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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hulk – Asunder | Comics

Separated from his alter ego Doctor Bruce Banner during the unpleasant skirmish of Fear Itself, the Hulk starts living into the depths of Subterranea now. On the surface world, he was always feared and he never really understood if he was a hero or a monster. Here, he fights the good fight with the dangerous creature and monster that come into his way. Free from Banner's persona, he is now Hulk forever and knows exactly what he is.

the incredible hulk
Hulk – Asunder | Comics

Down here, he lives with a moloid tribe who are celebrating the green goliath's presence among them. Even though the elder of the tribe assures Hulk an undisturbed stay in here, he is not quite convinced yet. The welcome party for Hulk is soon interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a secret government sponsored team with their robotic drones and drills to eliminate mad scientists, called the Mad Squad, led by Amanda Von Doom.

Amanda seeks out Hulk's assistance in their current mission and that is to stop the now unstable scientist Bruce Banner who has become a great problem for them. Bruce is restlessly trying to re-invent the Incredible Hulk, which he believes is one of his greatest achievements over the years, by experimenting on various creatures on the island laboratory and turning every type of animal into gamma-irradiated monsters, causing menace to the people around.

Amanda is on charge of the operation to take Banner down for good. Hulk shows no interest in her cause and turns her down. But later, when his newly found adoptive family of moloids is attacked by Banner's creatures; a bipedal gamma-irradiated warthog duo called 26 and 27, Hulk decides to help Amanda on one condition; to face Bruce Banner by himself and finish all of this madness for good.

A date with his wife Betty Ross goes sore when she finds out that Banner actually came to a deserted tropical island for his own research purpose. He started his work there which was a neuclear testing site from the 50's. When his continuous effort of bringing out the Hulk from within fails, Banner entertains the idea of creating the gamma-bomb that gave birth to the green goliath in the first place.

For more information on Incredible Hulk storyline, you can check out the link below.

Hulk – Asunder (Comics) Marvel Wikia

incredible hulk smash
The Strongest Beast There Is

Here is your links to buy “Hulk – Asunder" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Incredible Hulk V3 01

Incredible Hulk V3 02

Incredible Hulk V3 03

Incredible Hulk V3 04

Incredible Hulk V3 05

Incredible Hulk V3 06

Incredible Hulk V3 07

Incredible Hulk V3 07.1

Here is your links to buy “Hulk – Asunder" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Hulk – Asunder (Softcover)

Hulk – Asunder (Hardcover)

"Asunder" is an eight part story arc that took place in the third volume of The Incredible Hulk comic series, published on 2011 by Marvel Comics. Jason Aaron (Avengers Vs. X-Men, Original Sin), one of Marvel's visionary writers created this plot along with two of the industry legend Marc Silvestri (The Darkness, Witchblade) and Whilce Portacio (Spawn, Uncanny X-Men), who fleshed out the Hulk impressively and have the story a higher standard.

hulk smash
Jaws of Gamma Sharks

This artified storyline took place during the “Shattered Heroes” crossover event and served as a tie-in. A new character named Amanda von Doom AKA Commander Doom is introduced, who by far is declared having no relationship with Doctor Doom. Aside from the primary focusing characters related to the arc, characters like She-Hulk, Red HulkRed She-HulkWolverine, Ghost Rider, Mad Thinker, Tinkerer, Red Ghost and Baron Zemo were either given reference or shown in photographs as a sort of cameo appearance.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

X-Men – Messiah CompleX | Comics

messiah complex x-men
X-Men – Messiah CompleX | Comics
Mutant population has been drastically reduced and the remaining Mutants are left de-powered after the "House of M" event caused by a mentally unstable Scarlet Witch. She had flattened the slim chances of any mutant population to the future. However, recently a new mutant activation is detected in Alaska by Professor Xavier and Beast. Cyclops reaches the spot with the X-Men, only to find out a few lifeless bodies of The Marauders and The Purifiers, assuming they had reached here first and had a fight for the possession of the new born. Cyclops sent the team of Wolverine, Storm, Angel, Colossus and Nightcrawler to look for Marauders and Predator X is also seen looking for the baby and devouring the dead corpses of The Marauders.

