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Thor | Comics

He is the son of Odin Alfather and elder goddess Gaea, he is the God of Thunder, Thor, whose power is derived from both Asgard and Midgard. He was born in Norway and then was taken to the mystical realm of Asgard to be raised by his wife Frigga with his step brother, Loki; the God of Mischief, who was always jealous of Thor since childhood. Thor was presented with an uru hammer of lightning called Mjolnir by Odin who declared him to be the greatest warrior of Asgard, after his years of training to be a worthy Asgardian champion and countless of his heroic deeds.

God of Thunder
Thor and his becoming the God of Thunder have many fabled tales on Asgard and to it's people. One of them suggests that there was another Thor before him. In years to come, Thor came to Midgard on several occasions and saved Earth from many major catastrophes, even from an alien invasion but it was his half-brother Loki, the God of Mischief who troubled the God of Thunder the most throughout his entire life. Other than that, he also fought the Frost Giants of Jotunheim and many other powerful deities from nine realms who opposed him in fight as well.

The Apocalypse Twins
He came in contact with eternal mutant Apocalypse during 11th Century AD, when the tyrant attacked him in a bar to remove a potential obstacle from way of his future plans. Just because En Sabah Nur was wearing a Celestial armor, he was able to repeal retaliation from Odinson. Seeing Jarnbjorn unable to pierce the armor of his opponent, he seeks help from Odin but didn't get any. With knowledge provided by Kang the Conqueror disguised as his brother Loki, Thor was able to best Nur at his own game with ease. History suggests that Thor have had encounter with En Sabah Nur more than once in his lifetime.

thor marvel comics
Thor | Comics

Avengers Assemble
During an attempt to get back at his brother, Loki caused an illusion for Hulk to go on a rampage and it got over on news. To prevent one of his brother's evil schemes, Thor joined forces with a band of Ant-Man, The Wasp, Incredible Hulk and Iron Man and together they formed the heroic team of superheroes known as The Avengers after defeating his brother and thwarting his mischievous plan. He remained a valuable member of the team and fought many legendary battles alongside other heroes, also forming a great friendship with fellow teammate Captain America and Iron Man as well as other team members.

Thor would come across a cybernetically-enhanced Korbinite warrior named Beta Ray Bill who turns out to be worthy of wielding his mighty hammer Mjolnir. Bill's birth-planet was ravaged by Surtur and his army of Fire Demons and Odin forged him another Uru hammer called Stormbreaker. When Asgardian goddess of death Hela returns to attack on Asgard, Thor had a confrontation with her in Hel and he is greatly wounded as a result of their fight but he figured out a way to defeat her. Odin then disappeared fighting Surtur and Balder the Brave was made the new ruler of Asgard when he refused to assume leadership.

Onslaught Saga
On Earth, Odinson assumed the identity of Donald Blake and fell for nurse Jane Foster but his constant swapping of persona into Thor and Blake slowly starts driving him crazy. Adam Warlock and Doctor Strange helped him regain his sanity from this madness to get back at his feet. Meanwhile, Odin planned on avoiding Ragnarok cycle forever by reverting all Asgardians into mortals. During his confrontation with psionic energy constructed evil being Onslaught, Thor successfully managed to separate Professor Xavier from it by using brute force but also released from its armor into a psionic form.

Heroes Reborn
Later he was transported to another pocket dimension with other heroes when heroes of Avengers and Fantastic Four decided to sacrifice themselves in order to permanently stop Onslaught, only to be revived by Alpha-Level Mutant, Franklin Richards. After spending over more than a year on that pocket-universe, Thor would return to Earth and continue his journey as a god on Midgard but in his fight with Destroyer, Odinson was killed. Odin's secret messenger Marnot eventually revived him with a new identity of a paramedic named Jake Olson who died during his battle with Destroyer (In Search of the Gods).

The Dark Gods
In times, Thor also went to Asgard to help saving it on several occasions from its enemies but mostly to check on his own family and friends there. In one of his trips after getting back from Counter-Earth, he finds out that his father Odin was captured and Asgard was in ruins by the long-forgotten return of the Dark Gods. When he tried to face one of them called Perrikus, Odinson was reverted back to the form of Jake Olson and lost possession over Mjolnir. Taking aid from Hercules and the Destroyer, Thor fights back at them and finally banishes all of the Dark Gods from Asgard.

