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Alien – The Illustrated Story | Comics

In the year of 2122, Weyland Industries has sent the commercial spaceship USCSS Nostromo on a space excursion with seven of its crew members in stasis. The ship’s artificial intelligence MU-TH-UR 6000 awakes her crews from their hyper-sleep upon receiving an unknown distress transmission from a nearby planetoid, LV-426.

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Alien – The Illustrated Story | Comics

Nostromo lands on the planetoid after being detached from the refinery. Captain Dallas, Executive Officer Kane and Navigator Lambert proceeds to find out the source of the transmission, leaving Warrant Officer Ripley, Science Officer Ash and Engineers Brett and Parker behind to observe their activities. The source of the distress signal was located in a the wishbone-shaped derelict alien spacecraft.

As Ripley decodes the signal as some sort of warning, the crews inside the derelict finds a corpse of an alien being and Kane is choked with a scorpion like creature with a spine-like tail that has attached to his face when he was inspecting a hidden chamber containing a lot of egg-like leathery capsule.

Dallas and Lambert immediately abort their investigation and took Kane to Nostromo for medical attention. Despite Ripley’s denial, Ash allowed them in and they unsuccessfully try to remove the Facehugger which eventually dies after releasing Kane but soon he also dies when a small, hideous alien creature came bursting through his chest and hid inside the dark corners of the ship. What the crews does not knew till then is that they have a horror out of hell hiding in their ship.

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Nightmare In The Dark

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Alien – The Illustrated Story

Alien – The Illustrated Story (Original Art Edition)

Published in 1979 as an adaptation of the Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror film of the same name, Alien – The Illustrated Story is a graphic novel from Heavy Metal. The story of the film was retold by writer Archie Goodwin (The Incredible Hulk, Star Wars) and artist Walt Simonson (Orion, Thor).

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Horrors of Space

Though the publication right of the Aliens franchise was late obtained by Dark Horse Comics, in 2012, the original black and white version of the book is reprinted in colored edition. The novelization of the plot garnered critical acclaim even from the creators of the film as they noted that it was even better that the movie.
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