as a motherly figure during the events of "Death Wish", it also sets out her feud with her biological mother and the unbeatable assassin Lady Shiva to set her record straight on how good she really is. Cassandra had a chance to come across her father David Cain as well.

One good thing this storyline does in particular is that Cassandra gets an up close interaction with other allies of Bat-Family like Robin and Spoiler, which helped her bond with them as they worked together and humanize herself further. More exciting development will be seen on the upcoming "Fists of Fury" arc as it tie-in with "Joker – Last Laugh".
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