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Incredible Hulk – Future Imperfect | Comics

When World fell apart after a fare share of nuclear events, civilization as we know it is left in ruins and the only thing that still walked on the Earth is The Incredible Hulk. Whatever part of that extinct society have survived the horror now lives in an enormous city of Dystopia, under the rule of Maestro; a Hulk from an alternate future timeline.

The Hulk was in the marketplace of Dystopia with Dakord, Janis Jones, Pizfiz and Skooter, who got chased by the Gravity Police but only got their butt saved when the jolly green giant intervened. The Dogs of War gang tries to tear him apart but got tore down instead. After wrecking havoc within the walls of the city, the Hulk delivers a message to the Maestro that his reign of tyranny will soon be over.

Incredible Hulk – Future Imperfect | Comics

Maestro receives this news while he was busy with the women of harem and he appears to be an elderly version of the green goliath but only massive in size and superior in intellect. Representing the rebel alliance against Maestro, Janis Jones took Hulk to their secret base and showed him footage of the accident a century earlier that transformed him into the raging monster, all recovered from the psych of Rick Jones.

Because of Maestro's evil plan, the heroes of the world are lost today and Hulk met an elderly Rick Jones. One of the rebels, Pizfiz was captured and in Maestro's fortress he was interrogated by the big bad green himself. However, since the prisoner was non-cooperative, a forcible mind scanning was on progress, from which the villain realize that the rebels now have acquired Doctor Doom's Time Machine and plans to use it against him.

Seeing a huge plot against him to overthrow his rule, a furious Maestro heads towards the rebel base and charges his way into the secret hideout of the rebellion under the ground. As the rebels were already prepared for intruders, many of Maestro's minions are slaughtered as he was looking for the members of this movement. The final showdown arrives, when the elderly evil genius version of Hulk meets his younger self into a stand-off that will shake the ground of Dystopia.

Here is your links to buy "Incredible Hulk – Future Imperfect" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Incredible Hulk – Future Imperfect 01

Incredible Hulk – Future Imperfect 02

Here is your link to buy "Incredible Hulk – Future Imperfect" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Incredible Hulk – Future Imperfect

"Future Imperfect" is a two-part story that focuses on a dystopian alternate reality where a twisted version of an elderly Hulk reigned supreme on an Earth that has been reduced to a wasteland due to years of nuclear warfare. This two-issue limited series was plotted by writer Peter David (Captain Marvel, X-Factor) and artist George Perez (Fantastic Four, Inhumans) collaborated with him to make his vision come out in reality for Marvel Comics in 1992.

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Banner Vs. Banner

In the upcoming years of storytelling, references of the "Future Imperfect" event have been given on many occasions. Evidence of Absorbing Man, Ant-Man, Black Knight, Captain America, Cyclops, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Doctor Octopus, Iron Man, Magneto, Nova, Thor and Wolverine being perished in this timeline were shown too. Also the plot has given birth to a potential villain who would become a great threat for the Hulk as well as other superheroes of Marvel. There is a follow-up one-shot story titled "Hulk – The End" that came out years later.
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