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Thanos – The God Quarry | Comics

The all-powerful Thanos was slowly dying and guided by his former love Death, his son Thane created an alliance with Champion of the Universe, Nebula and Starfox. It was all a ploy for Thane to bond with the Phoenix Force and upon gaining this near-limitless power; he betrayed his comrades and overthrow Thanos after rendering him mortal. On the ruins of Titan, he is now forced to live scavenging and feed on mugrats. The great destroyer is mugged by two scavengers Biv and Tiv in his weakened state until he was found by Starfox and his allies.

Now possessing the power of a God, Thane is killing everyone and everything on sight in the name of his love for Lady Death. As the son of The Mad Titan becomes a Destroyer of Worlds, Champion of the Universe Tryco Slatterus, Nebula and Starfox seeks out Thanos for his help in finding and stopping Thane before he obliterates the rest of the universe. He reluctantly agrees to help them but asks them to take him to The Cosmic Coven to get his powers back from the Witches of Infinity.

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Thanos – The God Quarry | Comics

Flying through uncharted reaches of space, Nebula's ship came near a black hole, which Thanos claims to be the location they are looking for. Leaving Nebula and Tryco behind, Starfox and his brother enters the black hole that sucks them in and drops them at The God Quarry. The Witches of Infinity welcomes Thanos and his brother to their den and The Mad Titan demands to know the secrets of the coven. As Starfox tries to charm them with his power of manipulation, the sisters render him old and weak.

In response to Thanos seeking to regain his power, the sisters explain that the coven holds the power of all the forgotten gods and the quarry gives or takes that to only people who willingly enter it to face a trial of their soul. Failing of that trial would cause one to stick within the walls of the quarry for eternity. So, The Mad Titan embarks a personal journey into the quarry and it claimed him. While he was stuck in the coven, Thane has been looking for him all over and finds Nebula's ship.

Thanos finds himself in a world where he is one of Earth’s Mightiest Hero and leader of The Avengers but all of these seems odd to him right from the beginning. With a glimpse back at his former life, he remembers who he is and realizes that he has been given a chance of redemption to be good. Sensing this, he slaughters his imaginary allies and breaks free of the coven. Thanos returns in all-new glory to face his Phoenix-empowered son in a final showdown.

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The Cosmic Coven

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Thanos – The God Quarry

"The God Quarry" is the second in line after "Thanos Returns", that ran from issues #07-12 of the second ongoing volume of Thanos monthly series. Comic-book writer Jeff Lemire (Beowulf, Essex County) and artist German Peralta were the ones from the creative team to depict the story as it is. In the previous stoyline, artist Mike Deodato Jr. (New Avengers, Original Sin) served as a penciller but he provided only cover arts for this arc from Marvel Comics. With the upcoming release of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Marvel is re-defining The Mad Titan throughout the series.

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War of The Titans

The storyline features the cameo appearance of The Avengers in a dream sequence where Daredevil, Hercules, Ironheart, Jane Foster's Thor, Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, Sam Wilson's Captain America, Spider-Man, Vision and Wasp fights The Abomination. Ultimately, they all perish at the hands of Thanos when he finishes his trial. In the climax of the story, both Thanos and Thane engage in a battle of might that can shake the entire cosmos and will come to conclusion at the Cosmic Coven. Then there is the unnecessary and weird hook-up between Nebula and Tryco when everyone else was busy finding a way to defeat Thane.
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