Julio Richter AKA Rictor has joined the ranks of Purifiers to investigate and act as a double-agent for Cyclops, discovering that they don't have the baby yet but they have Lady Deathstrike in their team. Soon the team of New X-Men attacks The Purifiers and these two team battles with Lady Deathstrike initially taking down both X-23 and Rockslide. The X-Men engaged in a full-scale battle with Mister Sinister’s group of Marauders consisting Apocalypse's former Horsemen of DeathGambit, Sunfire, Scalphunter, Lady Mastermind, Omega SentinelVertigo and many other bad guys on Sinister’s Antarctic base. Finally it is revealed by Wolverine that Cable actually has the baby in his care, but a time travelling Bishop is after the baby too for his own reasons.

For more information on X-Men – Messiah CompleX crossover, you can check out these links below.

X-Men – Messiah CompleX (Comics) Wikipedia

X-Men – Messiah CompleX (Comics) Marvel Wikia

messiah complex comics
Battle For Messiah Custody
Here is your links for "X-Men – Messiah CompleX" crossover event from Marvel Comics in issues.

01. X-Men – Messiah Complex

02. Uncanny X-Men 492

03. X-Factor V3 25

04. New X-Men V2 44

05. X-Men V2 205

06. Uncanny X-Men 493

07. X-Factor V3 26

08. New X-Men V2 45

09. X-Men V2 206

10. Uncanny X-Men 494

11. X-Factor V3 27

12. New X-Men V2 46

13. X-Men V2 207

14. X-Men - Messiah Complex – Mutant Files

15. Marvel Spotlight – X-Men – Messiah Complex

cable marvel comics
Cable With Baby Messiah
Here is your links for "X-Men – Messiah CompleX" crossover event from Marvel Comics.

X-Men – Messiah CompleX (Softcover)

X-Men – Messiah CompleX (Hardcover)

"Messiah CompleX" is a Marvel Comics crossover event that ran from 2007-08, from right after the "X-Men - Blinded by the Light" storyline and followed from the "Endangered Species" event. Writer Mike Carey (X-Men – Manifest Destiny, X-Men – Supernovas), Ed Brubaker (Captain America – Reborn, Steve Rogers – Super-Soldier), Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle drafted parts of this event in various X-Titles. Artist Chris Bachalo (Generation X, Uncanny X-Men), Humberto Ramos (Amazing Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man), Marc Silvestri (Cyberforce, The Darkness) and Billy Tan (New Avengers, Shadowland) took turns on the total drawing responsibilities. It is the first part to the two later parts of the "Messiah War" and "Second Coming" crossover.
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Spawn – Death and Rebirth | Comics

CIA director Jason Wynn was previously abducted by the agents of Heaven and transformed into an Anti-Spawn AKA The Redeemer to kill Hellspawn. When he returned, his two-days long disappearance starts sparks of question among his peers and also the White House is not too pleased at his vague explanation for the sudden departure.

On top of that, he discovers a security breach from an upstate armory when some secret files gone missing. His prime suspect is Terry Fitzgerald and Wynn puts him under his surveillance. Back from his fight with The Redeemer, Spwan was hanging out with the street bums he lives with.

spawn image comics tpb
Spawn – Death and Rebirth | Comics

A mob goon comes to the alley looking for him and upon a violent confrontation, the spills up the name of his employer Don Vito Gravano. Vito Gravano is pissed at the fact that suddenly his city is running rampant with demons, magic and clowns, which interrupts his business. So, he hired the cyborg assassin called Overtkill and Spwan trashed it down.

He's about to bring back the cyborg of destruction again to deal with the costumed invader and his friend Fitzgerald. Meanwhile, Terry is ambushed at his home and his family is kidnapped. He's been threatened to show up at the Bowery Alleyways. Unbeknown to what's waiting for him, Terry shows up to find out a re-formed Overtkill.

As Al Simmons was about to reach out to Terry to save his life in time, he is apprehended by detective Sam Burke and Twitch Williams. When they are all wrapped up, Spawn has to face the fierce mutant-cyborg named Tremor.

todd mcfarlane spawn comics
Circle of The Hunt

Here is your links for “Spawn – Death and Rebirth" storyline from Image Comics in issues.

Spawn 21

Spawn 22

Spawn 23

Spawn 24

Spawn 25

Here is your link for “Spawn – Death and Rebirth" storyline from Image Comics.

