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Superman – Red Son | Comics

superman red son
Superman – Red Son | Comics
Before his birth-planet Krypton gets destroyed, Kal-L was sent to Earth in a rocket-ship by his parents who were part of a very advanced culture than us. Due to an unexpected malfunction en route, his rocket had landed on a collective farm of Soviet Ukraine before a few hours than it was planned. Josef Stalin was the leader of Soviet Union then and the boy is immediately taken to custody by his government. They witnessed un-earthly abilities that the boy possessed and decided to employ him for the greater good of the country. So, he grew up to be a Soviet citizen, whose identity was a state secret, eventually becomes an associate of Stalin's inner circle and he names the boy “Superman” for his extraordinary powers that helped them boost their regime.

It was during Cold War when USSR has introduced their secret weapon to whole world and turned tides of the whole scenario. As Superman became an icon to everyone and a favorite to Stalin himself, Pyotr Roslov; Stalin’s illegitimate son grew jealous of him. Upon persuasion from CIA, an American S.T.A.R. Labs scientist and a genius-mind Lex Luthor crushes Sputnik 2 on Metropolis as a plot to collect Superman’s DNA and create a means to fight him. Kal-L’s also about to find out Lois Lane is married to the last person he could have ever expected, met his future diplomatic ally Wonder Woman from Themyscira. who felt strongly attracted to him and faced a vengeful Dark Knight hell-bent on killing him as his parents were once killed by Stalin's government.

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"Red Son" is a three issue limited series that features an alternate history of Man of Steel that is way different than his mainstream portrayal; an idea conceived by writer Mark Miller (The Flash, Swamp Thing). This series was drawn by artists Dave Johnson and Kilian Plunkett, which was from DC Comics’s Elseworlds imprint and was released on 2003. Alternate portrayal of popular DC Comics characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (as Green Light), Lois Lane (as Lois Luthor), Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Bizarro, Parasite, Metallo and Doomsday are also attributed to the story. The reality of Red Son is marked as set on Earth-30 which is part of DC’s multiple Earths and also belongs to the reality of The New 52. Superman from this timeline also appeared on Countdown – Arena and DC – The New Frontier limited series later.
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