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Batman – Dead to Rights | Comics

During a working day, Batman drops The Joker in front of a police station after capturing him on his regular patrol. Upon putting him on cell the psychotic freak has crippled the other inmates in the cell. Furious at this, officer Geoff hits him hard and The Joker then fakes a phone call that he was intend to call his lawyer.

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Batman – Dead to Rights | Comics

In actual, he called Geoff's wife home and told her to hang herself by convincing her of having an incurable disease and her husband cannot bear the mammoth expense that follows the treatment for her care.So, it would be better for her husband if she kills herself and she does commit suicide at which, Officer Geoff totally breaks down mentally and lost control over his sense of morality.

Meanwhile, The Joker starts terrorizing by playing fatal pranks on everyone around the police station and courtyard as well. Starting from the inmates to the Judge and is placed away for his uncontrollable maniacal actions. Wearing a disguise, Batman eventually confronts The Joker in cell but the clown prince quickly recognizes his true self.

As Joker is pleased to meet the bat, he is not quite interested in his secret identity. Soon, Batman's life gets on the ropes as the former officer Geoff returns to exact his vengeance for his wife's death for which he thinks both Batman and The Joker are responsible as same. Reformed as Bad Cop, Geoff has successfully apprehends both The Dark Knight and the Clown by surprise for their previous actions.

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Batman – Dead to Rights (Comics) DC Wikia

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Point of Breakdown

Here is your links for “Batman – Dead to Rights" storyline from DC Comics in issues.

Batman Confidential 22

Batman Confidential 23

Batman Confidential 24

Batman Confidential 25

Batman Confidential 29

Batman Confidential 30

Here is your link for “Batman – Dead to Rights" storyline from DC Comics.

Batman – Dead to Rights

Depicting one of the early encounters of Batman with his long time arch-nemesis, Joker, writer Andrew Kreisberg and artist Scott McDaniel (Batman – Impostors, Green Arrow) did this story back in 2010.

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Geoff Gone Bad Cop

It took place in Batman Confidential monthly ongoing comic book series by DC Comics from issue #22-25 and issue #29-30 served as a two part back up story where the aftermath of Joker's prank on Geoff's life is shown. Also Commissioner Jim Gordon and his daughter Barbara Gordon appears in the final climax of the story.
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