Spawn – Death and Rebirth

Even though death is the end of anyone else's life, Al Simmons has been experiencing otherwise. Old friends and enemies returns to settle their scores again with Simmons. The tale of Simmons' life as a Hellspawn continues after "Escalation" in issues #21-25 of the first monthly ongoing volume of Spawn from Image Comics, that collects into the story "Death and Rebirth".

todd mcfarlane spawn
Demons In Dark Places

The sroryline of is plotted by Todd McFarlane (Haunt, Image United), who served as both writer and artist for the first four issues and then artist Marc Silvestri (The Darkness, Hunter-Killer) joins him for the final issue of the arc. The plot is concluded in the next chapter titled "Pathway to Judgement".
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Sunday, December 4, 2005

The Darkness | Comics

the darkness comic
The Darkness | Comics
Being the adopted son of mafia don Frankie Franchetti, Jackie Estacado was recruited to mob when he was only six. As a mafia member, he quickly made a name for himself and his increasing reputation in the underworld made Franchetti a very powerful person. Actually it was Sonatine, who told Franchetti that in the upcoming future Jackie will be the reason behind Franchetti's rise in power. He started killing at sixteen, while also lose his virginity at fourteen during an interrogation to a female officer. He became a very violent person as he grew and sexually aggressive but he does have his own set of strict moral codes.

When he was twenty one, he came to know of his secret dark potentials, a very powerful evil heritage that is passed by father to son. Jackie opposed Franchetti and Frankie took revenge on Jackie by sending him footage containing the kidnapping and killing scene of one of Jackie's old friend. He later decides to quit the life of being a mere hitman and become the next host for The Darkness. Often assisting Witchblade in her adventures and makes advancement  with it's current user Sara Pezzini, Jackie also becomes the primary target of the Angelus. As Darkness, Jackie not only is aided by his Darklings but also possesses powers at an unimaginable level with a mystical body armor that not only enhances his superhuman strength, but also protects him from enemy attacks.

For more information on The Darkness, you can check out these links below.

The Darkness (Comics) Wikipedia

The Darkness (Comics) Wikia
jackie estacado comic
The Bearer of Wicked
Here is your links for "The Darkness" comics from Image Comics.

The Darkness – Coming of Age

The Darkness – Origins Vol 01

The Darkness Ultimate Collection

The Darkness – Heart of Darkness

The Darkness – Origins Vol 02

The Darkness – Spear of Destiny

The Magdalena/Angelus

The Darkness – Origins Vol 03

The Darkness – Original Sin

The Darkness – Origins Vol 04

Witchblade/The Darkness – Family Ties

The Darkness/Batman

Tomb Raider/The Darkness

The Darkness – Flesh and Blood

The Darkness Compendium Vol 01

The Darkness – Resurrection

The Darkness – Demon Inside

The Darkness – Depths of Hell

The Darkness/EVA – Daughter of Dracula

The Darkness/Hulk

The Darkness/Vampirella

The Darkness/Wolverine

Top Cow/Marvel – The Crossover Collection

DC/Top Cow Crossovers

Unholy Union

First Born

Broken Trinity

The Darkness – Accursed Vol 01

The Darkness – Accursed Vol 02

The Darkness – Accursed Vol 03

The Darkness – Accursed Vol 04

The Darkness – Accursed Vol 05

The Darkness – Accursed Vol 06

The Darkness – Accursed Vol 07

The Darkness – Rebirth Vol 01

The Darkness – Rebirth Vol 02
the darkness darklings
The Darkness and The Darklings


The Darkness – Rebirth Vol 03

The Darkness is a popular fictional character from the banner of Image Comics, created by artist Marc Silvertsi along with writer Garth Ennis and David Wohl. Though the Darkness portrays the character of an anti-hero and a bit similar to Todd McFarlance's Spawn but still it is one of the most popular comic character and one of the fan favourite comic titles ever released by Image Comics till date. Despite having regular appearances to his own monthly series, the character also involved in a few crossover stories with Batman, Superman and JLA from DC Comics, Doctor Strange, Ghost RiderHulk and Wolverine from Marvel Comics and often with Witchblade from their own production as well as other renowned comics characters.
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