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Final Crisis | Comics

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Final Crisis | Comics
The God of Evil, Darkseid travels to time after the final conflict of New Gods and upon gaining his most precious Anti-Life Equation, he reaches to Earth, where his consciousness has taken abode in a human body. This person is a leader of a criminal gang, calling himself "Boss Dark Side". Libra, an agent and minion of Darkseid, is sent to escort escaped villains from the prison planet Salvation Run to re-form Secret Society of Super Villains, captures and murders Justice League member Martian Manhunter upon encountering him during her operation. To face the fallen monitor Nix Uotan, Superman and a bunch of his alternate-selves were called in for help. Meanwhile, Orion's dying body is found by detective Dan Turpin during an investigation.

It is eventually discovered that a radiated bullet was fired backwards from future to kill Orion by an anonymous person. Batman and Green Lantern, Alan Scott is engaged in an exploration that puts them both out of picture. Turpin finds Boss Dark Side and Darkseid's consciousness took over his body. With the aid of Darkseid's much desired "Anti-Life Equation", a major change in the scenario happens worldwide and seeing this, Batman plans to use the radiation bullet to finally take down Darkseid by breaking his Oath against using guns for a greater good. He does so but only mortally wounded him before being blasted with powerful Omega Beams, that disintegrated him. A seeming demise of The Dark Knight before the arrival of Superman struck everyone down with awe.

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"Final Crisis" is a follow-up crossover comic-book event to "Infinite Crisis", concluded from its prequel and seemingly the last of line of Crisis titled events by DC Comics. This event took place in 2008, when writer Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman, Doom Patrol) came up with the core idea of the story along with artist Carlos Pacheco (Bishop, Inhumans) and Doug Mahnke (Justice League Elite, Major Bummer) to envision the plot. Final Crisis is considered as one of the most important crossover events of DC Comics in the modern era that has changed major status-quo of DC Universe's timeline with the demise of a few popular protagonists and it is the last major event that took place before the historical "Blackest Night" event.
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