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Wolverine – Enemy of the State | Comics

In order to investigate a kidnapping case of a close friend's son, Wolverine went to Japan when all authorities failed. During the ransom exchange, Logan was ambushed in a graveyard by a horde of undead ninjas from The Hand. While he was slicing and dicing all those rotten corpses, The Gorgon secretly observes his moves and waiting for him to tire out. After trashing them all into pieces, he gets his hands on the kidnapper but before they could react, his mysterious enemy murders him by surprise attacking him with his sword.

X-Men member Shadowcat visits the boy's family after Logan has disappeared but they already given up on finding both. Director of S.H.I.L.E.D., Nick Fury has recruited the master assassin Elektra to locate Wolverine and bring him back. He told her about a smoked out plan to take down major super powered people by Hand and Hydra is found and Wolverine was on top of their choice from the list. A badly-burned up but barely alive Logan is later found in one of S.H.E.I.L.D.'s aircraft carrier and Elektra quickly rushed to the spot.

x-men wolverine enemy of the state
Wolverine – Enemy of the State | Comics

He slowly regains consciousness to discover an unknown voice in his head that tells him that he is on a mission from Hydra and must oblige. A brainwashed Wolverine then goes total berserk and after killing the nurse on duty, he unleashes a mindless killing spree on board. When power goes down, Elektra warned her fellow agents about his presence and telling them not to open fire. As those men were getting butchered by him, Natchios patiently waits for her chance to get him. She attacked Wolvie on the right moment and successfully incapacitating him into submission using her twin Sai.

She tries to reason with him while Hydra helped him break free, causing a brief fight between these two. After locking her up to drown her, the latter managed to make an escape. Later, he unwillingly starts working for the alliance of The Hand, Hydra and The Dawn of the White Light, all assembled together by Baron von Strucker. Their plan is to kill major known superheroes and turn them into their weapon to fight for their cause. The entire super-human community is put under Red Alert by Nick Fury. The Fantastic Four and X-Men are the primary targets of Hydra as well as Captain America and Iron Man.

Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde and Storm brief their terrified young students at X-Mansion about what's at stake. Baxter Building also evacuates of all non-super-powered individuals for safety before generating a forcefield over. However, Wolverine was already inside by then and was waiting to prey on them. Picking up his presence, Mister Fantastic orders Human Torch and The Thing to bring him down using maximum force but the former Weapon X operative doesn't go down easy. Invisible Woman managed to get a hold on him before he escaped stealing Reed's latest genius invention.

In his next mission, he leads an assault against the Stark International with an army of Hydra agents. Upon encounter, Logan gutted down Spider-Man pretty badly and killed a lesser-known hero named Hornet of The Slingers. Then he sneaked up on Daredevil in his home with dozens of Hand ninjas. While Matt was fighting against Logan, Elektra was suddenly ambushed by The Gorgon on a nearby roof. After killing off all those agents who came with her, Gorgon took her out and kidnapped her for recruiting within their ranks.

john romita jr marvel comics
Assault on S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

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Here is your links to buy “Wolverine – Enemy of the State" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Wolverine – Enemy of the State (Softcover)

Wolverine – Enemy of the State (Hardcover)

In occasion of thirtieth anniversary of Marvel's most mysterious and dangerous character, an X-Man known as Wolverine, famous comic-book writer Mark Miller (Civil War, Kick-Ass) teamed up with another legendary artist John Romita Jr. (Avengers Vs. X-Men, World War Hulk) to celebrate. Together they created one of the greatest Wolverine story ever told till date that will be considered as a milestone arc in mainline Marvel Universe. The story ran through third volume of monthly ongoing titular series, collecting issue #20-25 and this twelve issue storyline is actually parted in two pieces.

berserker rage wolverine
Agent of Hydra

The first part being "Enemy of the State" and second one is "Agent of S.H.I.L.E.D.", depicting Logan's journey from being captured to getting back to his feet to fight the good fight alongside the heroes. Entire plot setting has treated us with guest appearance of Captain America, Daredevil, Elektra, Falcon, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Spider-Man and several members of X-Men team. There was also a huge assemble of bad guys from top to bottom class, all appearing for just a cameo. As far as story goes, we see the most brutal version of Wolvie causing maximum bloodshed to whoever comes in his way.
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