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Justice League Dark – The Last Age of Magic | Comics

Wonder Woman rallies up Detective Chimp, Man-Bat, Swamp Thing and Zatanna to reform Justice League Dark to stop The Otherkind.

During one of her stage shows, Zatanna accidentally unleashes a bunch of mystical creatures from her hat that started attacking people in audience and she was able to avert a major crisis only for the timely intervention of Wonder Woman. Diana came checking on her for not returning her calls ever since they came back from Colu.

Zatanna tries to burn them with her spell but it fires back at her and though it appears that magic is broken, she denies joining Diana. Shortly afterwards, when she came to attend an emergency meeting at Wintersgate Manor, John Constantine came to see her about that incident prior and suggested that she gets help.

Inside the manor, Jason Blood arranged a meeting of prominent magic users like Klarion the Witch Boy, Madame Xanadu and Morgaine le Fey to discuss an oncoming change. As he explains how a tear in Source Wall allowed access to some entity to step into this universe, Zee notices a small plant is eavesdropping on them.

Following its trail, she reaches to Tree of Wonder to find Swamp Thing sitting next to it and starts lashing out at him for doing absolutely nothing being a guardian of green. He believes keeping this problem in shadows like Jason Blood is not a good idea nor is forming Justice League Dark to punch it into light is the correct way.

justice league dark last age of magic dc comics rebirth zatanna wonder woman greg capullo
Justice League Dark – The Last Age of Magic | Comics

Failing to find answers, Zatanna wished to talk to Tree of Wonder and she has a chance to see spirit of her deceased father Zatara who warns her of The Otherkind and arrival of Upside-Down Man. Showing her a glimpse of what is coming, he reveals that one of them is powerful enough to fight back this crisis and urges her to find them.

Diana sits disappointed at Oblivion Bar beside Detective Chimp, wondering why every magical hero she approached to join her team has declined her so far. In the wake of a series of gruesome death of ordinary magic users lately, Wonder Woman realizes some powerful force is at work here and so, she kept looking for recruits.

Bobo also expresses his dilemma of being new "Nightmaster" for possession of Sword of Night, which makes him a defender of magical realm Myrra, now that his friend Jame Rook is no more. He offers his help investigating her murder mystery and they head to Hall of Justice, where Bobo Chimpanzee met former Batman villain, Man-Bat.

Diana recruited Kirk Langstrom to study the mutated cadavers from A.R.G.U.S. and suddenly, they start coming back to life. She told Langstrom to fly out with Bobo immediately but cavalry arrived in form of Swamp Thing and Zatanna. After regrouping, Zee suggests that they go visit Tower of Fate seeking answers from Doctor Fate.

Alec Holland stayed outside and Constantine came to see him regarding an approaching danger that they both feel coming. Once inside, Zatanna wishes to speak to original lord of order, Nabu and Fate agrees to arrange that but kept Bobo and Kirk out.

Langstrom accidentally breaks an artifact that gives away a dark secret about Fate which Diana and Zee feels too. Only then, they realize that it was Nabu himself who was posing as Kent all along. He admits of summoning The Otherkind to this world before leaving them in dark, from which crawls out the dreaded Upside-Down Man.

justice league dark dc comics rebirth alvaro martínez zatanna wonder woman
Nightmarish New Threat

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Justice League Dark – The Last Age of Magic

Following major DC Rebirth events like "Dark Nights – Metal" and "Justice League – No Justice", a new incarnation of Justice League Dark is formed by Wonder Woman, which kick-starts from a six-part storyline titled "The Last Age of Magic" from second monthly ongoing volume of the titular comic-book series by DC Comics in 2019.

To rework it a new, writer James Tynion IV (Detective Comics – Rise of the Batmen, Detective Comics – The Victim Syndicate) and artist Álvaro Martínez (Detective Comics – A Lonely Place of Living, Detective Comics – Deus Ex Machina) were brought on board to create a fresh plotline that collects issues #01-03 and #05-07 from the series.

justice league dark dc comics rebirth james tynion wonder woman zatanna
What Lurks Within Dark?

After returning back to Earth from fighting Omega Titans on Colu recently, Diana of Themyscira starts looking for magical heroes she knew to prepare a team for an upcoming magic war. She eventually ended up gathering Detective Chimp, John Constantine, Man-Bat, Swamp Thing and her former teammate from Team Wonder, Zatanna.

In a quest to restore balance in magical sphere, they face unknown threat such as an extra-dimensional being known as Upside-Down Man. Though JL Dark was able to fend off The Otherkind for now, there are greater menaces lurking within shadows around then and more of that will be explored in "Lords of Order" story arc up next.
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Avengers – World Tour | Comics

A new Avengers team is officially formed only to fight against a vengeful Namor and his Defenders of the Deep?

