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Thor – In Search of the Gods | Comics

Following Onslaught's reign of chaos and destruction over the world, Thor and many other heroes had vanished after they decided to sacrifice themselves to defeat the monster and lived in "Heroes Reborn" reality for more than a year. After Thor returns to Asgard from his long absence from a hostage situation where an impostor Heimdall has taken a few children captive in Ballon Bunch Daycare Center.

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Thor – In Search of the Gods | Comics

He then finds out that the golden city of Asgard he once knew is now gone. The invincible Destroyer is sent to Earth for an unknown purpose, which battled Thor and The Avengers member Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch. After it has possessed Colonel Case, intoxicated him with its vast power. But The Avengers were quite unsuccessful in stopping him and after a massive fight, Thor seemingly dies at his hands.

Thor was then sent to Hel to Volla and Hela, who are approached by the enigmatic Marnot, who offered him to return his life if he simply agrees to share his body with Jake Olsen, an EMT paramedic who died during their battle with The Destroyer while trying to save the life of a civilian.

Thor agrees to this and starts living as a mortal to honor Jake's noble heroism, learning the ways of Earth as a mere mortal. The revived Thor has returned to Earth and single handedly outmatched the brute force of The Destroyer this time, sending him to a barren and distant planet. Though he could transform into God of Thunder at will, he starts having difficulties maintaining his newly developed dual identities.

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Thor V2 08

Peter Parker – Spider-Man V2 02

Here is your links to buy “Thor – In Search of the Gods" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Thor by Dan Jurgens & John Romita Jr. Vol 01

Marvel Comics had writer Dan Jurgens (Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey, The Death of Superman) and artist John Romita Jr. (Uncanny X-Men, World War Hulk) the two finest comic book creators there is, to re-visionize The Thunder God of Asgard; Thor for the new age. As a result, they came up with a set of interrelated storylines that ran through the issues of second volume of Thor.

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The Destroyer Decimates The Avengers

Jurgens and Romita has worked on The Dark Gods, The Eighth Day and Thor Vs. Thanos next. Their epic run started in the first story arc from issue #01-08, where Thor re-invents himself in the modern era of Marvel Comics.
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