Thor Vs. Thanos
In his insane quest for greater power to destroy the universe, The Mad Titan; Thanos has finally reached Asgard, defeated The Warriors Three and then left it in ruins looking for an ancient artifact of immense power. He even forced Odin to reveal the location of that item which will lead him to the rest of the artifacts scattered throughout the universe. Then his servant, the monstrous beast known as Mangog savagely beats Thor senseless and leaves him behind. Aided by Galactus' former herald Firelord and the Rigellian Recorder, Thor heads to the distant part of the universe to confront Thanos and stop him for good.

Final Ragnarok
Upon Thor receiving a grave physical injury, Odin separated Jake Olson's persona from him for quick recovery. Meanwhile, Jake can go back to his civilian life as people around him were getting really suspicious. Also, Surtur emerges once again and Odin was lost too after battling the fiery demon. By receiving the Odinpower, Thor now became more powerful but his connection to humanity slowly starts to wear off as he no longer stayed in touch with Jake Olson. Odinson became arrogant and attempts to overthrow the government of Slokovia against the wishes of his fellow Avengers (Avengers: Standoff).

Because of these actions, Thor became unworthy of wielding Mjolnir and he even ended up marrying the villainous Enchantress at one point, with whom he even had a son named Magni. Loki and Surtur plans of bringing another Ragnarok that he needs to stop before it's too late. It all ended when he finally confronted Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, a group of higher-gods who has been manipulating Asgard to repeat the cycle of Ragnarok for many centuries. He destroyed them all after refusing the offer of joining their ranks and then remained there with memories of Midgard after fulfilling his father's plan.

It was some time after the events of superhero Civil War was ended, when Mjolnir drops on Earth upon freeing a damned Doctor Doom from his imprisonment in Hell. Donald Blake picked it up and Thor was brought back once again from void into the realm of living. He was infuriated at his former teammate Iron Man for creating an abomination of his own personality by cloning him, which committed murder of another known hero. Thor then brought back Asgard's on the land of Oklahoma and started looking for lost Asgardians. He eventually gathered his friend Heimdall, The Warriors Three and Loki in a female form.

Secret Invasion
Beta Ray Bill was pulled out of limbo dimension and a Super-Skrull has surprisingly wielded his Stormbreaker hammer while Skrulls were leading an invasion worldwide. Thor decimated the invading Skrulls by dropping all of Asgard on them and then quickly joined The Avengers in battle on Earth to repeal this invasive aggression. Though he was pretty instrumental turning tides of the battle against the enemy, he was forced to take down his former comrade Wasp when she was turned into a weapon to destroy Earth as one of their contingency plans and with her fall, they eventually defeated all Skrulls.

Loki went back in his past to met Odin's father Bor, then brought him to present time and tricked him into believing that he is now surrounded by hostile enemies all around. This made Bor go into a frenzy and Thor had to put an end to this madness by making the tough decision. This made Balder the Brave banish him from Asgard and the trickster then arranged for Asgard to move to Latveria. The plot of Loki and Doom would reveal a horrible secret later, which involves many Asgardian lives and Thor would return to settle his scores with them both as well (Latverian Prometheus).

Lunatic psychopath Norman Osborn has rose to power after successfully killing the Skrull Queen during "Secret Invesion" and New Avengers went into hiding as he was made head of national security. He eventually led a Siege of Asgard with his Thunderbolts team upon convincing the President of United States by falsely staging an incident to make them look very bad in public eye. In a last ditch attempt to win, Osborn ordered The Sentry to destroy all of Asgard, who already killed Ares; God of War by then. As Thor confronts Sentry, the latter starts losing control over his immense power and unleashed the Void.

Loki ultimately sacrificed himself to give the assembled heroes a fighting chance before being perished by Void. In the aftermath of that battle, Thor rejoins The Avengers as it reformed again by Steve Rogers and his exile from Asgard were also lifted. Loki is reborn as an amnesiac child without his memories of the past and Odin was also brought back to life (World Eaters). Everyone at Asgard still hated Loki and some of them even attempted to kill him while they could. It was Thor who always stood by the young boy's side, causing him to idolize his elder brother and have respect for him.

Fear Itself
Red Skull's daughter Sin has located Hammer of Skadi in Antarctica and freed Asgardian God of Fear; The Serpent by lifting it. Sensing this, Odin decided to raze Midgard to contain the Serpent and his threat of ever reaching Asgard, which led to a verbal disagreement with his son. Thor battled a transformed Hulk and Thing as Serpent's Worthy Nul and Angrir respectively. He took down Angrir with lethal force and seeing that he cannot defeat Nul, Thor sends him flying to the upper orbit. In his last stand, Thor killed the Serpent with the fabled Odinsword called Ragnarok and fell into his demise.