A simple reunion of Captain America, Iron Man and Thor after a long time has turned into a reformation of The Avengers when Asgardian God of Mischief, Loki led an invasion of Dark Celestials on Earth, leading Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider and She-Hulk to band together in an attempt to save the world.

Upon taking down the Final Host of Dark Celestials, they were given a new headquarters within corpse of Alpha Celestial Progenitor by First Celestial Host. Robbie Reyes gets acquainted with Steve Rogers while Strange was scanning Jen Walters to know more about her recent changes and Odinson was having a hard time finding washroom.

Meanwhile, members of Atlantean army invade a Roxxon Energy Corporation whaling ship only to be shot down immediately and then hung their bodies like trophies. This evidently didn't sit very well with Namor the Sub-Mariner, who came retaliating in full rage shortly afterwards and took them with him back in Atlantis to execute then.

During a personal skirmish between Stingray and Tiger Shark that took them to undersea realm, he approached them to either join him or leave forever. Then an attempt from the former to talk it out caused Namor to lose his cool to savagely beat him down before ordering his sea minions to eat him alive, causing Shark to join his cause.

avengers world tour marvel comics black panther king t'challa captain america steve rogers captain marvel carol danvers iron man tony stark ghost rider robbie reyes she-hulk jennifer walters thor odinson jason aaron adam kubert david marquez ed mcguinness sara pichelli
Avengers – World Tour | Comics

Tony Stark invites Col. Carol Danvers to join their newly assembled team that has just voted King T'Challa as its new chairperson. In their first meeting, a call to emergency has taken The Avengers to mid-Atlantic ridge where they fight Atlantean army before meeting and try to convince King Namor to give his prisoners back to them.

He assembled a group called Defenders of the Deep with former criminals and psychopaths to inflict his rage on surface dwellers. They attack peaceful researchers of Hydropolis at south pacific and are faced by The Avengers once again. A battle suddenly escalates among them trying to save civilians and it only gets worse from there.

Soon, a newly reformed Winter Guard arrives to take charge of current situation with Namor and his Defenders. An unlikely alliance was formed between two teams to fight against forces of Atlantis but then got dwindled for silly reasons like ego of two Russian gods, which allowed Namor to retreat the scene with his accomplices.

As things were about to get heated up between Avengers and Winter Guard for letting Defenders of the Deep getaway, Red Widow calls for a withdrawal and led her comrades back to Moscow on order of their superiors. This leaves Earth's mightiest heroes to assemble and help damage control of abandoned research base.

Earlier, Cap had a brief meeting with General Thunderbolt Ross where he made it clear that he and his team don't work for any country. Unwilling to get into political argument, Steve leaves and Ross called in someone known as The Agent. It is revealed to be Agent Phil Coulson, who came along with Squadron Supreme of America.

Elsewhere on far reaches of space, Loki was about to be judged by a group of Celestials when he encounters an alternate reality Wolverine there. Claiming to know what the trickster god was up to and revealing his bonding with Phoenix Force, Logan saves him from his captors and set him free to play his part in upcoming near future.

Also, a flashback to past peeks into origin of first Ghost Rider from prehistoric era when he came to become a spirit of vengeance riding a flaming mammoth and fought a dreaded nemesis before eventually joining Avengers of 1,000,000 BC.

avengers world tour marvel comics king namor the sub-mariner imperious rex jason aaron david marquez
King Namor Rages

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Avengers – World Tour

Following a reassembling of Avengers recently, writer Jason Aaron (Original Sin, Thanos Rising) returns to continue his latest run on the monthly ongoing series through issues # 07-12 in "World Tour" storyline from Marvel Comics in 2019, where latest incarnation of titular hero-team experience conflict and love of their lives.

Aaron collaborated with artists Adam Kubert (Avengers – Avengers World, Avengers – The Last White Event), Ed McGuinness (Avengers – X-Sanction, Superman – Emperor Joker), David Marquez (Defenders – Kingpins of New York, Defenders – Diamonds Are Forever) and Sara Pichelli (Spider-Men, Spider-Men II) for illustration.

avengers world tour marvel comics phil coulson agent of shield returns secret empire jason aaron ed mcguinness
Return of Phil Coulson

A romantic relation between Jennifer Walters and Odinson starts brewing that has their teammates skeptic. Agent Phil Coulson is apparently back from his fateful demise at "Secret Empire" and has reformed Squadron Supreme with Doctor Spectrum, Hyperion, Nighthawk, Power Princess and The Blur to work for General Ross.

