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The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core | Comics

Rick Grimes meets Pamela Milton, governor of Commonwealth group and they take tours at each others' community.

After battling "The Whisperer War" and narrowly avoiding "A Certain Doom", Rick Grimes deems it necessary to rebuild their community. Meanwhile, Eugene Porter has been trying to reach out other survivors' community for some time with an old a CB radio that he fixed and eventually found someone named Stephanie.

She is from a group named Commonwealth and after some conversation between two parties; Rick decides to send a small scout team consisting of Eugene, Magna, Michonne, Yumiko and Siddiq. On way, they come across Juanita Sanchez, who prefers to be called Princess and tagged along till they reach the meeting location in Ohio.

A representative named Lance Hornsby welcomes them to a community of fifthly thousand members and Michonne finds her long-lost daughter Elodie there. She is greeted by governor of the Commonwealth, Pamela Milton hearing she was a lawyer before. She even decides to stay back when everyone else going back to Alexandria with Pamela.

Rick was informed of their arrival a bit ahead by Eugene and following formal greetings, he shows her around. During their tour, Dwight spots a herd of roamers nearby and they all try to drive them away. Though Pamela and her men were told to stay put by her personal bodyguard Mercer, she ordered her people to move ahead.

Trying to look back at why the herd was breaking off midway, Princess got overrunned by walkers and Mercer quickly rushed to her aid. More members of their army joins in wearing armor before Alexandria militia group came to rescue. Both Princess and Mercer came out unscathed and she kissed him in a heat of the moment.

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The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core | Comics

They all go to Sanctuary where John is overseeing everything and welcomes them to show around. Next day, Rick takes the party to Kingdom before heading over to Hilltop community. Mercer talks to him about how they run things and learn how no one among their group has to stick to their jobs they held before apocalypse.

Back in Commonwealth, Michonne takes a tour to Greenville with her daughter Elodie and encounters a few walkers. On way back home, they see an officer getting attacked and rushed to the scene for aid. A community member named Anthony Keith attacked him for having an affair with his wife but was met with brutality.

Lance came visiting her to defend the accused officers and she finally realizes what she has gotten into. Next day, she learns that Anthony has died and a furious crowd goes on a protest that escalates quickly when it broke into her apartment. Rick and Pamela happen to enter Commonwealth in shock seeing chaos running amok.

Michonne got hurt by rioters but a timely arrival of Mercer has immediately put an end to this anarchy. Later on a hearing, she explains the whole debacle as a misunderstanding and later admits to Rick that she has sold her soul for this place.

Pamela gets on streets seeing Rick helping people cleaning up and when her son Sebastian was asked to help as well, he rejects to do so. Dwight notices a clear divide among people there as they were busy cleaning streets and some were eating on a restaurant above, which disgusts him and Laura suggests that they clean up Commonwealth.

He shows up Rick's apartment later to suggest a coup to liberate these people who he thinks are oppressed but his proposal got denied simply because it could led to a war and possibly death to many innocents. Dwight tests his theory by antagonizing patrol guards and ended up being arrested for trying to cause trouble in public.

When Rick goes to see him in jail, he is chastised for trying to stir a pot that in a way that was very dangerous for everyone. On his way getting out, he saw Mercer standing right outside who tells him that he is the leader Commonwealth needs.

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Riot at Commonwealth

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Here is your link to buy "The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – The Rotten Core

Following a devastating battle against The Whisperers, new possibilities for Alexandria survivors' community opened up and "The Rotten Core" has picked up from where "New World Order" concluded within The Walking Dead monthly ongoing series from Image Comics, collecting issues #181-186 from the volume.

Also, creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) has returned to narrate another new journey of Rick Grimes and his friends from Alexandria Safe-Zone in a post-apocalyptic world that is now focused on Commonwealth governor Pamela Milton and her way of running things.

Standing Strong Together

She effectively started running a police state when people got furious over a civilian death that involved a member of Commonwealth army. Dwight is pissed on a system that takes advantage of others and does not treat them equally but Rick is not on board with his proposal of taking charge by force even though he sees what is wrong.

Eugene and Stephanie eventually hooked up during his inspection of an old locomotive. Mercer and Princess had hit it off as well after he rescued her from a walker herd. Rick desperately tries to find a middle ground to settle things but is torn apart by decisions. What their actions will lead to will soon be explored in upcoming story "Rest In Peace".
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