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Spawn – Death and Rebirth | Comics

CIA director Jason Wynn was previously abducted by the agents of Heaven and transformed into an Anti-Spawn AKA The Redeemer to kill Hellspawn. When he returned, his two-days long disappearance starts sparks of question among his peers and also the White House is not too pleased at his vague explanation for the sudden departure.

On top of that, he discovers a security breach from an upstate armory when some secret files gone missing. His prime suspect is Terry Fitzgerald and Wynn puts him under his surveillance. Back from his fight with The Redeemer, Spwan was hanging out with the street bums he lives with.

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Spawn – Death and Rebirth | Comics

A mob goon comes to the alley looking for him and upon a violent confrontation, the spills up the name of his employer Don Vito Gravano. Vito Gravano is pissed at the fact that suddenly his city is running rampant with demons, magic and clowns, which interrupts his business. So, he hired the cyborg assassin called Overtkill and Spwan trashed it down.

He's about to bring back the cyborg of destruction again to deal with the costumed invader and his friend Fitzgerald. Meanwhile, Terry is ambushed at his home and his family is kidnapped. He's been threatened to show up at the Bowery Alleyways. Unbeknown to what's waiting for him, Terry shows up to find out a re-formed Overtkill.

As Al Simmons was about to reach out to Terry to save his life in time, he is apprehended by detective Sam Burke and Twitch Williams. When they are all wrapped up, Spawn has to face the fierce mutant-cyborg named Tremor.

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Circle of The Hunt

Here is your links for “Spawn – Death and Rebirth" storyline from Image Comics in issues.

Spawn 21

Spawn 22

Spawn 23

Spawn 24

Spawn 25

Here is your link for “Spawn – Death and Rebirth" storyline from Image Comics.

Spawn – Death and Rebirth

Even though death is the end of anyone else's life, Al Simmons has been experiencing otherwise. Old friends and enemies returns to settle their scores again with Simmons. The tale of Simmons' life as a Hellspawn continues after "Escalation" in issues #21-25 of the first monthly ongoing volume of Spawn from Image Comics, that collects into the story "Death and Rebirth".

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Demons In Dark Places

The sroryline of is plotted by Todd McFarlane (Haunt, Image United), who served as both writer and artist for the first four issues and then artist Marc Silvestri (The Darkness, Hunter-Killer) joins him for the final issue of the arc. The plot is concluded in the next chapter titled "Pathway to Judgement".
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