Throughout course of current arc, upcoming major crossover event "War of the Realms" is teased multiple times, which is one of the reasons for which Logan has rescued Loki. In an epilogue, founding Avengers' member Wasp visits Transylvania to bail out Blade to join their ranks and to prepare for "War of The Vampires" up next.
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The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core | Comics

Rick Grimes meets Pamela Milton, governor of Commonwealth group and they take tours at each others' community.

After battling "The Whisperer War" and narrowly avoiding "A Certain Doom", Rick Grimes deems it necessary to rebuild their community. Meanwhile, Eugene Porter has been trying to reach out other survivors' community for some time with an old a CB radio that he fixed and eventually found someone named Stephanie.

She is from a group named Commonwealth and after some conversation between two parties; Rick decides to send a small scout team consisting of Eugene, Magna, Michonne, Yumiko and Siddiq. On way, they come across Juanita Sanchez, who prefers to be called Princess and tagged along till they reach the meeting location in Ohio.

A representative named Lance Hornsby welcomes them to a community of fifthly thousand members and Michonne finds her long-lost daughter Elodie there. She is greeted by governor of the Commonwealth, Pamela Milton hearing she was a lawyer before. She even decides to stay back when everyone else going back to Alexandria with Pamela.

Rick was informed of their arrival a bit ahead by Eugene and following formal greetings, he shows her around. During their tour, Dwight spots a herd of roamers nearby and they all try to drive them away. Though Pamela and her men were told to stay put by her personal bodyguard Mercer, she ordered her people to move ahead.

Trying to look back at why the herd was breaking off midway, Princess got overrunned by walkers and Mercer quickly rushed to her aid. More members of their army joins in wearing armor before Alexandria militia group came to rescue. Both Princess and Mercer came out unscathed and she kissed him in a heat of the moment.

the walking dead volume 31 rotten core comics cover image robert kirkman
The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core | Comics

They all go to Sanctuary where John is overseeing everything and welcomes them to show around. Next day, Rick takes the party to Kingdom before heading over to Hilltop community. Mercer talks to him about how they run things and learn how no one among their group has to stick to their jobs they held before apocalypse.

Back in Commonwealth, Michonne takes a tour to Greenville with her daughter Elodie and encounters a few walkers. On way back home, they see an officer getting attacked and rushed to the scene for aid. A community member named Anthony Keith attacked him for having an affair with his wife but was met with brutality.

Lance came visiting her to defend the accused officers and she finally realizes what she has gotten into. Next day, she learns that Anthony has died and a furious crowd goes on a protest that escalates quickly when it broke into her apartment. Rick and Pamela happen to enter Commonwealth in shock seeing chaos running amok.

Michonne got hurt by rioters but a timely arrival of Mercer has immediately put an end to this anarchy. Later on a hearing, she explains the whole debacle as a misunderstanding and later admits to Rick that she has sold her soul for this place.

Pamela gets on streets seeing Rick helping people cleaning up and when her son Sebastian was asked to help as well, he rejects to do so. Dwight notices a clear divide among people there as they were busy cleaning streets and some were eating on a restaurant above, which disgusts him and Laura suggests that they clean up Commonwealth.

He shows up Rick's apartment later to suggest a coup to liberate these people who he thinks are oppressed but his proposal got denied simply because it could led to a war and possibly death to many innocents. Dwight tests his theory by antagonizing patrol guards and ended up being arrested for trying to cause trouble in public.

When Rick goes to see him in jail, he is chastised for trying to stir a pot that in a way that was very dangerous for everyone. On his way getting out, he saw Mercer standing right outside who tells him that he is the leader Commonwealth needs.

For more information on The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core storyline, you can check out the link below.

The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core (Comics) Wikia

Riot at Commonwealth

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The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core

Following a devastating battle against The Whisperers, new possibilities for Alexandria survivors' community opened up and "The Rotten Core" has picked up from where "New World Order" concluded within The Walking Dead monthly ongoing series from Image Comics, collecting issues #181-186 from the volume.

Also, creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) has returned to narrate another new journey of Rick Grimes and his friends from Alexandria Safe-Zone in a post-apocalyptic world that is now focused on Commonwealth governor Pamela Milton and her way of running things.

Standing Strong Together

She effectively started running a police state when people got furious over a civilian death that involved a member of Commonwealth army. Dwight is pissed on a system that takes advantage of others and does not treat them equally but Rick is not on board with his proposal of taking charge by force even though he sees what is wrong.

