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Fall of the Mutants | Comics

In Dallas, Texas, members of the mutant adventurer team X-Men were out looking for their recently de-powered mutant teammate Storm and engaged in a fight with mutant terrorist Mystique and her group of reformed villains sponsored by the government now is known as Freedom Force. Their fight is interrupted when cavemen, demons and strange creatures starts popping out in the middle. So, both team decides to work this thing out together.

fall of the mutants
Fall of the Mutants | Comics

During the fight, the precognitive mutant Destiny had a vision of many heroes dying and things from primitive ages like caveman and dinosaurs starts appearing around them. Their former foe Adversary was the person responsible for this sudden chronal disorder and he appears to be invincible for the heroes.

Storm actually was with mutant inventor Forge at that time to and they are transported to another dimension where they lived for a year and reconcile their love. Forge then tries to restore her mutant powers forever. Though Forge have currently managed to jump-start Storm’s mutant powers back but in order to defeat their foe, he cast a spell that apparently costs the life of Colossus, Dazzler, Havok, Longshot, Madelyne Pryor, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm and Wolverine.

Meanwhile in Manhattan, X-Factor team is transported to the celestial ship of the eternal mutant Apocalypse and offered a place in his new world order. Upon denying, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Caliban and Iceman are all forced to face Apocalypse's Four Horsemen and to their surprise, one of them turned out to be their long dead former teammate Angel, who has become the embodiment of Horseman Death under the influence of Apocalypse.

The clash between the Horsemen of Apocalypse and X-Factor reaches New York and the timely intervention of Power Pack actually saved a lot of property damage. During their battle, Iceman's apparent death made Archangel rethink his decisions and made him switch sides. As X-Men and X-Factor were trying to sort out their troubles, New Mutant member Bird-Brain meets his creator, Ani-Mator.

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horsemen of apocalypse
Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

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"Fall of the Mutants" is a crossover comic-book event from Marvel Comics that was released on 1988, centering on the monthly ongoing series like Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor and New Mutants. Writer Chris Claremont (Captain Britain, Contest of Champions II) pitched this crossover's plot along with artist Marc Silvestri (Cyberforce, The Darkness), Walter Simonson (Orion, Star Wars) and Bret Blevins. Fall of the Mutants was quite a long saga at that time, collecting more than thirty issues from three major X-Titles.

x-men apocalypse
Rebirth of the Mutants

Following the huge success of this crossover, a game titled “X-Men II – The Fall of the Mutants” was released by Paragon Software in 1990. This crossover event was preceded by legendary "Mutant Massacre" arc, where Angel lost his power of flight and is recruited in this story by Apocalypse in exchange to become his servant. This crossover is followed by the remarkable "Evolutionary War" crossover event.
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