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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Battle Chasers | Comics

It's a story of a nine year old girl named Gully with the possession of a pair of magical gloves left behind by her father who has disappeared very recently along with a few other good men that he knew of. Garrison, was once a legendary swordsman and a gallant warrior with reputation, who is frequently having nervous breakdown these days from the heart-breaking trauma of his recently deceased wife.

joe madureira battle chasers
Battle Chasers | Comics

He is approached by the voluptuous and notoriously sensual bounty hunter, Red Monica to assist her rescuing a prisoner for reasons that are yet to be revealed. But unable to focus on things at hand, Garrison becomes alcoholic and rejects Red Monika's offer. Garrison was once trained for battle by Monika herself and they both had quite a history together.

While rescuing the prisoner, Monika also accidentally released four super powered villainous beings. This breakout led Garrison to finally overcome his loss and with his magically powerful sword, he soon joins Gully and her friends; Knolan, the powerful crafty wizard and Calibretto, an outlawed but mild mannered fully-functional war golem, who was the last of his line.

Together they eventually prepare to oppose the threat of the villains unleashed and starts a mysterious quest to find Gully's missing father, Aramus; the person who once was the mentor for Garrison who guided him to become the warrior he is today before he suddenly disappeared without leaving any clue behind.

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battle chasers wallpaper
Battle Chasers Universe

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Battle Chasers 00 - Prelude

Battle Chasers 01

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Battle Chasers 09

Here is your links for “Battle Chasers" limited series from Image Comics.

Battle Chasers – A Gathering of Heroes (Softcover)

Battle Chasers – A Gathering of Heroes (Hardcover)

Battle Chasers Anthology

Battle Chasers is a popular comic series by industry talent Joe Madureira (Astonishing X-Men, Ultimates 3). It was one of the most demanding title back in 1998 when it was released from Wildstorm Comics. Joe did one of the finest piece of work on the book but also was heavily criticized for the long delayed period of this series and the title was later moved to Image Comics.

battle chasers comics
A Gathering of Heroes

Some people praised the story, some hated it but even if you don't like the story, there is a little not to like about the beautiful artwork delivered by the bad-ass penciller like Joe Mad. From human shapes to machines, he can deliver the finest outlines possible compared to no other.

That's one of the reason behind the success of this amazing sci-fi fantasy filled limited series. In 2015, Madureira launched a Japanese-style role-playing game called Battle Chasers – Nightwar, which serves as a link to the book.
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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Danger Girl | Comics

A former MI:6 agent Deuce was on Her Majesty's Secret Service, who had his golden days when he drove fast cars, had beautiful damsels in his arms and well, just like the renowned super spy James Bond, he cheated death countless times as a requirement of his job description. After the end of Cold War, Deuce was among those who were cut-back by their organization.

danger girl idw
Danger Girl | Comics

But recently he was called by the British Government to help them fight back a new threat. A few remaining of the both Nazis and the Soviets are gathered to form a new union that is known as Hammer. Now, to get rid of this unholy union and their tyrannical agenda, Deuce has planned to form an elite team of his own for some espionage work.

Deuce recruits a former Russian intelligence agent Natalia Kassle, who is quite dangerous with knives, a special ops agent from Australia, who is extremely good with bullwhip, named Sydney Savage and an extremely tech genius girl named Silicon Valerie. Natalia and Sydney are sent to rescue Abbey Chase, an expert marksman with knowledge on mystical artifacts, whom they wish to recruit in their fold.

Deuce dubs the team of assembled Femme Fatale as "Danger Girl" and believes that Abbey is the final piece of the team that was missing till now but Abbey is still skeptical about her role in this game. Whatever they do believe about their team or mission, they all have a lifetime of action and adventure ahead of them as evil rises to unleash "The Fourth Reich" on the world.

