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Batman – I Am Suicide | Comics

batman i am suicide dc comics
Batman – I Am Suicide | Comics
Ex-Suicide Squad member Psycho-Pirate's mental manipulation drove Gotham mad and he spent all of his life force fighting Justice League. His sister Gotham Girl remained mentally scarred and unstable in Wayne Manor. Batman decides to get Psycho-Pirate back to fix her up. In Santa Prisca, Bane has his men bring the Pirate to him to help him get rid of the addiction of Venom. To restore Gotham Girl's psyche, Batman takes it upon him to a suicide mission of acquire the villain from Bane's fortress. He visits Arkham Asylum cells to recruit inmates to his cause accompanied by Dr. Jeremiah Arkham. With his own Suicide Squad consisting of Bronze Tiger, Jewlee, Punch, Ventriloquist and Catwoman, he heads for Peña Duro prison on the island of Santa Prisca.

The Batwing is shot-down and hundreds of Bane's militia physically overwhelmed Batman, who gets caught purposefully. Bane punishes Batman for invading his sovereign country and mocking his laws, then locked him up in the very cell where the latter grew up. Batman eventually escapes from his captivity to lead Ventriloquist and Catwoman to the inner cell-blocks. Bronze Tiger hands over Jewlee and former Peña Duro escapee; Punch to Bane in return for a favor he was about to ask but before that, Catwoman jumped in the middle of them and revealed Batman's plan to the villain to save her own life from death sentence. Meanwhile, The Dark Knight fights through the armed forces, scales the prison, lands into the nearby ocean and swims back to finally confront Bane.
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Assault on-Santa Prisca
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Batman V3 09

Batman V3 10

Batman V3 11

Batman V3 12

Batman V3 13

Batman V3 14

Batman V3 15
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Dark Knight Descending

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Batman – I Am Suicide

Following the first smashing "Rebirth" arc of "I Am Gotham", DC Comics brings us the second story of The Dark Knight in "I Am Suicide". The story is developed by writer Tom King (The Omega Men, Robin War) and artist Mikel Janín (Justice League Dark, Superman – The Final Days of Superman), in issues #09-15 of the third ongoing monthly volume of Batman. The first five issues of the arc features the core storyline of Batman's suicide mission, where Alfred Pennyworth, Amanda Waller and Duke Thomas also had minor appearance during the course of the plot. The last two issues contains a bonus-tale detailing the impending fate of Catwoman titled "Rooftops", pencilled by artist Mitch Gerads and showcases a large number of second string villains from Batman's Rogues Gallery.
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