Eugene and Stephanie eventually hooked up during his inspection of an old locomotive. Mercer and Princess had hit it off as well after he rescued her from a walker herd. Rick desperately tries to find a middle ground to settle things but is torn apart by decisions. What their actions will lead to will soon be explored in upcoming story "Rest In Peace".
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Amazing Spider-Man – Friends and Foes | Comics

Peter Parker's roommate Boomerang takes him to the Bar With No Name only to get in a brawl with a mob of super villains!

Earlier, Adrian Toomes chases one of his henchmen, Dougie as Vulture for stealing from him. Toomes picked him up from the car he was running in and got taken aback when the barbeque sauce on Dougie's t-shirt starts talking, only for Black Ant to come out punching before Taskmaster took him down with an electric net.

Peter Parker has been back on his rocker swinging as the Amazing Spider-Man he is and luckily got back with his supermodel girlfriend Mary Jane Watson once again. Many of his regular villains have sort of disappeared but he still cannot stop thinking about his roommate Fred Myers, who is also a known super criminal named Boomerang.

While they were making out in Peter's apartment, Fred was sneaking up on them like a creep and then introduces himself to MJ. Even though she thinks he is a decent guy and his other roommate Randy Robertson is all for giving Fred a second chance, Peter cannot bring himself to believe that a scumbag like that can change all of a sudden.

Previously, Boomerang has robbed the Museum of Natural History and took something that even got Mayor Wilson Fisk very interested. However, the former Kingpin never really admitted it to public and swept it under the rug for some unknown reason. Wearing his work costume, Fred takes Peter to the Bar with No Name to hang out for a night.

amazing spider-man friends and foes nick spencer marvel comics
Amazing Spider-Man – Friends and Foes | Comics

In actual, he took Pete there to win big at "Spider-Man Trivia Night" when he learned from Randy that he has been a photographer for Spidey and knows an awful lot about him. Although largely against the idea, Peter soon starts having a lot of fun answering trivia questions of his alter ego, surrounded by a room full of his worst enemies.

News of Fred being there reaches to Mayor Fisk and his assistant tries to reach out but it failed miserably because of Boomerang being a jerk. To teach him a lesson for his defiance, an extremely infuriated Fisk offers a hefty prize on his head that got every other patron of the bar interested in breaking the sacred rule of the Bar with No Name.

Things turned out pretty heated there and Peter is forced to team-up with one of his former foe to get out of the mess. Not only did they put up a great fight but Fred even took a blast from Scorcher to save his bunkmate. Fisk deices to go all out on them but the mysterious entity with a huge centipede then pays him a visit to stop him from doing that.

Odessa Drake took it upon her to restore the honor of Thieves Guild as its leader and announce their rebirth by sending each members of their group to steal anything and everything valuable from superhero community and Spider-Man is called in by Tony Stark when they swept clean entire Avengers Mansion and Hall of Armor in Stark Tower.

Their chaos has claimed Captain America's Shield, Cyclops' Visor, Eye of Agamotto from Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider's Hell Charger, Punisher's armory of weapons, Thor's hammer and even his Web-Shooters when he was in mid-air. Falling down with no hope of rescue, his old accomplice Black Cat suddenly snatches him out of nowhere.

Although she saved Spidey mid-freefall, the world-class cat burglar did not waste time to take a jab at him soon as they land for being a jerk after the lab accident earlier (Back to Basics). Now these two allies must set aside their differences once again to stop the uprising of Thieves Guild before it is too late for Odessa Drake to pull off a grand heist.

spider man boomerang marvel comics humberto ramos
A Trivial Pursuit

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Amazing Spider-Man – Friends and Foes

Following the success of previous storyline "Back to Basics", writer Nick Spencer (Ant-Man – Second-Chance Man, Doctor Strange – Damnation) has returned to collaborate with artist Humberto Ramos (Champions – Change The World, Extraordinary X-Men – X-Haven) for his second arc in Amazing Spider-Man monthly ongoing comic-book series.

Titled "Friends and Foes", the story collects issues #06-10 from the series and explores Peter Parker's relation with one of the costumed enemies of his alter ego, Fred Myers AKA Boomerang in aftermath of "Secret Empire". Spencer has created new room for character development of this second-string mercenary, who is still playing coy.

black cat marvel spider man comics humberto ramos
Once Friend Once Foe

Spidey also patches up his ties with Black Cat and these two goes on a buddy-cop adventure together against a newly formed Thieves Guild. More aspects of his relationship with Mary Jane are given focus and props to Marvel Comics for that. Peter's ex-girlfriend Carlie Cooper returns to inform her of a support group called the Lookups to join.