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Danger Girl 01

Danger Girl 02

Danger Girl 03

Danger Girl 04

Danger Girl 05

Danger Girl 06

Danger Girl 07

Here is your links for the "Danger Girl" limited series from IDW Comics.

Danger Girl – The Deluxe Edition (Softcover)

Danger Girl – The Deluxe Edition (Hardcover)

Danger Girl – The Ultimate Collection (Softcover)

Danger Girl – The Ultimate Collection (Hardcover)

Absolute Danger Girl

Danger Girl Sketchbook (Softcover)

Danger Girl Sketchbook (Hardcover)

Danger Girl is a seven issue limited series along with a preview issue that was created by Andy Hartnell and J. Scott Campbell. Campbell is a popular penciller who mostly illustrates for the covers of various comics and Danger Girl is among the only few of his comic book creations. The first four issue and the preview issue were published by Image Comics. The later three issues were released from the Wildstorm imprint.

danger girl comics
The Elite Angels

Artist J. Scott Campbell did a real good job on this series that anyone would appreciate. Following the series' movement to IDW, it spawned many limited series such as Danger Girl – Revolver, Danger Girl / G.I. Joe, Danger Girl – Trinity, Danger Girl – The Chase, Danger Girl – Mayday and Danger Girl – Renegade; featuring the main characters introduced in the original series.
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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Divine Right – The Adventures of Max Faraday | Comics

A mysterious engine called the Creation Wheel, holding unimaginable power, fell on Earth ages ago and it can grant one the godly abilities, whoever wields it in his possession. The Creation Wheel is discovered much later and the Creation Equation, the code needs to operate the Wheel to its full potential is also produced then.

divine right wildstorm
Divine Right | Comics

It was later translated into binary number string of codes but the code was stolen and various unlikely forces were after it to reclaim the code for their own different purposes. The person, agent Christie Blaze; who stole the code, uploaded the code to the I. O. (International Operations) mainframe in Virginia while getting brutally slaughtered by a vile force of other-worldly beings named The Rath during the chase for the stolen code.

A computer genius and a part-time pizza delivery boy, Max Faraday used to live with his friend Jenny and Devan Lawless. While Devan was looking for porn in the internet, he accidentally gains the files containing the codes from government website using his professor's access codes and upon downloading the files the computer blew up but yet he stays completely unaware of the capability of the file and its true nature.

Soon, Max is assisted by some super powered beings he never knew of, who are bonded to him through the power he has gained recently. His newly gained mystical powers led him to the some more unexpected events and a bunch of supernatural enemies that he wasn’t ready for. Ever.

For more information on Divine Right limited series, you can check out the link below.

Divine Right (Comics) Wikipedia

max faraday dc
Blaze of Glory!

Here is your links for "Divine Right – The Adventures of Max Faraday" limited series from Image Comics in issues.

Divine Right 01

Divine Right 02

Divine Right 03

Divine Right 04

Divine Right 05

Divine Right 06

Divine Right 07

Divine Right 08

Divine Right 09

Divine Right 10

Divine Right 11

Divine Right 12

Here is your links for "Divine Right – The Adventures of Max Faraday" limited series from Image Comics.

Divine Right – The Adventures of Max Faraday Book One

Divine Right – The Adventures of Max Faraday Book Two

Divine Right – The Adventures of Max Faraday Book (Softcover)

Published back in 1997, Divine Right is a twelve issue limited comic series from the Wildstorm imprint that belonged to Image Comics, both written and drawn by the master artist Jim Lee (Batman – Hush, Superman – For Tomorrow). Armando Durruthy, John Dickenson, Sal Regla, Sandra Hope, Alex Garner and Richard Friend have joined forces to inking duty.

divine right comic
Fall of The Hollow Realm

This limited series was later printed into graphic novel titled "Divine Right – The Adventures of Max Faraday". The characters related to the story were later featured with other series like WildC.A.T.s and Gen 13 from Wildstorm during the crossover of "Divine Intervention".
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