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Battle Chasers | Comics

It's a story of a nine year old girl named Gully with the possession of a pair of magical gloves left behind by her father who has disappeared very recently along with a few other good men that he knew of. Garrison, was once a legendary swordsman and a gallant warrior with reputation, who is frequently having nervous breakdown these days from the heart-breaking trauma of his recently deceased wife.

joe madureira battle chasers
Battle Chasers | Comics

He is approached by the voluptuous and notoriously sensual bounty hunter, Red Monica to assist her rescuing a prisoner for reasons that are yet to be revealed. But unable to focus on things at hand, Garrison becomes alcoholic and rejects Red Monika's offer. Garrison was once trained for battle by Monika herself and they both had quite a history together.

While rescuing the prisoner, Monika also accidentally released four super powered villainous beings. This breakout led Garrison to finally overcome his loss and with his magically powerful sword, he soon joins Gully and her friends; Knolan, the powerful crafty wizard and Calibretto, an outlawed but mild mannered fully-functional war golem, who was the last of his line.

Together they eventually prepare to oppose the threat of the villains unleashed and starts a mysterious quest to find Gully's missing father, Aramus; the person who once was the mentor for Garrison who guided him to become the warrior he is today before he suddenly disappeared without leaving any clue behind.

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Battle Chasers Universe

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Battle Chasers – A Gathering of Heroes (Softcover)

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Battle Chasers Anthology

Battle Chasers is a popular comic series by industry talent Joe Madureira (Astonishing X-Men, Ultimates 3). It was one of the most demanding title back in 1998 when it was released from Wildstorm Comics. Joe did one of the finest piece of work on the book but also was heavily criticized for the long delayed period of this series and the title was later moved to Image Comics.

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A Gathering of Heroes

Some people praised the story, some hated it but even if you don't like the story, there is a little not to like about the beautiful artwork delivered by the bad-ass penciller like Joe Mad. From human shapes to machines, he can deliver the finest outlines possible compared to no other.

That's one of the reason behind the success of this amazing sci-fi fantasy filled limited series. In 2015, Madureira launched a Japanese-style role-playing game called Battle Chasers – Nightwar, which serves as a link to the book.
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