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Wolverine – Weapon X – Insane in the Brain | Comics

Locked within a padded cell of an asylum, Wolverine fails to recall how he ended up here and fell victim to Dr. Rottwell.

Earlier, Logan was busy fighting Strikeforce X, a group of super soldiers created by Roxxon Corporation from old Weapon X files. Lately, he couldn't even remember who he really was as he is seemingly stuck in an asylum like facility. As he struggles to get a grip on his memories, a voice on speaker asks him what he can recall about his childhood.

Wolverine talks about how he remembers living in a big fancy house and being sick all the time. He recollects killing his father and how he was raised by wolves, fighting in Spanish Civil War, being an honorable samurai in Japan, falling in love with Silver Fox, having mutant superhero friends among X-Men, going to moon and having a vision of future.

He is asked if any of what he just said made any sense and he admits that it sounds a bit crazy. He admits that something is most probably wrong with him but he also can't shake off these memories. Logan is then put to sleep as soon as he starts asking about an incident earlier that day, which was to write something on a wall with his own blood.

Marked as "Patient X", an orderly is seen to be washing what he wrote outside of his cell door earlier. After putting his straight jacket away, Logan is allowed to among fellow patients there and one of them asks him to join for an escape. Next day, he meets that same guy in hallway with a side of his head stitched and is left completely immobile.

wolverine weapon x insane in the brain logan marvel comics jason aaron yanick paquette adam kubert
Wolverine – Weapon X – Insane in the Brain | Comics

That same week, a masquerade party is thrown off to celebrate a long-time patient being cured and Logan got to meet with Doctor Rot, who promises to cure him. Knowing about Wolverine's true origins, Rot tries to unleash his violent side by pitting him against his guards but he refuses to fight back and continue to have nightmares from Weapon X days.

Earlier, Rottwell and his men took Charlie Chainsaws to incurable ward to replace his hands with chainsaws. Later that day, two mobsters came at his doorsteps to hire a hitman without knowing that previous owner of this facility has died. One of them ended up being sawed down at Charlie's hands and another being experimented on by Doctor Rot.

He sees other patients being tortured in front of him and minds his own business anyway until a day when he finally lets his inner beast out by unsheathing his adamantium claws and gutted down his tormentors for good. It turns out that he was simply under influence of a simulation program run on him by Dr. Rottwell and is put to sleep once again.

At one point, he starts wondering if this has been his life all along and then he briefly recalls his past as an X-Man. It all started a week ago when Wolverine was investigating a case along with reporter Melita Garner where three serial killers gone missing in a year from a homeless shelter in San Francisco and he decides to check this oddity out for himself.

However, before he could even get the drop on them, Logan is under a psychic attack and gets captured by Rottwell's crew. When he came to his senses, he keeps telling himself that he is not insane and gets to know more about this facility from an inmate. Dr. Rottwell repeatedly tries to hack into his brain and eventually learns about all of his dark secrets.

Logan managed to send a distress psychic call to Melita Garner and tell her where he currently is, "Dunwich Sanatorium". Next thing she knows, Nightcrawler and Psylocke shows up at her doorstep when she called a number that he gave her. These two berak into Dunwich to discover what Dr. Algernon Rottwell was working on, a God Brain Machine.

wolverine weapon x logan dunwich sanatorium marvel comics jason aaron yanick paquette adam kubert
Whacked-Out Madhouse

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Here is your links to buy "Wolverine – Weapon X – Insane in the Brain" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

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Continuing newly launched Wolverine – Weapon X monthly ongoing series, Marvel Comics brings back writer Jason Aaron (Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine, Avengers Vs. X-Men) to work alongside artist Yanick Paquette (Action Comics – Invisible Mafia, Action Comics – Leviathan Rising) for its second storyline "Insane in the Brain" in 2010.

Marvel also hired artist Adam Kubert (Ultimate X-Men – Return To Weapon X, Ultimate X-Men – The Tomorrow People) to provide cover arts. Collecting issues #6-10, latest story introduces a brand-new villain for Wolverine named Dr. Algernon Rottwell AKA Dr. Rot, who was a loony at Dunwich Sanatorium and uses his God Brain Machine to control minds.

wolverine weapon x logan vs doctor rot dunwich marvel comics jason aaron yanick paquette adam kubert
Dr. Rottwell in Charge

He never really got a chance to have an up-close confrontation with Rot and fell prey to his mind control machine that lead to his capture even before he realized what he went up against. Things got so bad that his partner in crime, reporter Melita Garner had to reach out for X-Men members Nightcrawler and Psylocke to get emergency help.

Wolverine fought a bunch of Roxxon-sponsored super soldiers in previous "Adamantium Men" storyline and while looking into his past from Weapon X program, he came across an enemy for whom he rarely is a match for. In upcoming storyline "Tomorrow Dies Today", Logan will team-up with a certain Sentinel of Liberty to save the heroes of today.
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