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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Power Man and Iron Fist – The Boys are Back in Town | Comics

When ex-convict Luke Cage showed up in Harlem City with his newfound enhanced abilities and met the other worldly Kung-Fu defender from K'un-Lun named Danny Rand AKA Iron Fist, they eventually banded the Heroes for Hire, Inc. Then they disbanded under some certain circumstances and after five years, they showed up at the East River dock to pick up their former associate Jennie Royce, who was framed for murdering Eugene Mason and is just released from Ryker's Island.

Taking her to the Excelsior Diner they offer Jennie to do anything for her that will help her get back on her feet, because they consider her as family. Besides, she already lost five years in prison for a false accusation and suffered without a valid reason. Since her ex-boyfriend owed a lot of money to many people and a necklace of her grandmother is now in someone else’s possession, which she would like to have back. The only problem is, it is currently owned by a notorious organized crime-boss named Lonnie Lincoln, or better known as the villainous Tombstone.

power man iron fist
Power Man and Iron Fist – The Boys are Back in Town | Comics

Luke Cage never liked it from the beginning and now seeing where it is going, he feels more uncomfortable as he shares history with Tombstone. However, they wanted to help Jennie for old times’ sake and Danny already promised her to get the necklace back. So, they go meet the villain in Harlem to talk about it. But Tombstone straight out refused of giving it back and their conversation eventually gone unpleasant when he assumes that they are accusing him of theft, whereas he won it from The Hood in a card game.

Before Luke and Iron Fist realize, they are surrounded by Tombstone's goons yet they took the necklace and fought their way out but couldn't hear the villain warning them about the necklace having magical powers. Upon handing it over to Jennie Royce at the Sisters of Mercy House, Luke and Danny leaves after hugging her one last time. Though Luke Cage feels quite uneasy with the fact that Jennie and Tombstone both have a different story about the necklace, Iron Fist points out that Lonnie Lincoln is probably lying here instead of their friend.

Back home, Jessica Jones asks Luke if he and Danny are going to be back again in action but Luke assures her that it was a one-time thing to help out a friend. Tombstone was going nuts over the necklace as it was a Supersoul Stone and tasks his group of henchmen to get the stone back for him. Jennie talks to her partner about their plan becoming a success who is revealed to be former criminal gang leader Mariah Dillard. Together as White Jennie and Black Mariah, they are gonna take over Harlem, when Tombstone loses his empire for failing to secure that artifact.

luke cage iron fist
Rumble In The Streets

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Power Man and Iron Fist V3 05

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Power Man and Iron Fist – The Boys are Back in Town

Following the debut of the live-action Luke Cage TV Series as well as Iron Fist on Netflix in 2016, Marvel Comics have reunited one of the best buddy-team of comic books together again in their third ongoing volume of publication. To accomplish that, writer David Walker (Luke Cage – Caged!, Luke Cage – Sins of the Father) and artist Sanford Greene (Deadpool Team-Up – Good Buddies, Power Man and Iron Fist – Street Magic) were pulled on the driving wheels of this series to attract a lot of new readers to the awesomeness of these Heroes for Hire turned into The Avengers.

heroes for hire
Back In The Hero Business

Collecting the first five issues from the monthly ongoing, this story however doesn’t content any lives at stake type of situation in it but was a fresh point to start reading about the duo who rocked the streets of Harlem, New York. Plus, a cameo from Doctor Strange in this little “Fiddle-Faddle” is something that you cannot simply miss. This long awaited return of the duos in action can also mean the reformation of The Defenders anytime soon in their fifth monthly series, with possibly Daredevil and Jessica Jones joining the gang.
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Deadpool – Suicide Kings | Comics

Wade Wilson is mostly known as the mercenary Deadpool who has quite a reputation in the business even though he was formerly recruited to the Weapon X program and was rejected as a failure. His insanity has no match till date and he is entitled as "The Merc With a Mouth" for the most obvious reasons. Like all the mercs, Deadpool likes to get paid and so he follows an ad that he saw declaring a fat prize for a hired gun.

deadpool suicide kings
Deadpool – Suicide Kings | Comics

He shows up there to find out three other mercs already waiting there for their audition. As one of them starts conversation with him it instantly turns out to be an all-out killing contest. Of course standing victorious, Deadpool demands the presence of his employer.

The person then reveals him to be the son of rubber magnate John O'Shea, Conrad O'Shea who is quite impressed with Wade’s serious black ops ninja killing action and had placed that ad to get the best merc out there. Conrad is debted to a bad-ass bookie who will kill his entire family if he fails to pay up and he requests Deadpool to kill the bookie for him to get rid of the trouble.

Wade takes the job anyway without knowing that his hit was actually, Tombstone. Soon, he was caught on camera near a building explosion that looked like a major terrorist activity on the news. This however, draws the attention of the dangerous vigilante The Punisher who starts chasing Deadpool’s tail. The Man Without Fear and the friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler shows up to help.

carlo barberi deadpool
Trail of Bad Luck

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Deadpool – Suicide Kings 01

Deadpool – Suicide Kings 02

Deadpool – Suicide Kings 03

Deadpool – Suicide Kings 04

Deadpool – Suicide Kings 05

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Deadpool – Suicide Kings (Softcover)

Deadpool – Suicide Kings (Hardcover)

Published in 2009 from Marvel Comics, "Deadpool – Suicide Kings" is a five part limited series plotted by writer Mike Benson and drawn by artist Carlo Barberi (Ororo – Before the Storm, Thunderbolts). Apart from the titular character Deadpool, the series also features the appearance of street-heroes like Daredevil, Punisher and Spider-Man; three of the Marvel Knights.

wrecking crew marvel
Stumbled on Wrecking Crews

Captain America, Iron Man, Thor of The Avengers and Rogue of X-Men also appeared in the story in a dream sequence as well. This five part mini-series is a story full of wise-cracking, head-blowing, kicks to the gut and a lot of gory action from the vigilantes of Marvel Comics.
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