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Justice League – New 52 | Comics

It took an invasion of the extraterrestrial Parademons from the planet Apokolips on Earth on behalf of their master Darkseid to unite the World's greatest super-heroes to come together and form an uneasy alliance to defend Earth, which they successfully did in the end and effectively put a stop to the invasion. As the battle was a success, they banded together to work as a team to protect mankind and serve justice, thus forming the Justice League.

The initial roster of the team consists of Aquaman, Batman, Victor Stone as Cyborg, Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, Superman, Barry Allen as The Flash and Wonder Woman. Other members like Aquaman's wife Queen Mera, Atom, Deadman, Element Woman, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Hawkman and Lady Luck also joined occasionally as additional members in the League. The Justice League exists alongside two other superhero teams, Justice League Dark and Justice League International, both of whom operate separately with their own mission.

When there is a world-ending crisis, the League is there to respond to it immediately. The members of the League are individually operational to their own heroic duty or vigilantism in the base of their operations. Apart from taking on major super-villains like Amazo, Felix Faust or even the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3, they engage to other threats like Court of the Owls from Gotham and solo villains of the fellow team members when needed.

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Justice League – New 52 | Comics

Green Lantern ran into Batman as they both were investigating missing person case and encountered a Parademon from Apokolips. Retrieving a Father Box from the creature, they two heads to Metropolis thinking Superman may know something about it but in the confusion of their confrontation, it turned into a fight where both Hal Jordan and Batman was saved for the timely intervention of Flash. Sorting out their own differences, the four of them plan ahead to approach the situation and their Father Box opened a Boom Tube.

An assault of Parademons on S.T.A.R. Labs left high school athlete Victor Stone in a dying state who became Cyborg after his father attempts to save his life with nanites and Father Box technology. Soon, the Amazon Princess Wonder Woman and an undersea monarch Aquaman joined the fight and turned the tide of the entire battle. Finally, the dreaded Dark-God of Apokolips; Darkseid arrives on Earth looking for the Anti-Life Equation and the heroes fight with their lives to halt his advances.

The Villain's Journey
In the causality of "Apokolips War", David Graves lost his family and later becomes the author of the book "Justice League: Gods among Men". When he is diagnosed with cancer, he decides that he should get revenge on the Justice League and kidnaps Steve Trevor to get to them. By either torturing or interrogating, Grave learns about them from all of their enemies. As the League members were in on their satellite headquarters, he attacked them in their turf and defeated them all.

Using the ghosts of their loved ones, Graves easily outmatched heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman. They eventually see through Grave's deception and manages to defeat them with their combined effort. At the end of the conflict, Superman and Wonder Woman relate to the fact that how alone they really are in this world and how much they are alike. With that they share a passionate kiss and become the "Power Couple" of the world.

Trinity War
Believing Superman to be the purest of hearts, Pandora approaches him to help her open Pandora's Box but it seemingly corrupts him. In an attempt to stop Shazam from entering the borders of Kahndaq, Superman gets into a brawl with him. When he apparently kills Dr. Light, he surrenders himself to the custody of A.R.G.U.S. Wonder Woman seeks help from Justice League Dark to uncover the secrets of the box. While everyone was busy fighting everyone else, The Outsider takes chance of it and puts his mysterious plan in action.

Forever Evil
Turns out that The Outsider was actually the Alfred Pennyworth of Earth 3, who was working with the Secret Society of Super-Villains to make passage into the Prime Earth for the Crime Syndicate, so that they can take over this world. With Justice League trapped inside the Firestorm Matrix, Batman and Catwoman bring the remains of Victor Stone to S.T.A.R. Labs. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor assembles B-Zero, Black Adam, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Deathstroke and Sinestro to form his very own Injustice League to save the day!

Darkseid War
An enigmatic explorer of New Genesis, Metron is a New God who approaches Anti-Monitor on Earth 3 to stop him from going to war with Darkseid. The latter then introduces him to Darkseid's daughter Grail, with whom he will bring the end of New Gods. Sending his Fury Lashina and the assassin Kanto to find the mother of his daughter, Darkseid awaits in his throne room. After a failed attempt of facing him, Mister Miracle barely escapes doom via Mother Box and end up meeting Myrina Black; former Amazon and mother of Darkseid's daughter.

Using Flash as a dimensional portal, Grail stepped foot on Earth and nearly decimated the entire League. Wonder Woman was able to stand up to her for a while but she also fell. Then she summoned Anti-Monitor and Metron arrives to teleport the Justice League away from them. While Lex Luthor and Superman went to Apokolips, Darkseid sent his general Steppenwolf and Kalibak to face the Anti-God. The Dark God finally steps head in against the Anti-God for one final confrontation.

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Justice League of Prime Earth

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Following the conclusion of the 'Flashpoint' event in 2011, all DC Comics ongoing titles were cancelled and re-launched from issue #01 for a new fresh start-up point with a new beginning line and DC's continuity was rebooted again into The New 52, like it did after Crisis on Infinite Earths. Justice League of America monthly series was re-launched as the second volume of Justice League, written by Geoff Johns (Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth) and drawn by Jim Lee (Divine Right, Superman Unchained) and was the first of the new titles released, coming out the same day as the final issue of Flashpoint.

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The Fight for Justice

The ongoing title debuted in a high note with provided great artwork by Jim Lee and it was way too extra-ordinary! After the first 12 issues, Jim Lee is succeeded by fellow artists Doug Mahnke (Batman – The Man Who Laughs, Black Adam – The Dark Age), Francis Manapul (Legion of Superheroes, Witchblade), Ivan Reis (Infinite Crisis, Sinestro Corps War) and Jason Fabok (Detective Comics – Emperor Penguin, Detective Comics – Gothtopia), who continued their work on notable storylines later like Throne of Atlantis, The Grid, Trinity WarForever EvilForever Heroes, Injustice League and Darkseid War. Also the "Justice League – Origin" story arc was adapted into a direct-to-video format animated superhero film titled Justice League: War in 2014.
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