Shattered Heroes
In absence of Thor, Odin and his fellow Asgardians mourn his death but a new, self-proclaimed God of Thunder emerges from his burning corpse, who goes by the name Tanarus. He appeared to all as a hero and a long-time Avenger yet, aside from Loki, no one seems to realize that he hasn't always been around. Odin laments on his century-long effort to avoid the prophecy of Thor's death was in vein and he leaves Asgard to rule by the All-Mother. With Loki's recruiting of Silver Surfer and Donald Blake's help, Thor managed escape afterlife and returned to his title.

Avengers vs. X-Men
As Thor came back from dead, he was called upon by his Avenger buddies when Nova arrives on Earth with a warning of the return of Phoenix Force. He fought alongside his teammates against the X-Men in Utopia and then heads to space to confront Phoenix but was severely injured in the confrontation. Then Iron Man's attempt to vanquish the entity leads into the creation of "Phoenix Five", whom he also fought hard as long as he could. Afterwards, Thor was picked by his comrade Captain America to join his new team of Uncanny Avengers comprised of human and mutant superheroes.

The God Butcher
Many years ago, Thor found the decapitated head on the shores of Iceland, which belonged to an American God but the killer was not found. Then recently, he realized that the inhabitants of Indigarr do not have their own gods and his investigation led him to the discovery of a room full of century-old slain corpses of Indigarr gods inside the Sky Castle. As soon as is attacked by a shadow hound, he figured this is the handiwork of Gorr, The God Butcher. Gorr once engaged Thor in combat and even torture him to know about other gods but was blown away in the past and now he has returned.

Because of his own personal tragedies, the creature known as Gorr became The God Butcher and over the course of millennium, he dedicated his life to kill all of them. In a distant future, he even slain every Asgardians sans Thor to face him in a final battle and so far, he is the only god who has survived Gorr for several times. Following his trail, the present day Thor ends up arriving on that future where his older self was the only one left by Gorr. Now, together they must oppose the villain from eradicating all gods with a bomb.

Original Sin
Uatu the Watcher was found dead on the moon and The Avengers tagged him along to go on an investigation. Uatu's eye exploded and many heroes present there were exposed of their darkest secrets. Thor learns about a Tenth Realm where his long-lost sister Angela lived but since she was raised to hate Asgardians, Odin had to step in. Afterwards, while giving chase to Nick Fury and his LMD's, he reveals to Thor that Gorr was right about all gods being selfish and unworthy. With that knowledge, he lost command over his trusty Mjolnir and only left with his axe Jarnbjorn.

Not only did he lose Mjolnir for his self-doubt, he also turned evil after Scarlet Witch's inversion spell on Red Skull went wrong and sided with the similar minded heroes (AXIS). He tried to reclaim his hammer once again but failed and then his left arm was cut off by Malekith in a bettle only to be replaced with a Black Uru arm prosthetic. Soon, Odinson finds out that Jane Foster has recently proven herself worthy to lift Mjolnir and she became the new Thor. After a brief bantering among themselves, these two eventually joined forces to take down the army of Frost Giants.

Time Runs Out
As Multiverse was heading towards its impending doom, Odinson decided to help Sunspot's team of  Avengers to find a way and stop the inversion somehow. At this time, he got his hands on the Mjolnir of a Thor from another world and he used it well against the Black Priests. He and his teammates discovered a rift in time and space, where they met with two Beyonders. The confrontation of these two parties cost the lives of Abyss. Ex Nihili and Star Brand to deal with them. Then a wave of these near omnipotent alien race hits Hyperion and Odinson, who died battling side by side with honor.

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"Thor" is a fictional superhero character of Marvel Comics, who was co-created by comic-book legend Stan Lee (Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil), Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby (Black Panther, Eternals). The character was based on the mythological Norse God, Thor and for years, the character keep appearing in his own long running monthly ongoing as well as many spin-offs and Avenger-related titles from Marvel Comics, aside from other series and crossover events, often as a key character. Over the long period of publication, Thor has died and resurrected in many stories only to later come back with a bang!

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Clash of Gods and Monsters

Thor appeared on animated TV series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes in 2010 for two seasons of that show. The character also appeared on Marvel Animation's direct-to-video Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers 2 in 2006. As part of Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (2011) and Thor: The Dark World (2013) was also released which are portrayed by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. Thor also appeared in blockbuster superhero movie, The Avenger in 2012, in its sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015. Thor is also set to appear in the 2017's superhero movie Thor: Ragnarok and 2018' Avengers: Infinity War.
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