A mysterious enemy still watches over him from the shadows and it is definitely not Kraven the Hunter, who is also planning his own twisted plot. With more of his old adversaries will be popping out of nowhere with their uniquely sinister agenda and J. Jonah Jameson will tag along in his next action-packed adventure "Lifetime Achievement".
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Star Wars – Darth Vader – Fortress Vader | Comics

Emperor Palpatine grants Darth Vader a planet to rule on and he goes back to Mustafar to establish a fortress of his own.

Along with Fifth Brother and two other Inquisitors, Darth Vader tracks down former Jedi Master Eeth Koth in a distant planet right after his wife gives birth to a daughter. He tries to reason with the Sith Lord by stating he has now become a priest of the Church of the Ganthic Enlightenment and therefore, poses no threat to anyone.

Since Vader is not interested in the whereabouts of surviving Jedi members, Koth decides to halt his enemy while making a way for his wife Mira to escape with their newborn daughter. Sending the Inquisitors after her, the Sith engages the former Jedi in a fight and Koth died during a moment of pause when they brought back the child.

On Coruscant, Vader handed over Koth's child to two nursemaids and meet with Grand Inquisitor shortly, who informs that there are still a few surviving Jedi that they have to wait to find out. Spending some time in his meditation chamber, the Dark Lord of the Sith sensed a connection among two of his Inquisitors at their Headquarters.

As they two were talking about him, Vader stood next to him and then lashed his lightsaber to the female only for the male to respond in defense before making a break for it. When his chase to apprehend these two led to a wide-scale chaos through Coruscant and death of a senator, Emperor Palpatine summons him for such madness.

star wars darth vader fortress vader charles soule giuseppe camuncoli marvel comics
Star Wars – Darth Vader – Fortress Vader | Comics

After scolding him for his reckless behavior that caused widespread havoc, Palpatine decides to present him Naboo Royal Starship, which belonged to Padmé Amidala. When he asked Vader to travel to Alderaan and pay visit to senator Bail Organa, his apprentice refused to do so unless he is given a world and his master agrees to his wish.

However, despite his strong connection to Naboo and Tatooine from past, he asked to be given Mustafar, a world where he was defeated and left for dead. Before leaving Coruscant, Sidious gave away a powerful dark artifact called Mask of Lord Momin as a parting gift to his pupil and sent his Imperial architect, to build a facility over there.

With Colonel Alva Brenne and Lieutenant Roggo at his side, he attempts to enter an extremely fiery atmosphere of Mustafar in his Naboo starship without even activating the shields. Of course it was less than a pleasant experience for his fellow passengers, they made it and Brenne got an idea of what might interest Vader after all.

Upon landing, he goes inside a cave to study a mystery he has been chasing for long and Brenne gets to work. Her initial design was declined but right after she got back, Vader heard a scream and found Roggo wearing the Mask of Lord Momin. He is immediately taken down with a lightsaber strike but left behind an interesting design.

It appears that whatever he left behind was able to somewhat reflects a vision the Sith Lord had in mind. So, he makes it talk and learns about Lord Momin before his eventual downfall at the hands of two Jedi. Darth Vader then grabs an insectoid sentient Mustafarian native from outside to grant his consciousness a body to work with.

They both talk about Momin's design that serves as a key, a Force Locus to a locked door to Dark Side. The latter promises him that his beloved wife waits for him on the other side only to anger him further as he has been fed false promises too many times but Momin promises to deliver it because it will allow him to create a masterpiece.

star wars darth vader dark lord of the sith momin charles soule giuseppe camuncoli marvel comics
Legacy of Lord Momin

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Darth Vader V2 24

Darth Vader V2 25

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Star Wars – Darth Vader – Fortress Vader

A continuing tale of Dark Lord of Sith from Marvel Comics finally comes to an end in 2019 with writer Charles Soule (Death of Wolverine – The Logan Legacy, Death of Wolverine – The Weapon X Program) and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli (Amazing Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man) delivering final storyline titled "Fortress Vader".

Collecting issues #19-25 from second monthly ongoing volume of Darth Vader, the story follows a narrative of Vader becoming increasingly notorious among his peers and enemies but he starts creating problems for his master, Darth Sidious. He has chosen Mustafar to work on his powers and rage that can lead to wave of destruction.

star wars darth vader mustafar charles soule giuseppe camuncoli marvel comics
Mustafar Will Burn

Latest Star Wars spin-off series focused on Darth Vader has explored unknown territories and introduced new characters to unfold age-old mysteries. One of its recent additions is the Mask of Lord Momin and an entire dark legacy behind it.

Starting right after the events of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, it depicts his rise to power and even echoed dubious thoughts of the Sith Lord about his course of action at times. Most prominent revelation Vader came across during "Fortress Vader" is an old notion about his unnatural birth and it was pretty uncanny to be true.
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