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Wonder Woman – Blood | Comics

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Wonder Woman – Blood | Comics
The Olympian God of Sun, Apollo takes three beautiful women to a large building in Singapore with a view. While pouring champagne for them, he was mindlessly talking about his father Zeus' extra-marital affairs and then he suddenly grabs them all, transforming them into Oracles. In Virginia, a woman in a green cape of feathers enters a stable and slices the heads of two horses kept there and they are turned into centaurs. A strange individual comes to the home of a young woman named Zola to warn about her safety, as two centaurs suddenly appear to assassinate her. That person, Hermes took an arrow on her behalf and transported her to London with a mystic key. Zola finds her in a room with Diana of Themyscira, whom she knows as Wonder Woman.

Diana heads back to where Zola was sent from to confront the assassin centaurs and finding an injured Hermes, who informs that she is pregnant with Zeus' child and Diana should hide her to save her from Hera's jealousy. Diana takes them to Paradise Island for safekeeping and things escalates when an Olympian, Strife sets foot there to greet Diana as her little sister, thus revealing a shocking fact that would differ from her origin and a secret affair that Hippolyta had with Zeus once. This results a jealous Hera to head Themyscira and unleash her wrath upon them all. Meanwhile, Apollo learns from Oracles that his father doesn't exist anymore, so he proceeds with his own plan. With Zeus gone, who is going to rule heavens aside Hera among Hades and Poseidon?

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Wonder Woman – Blood (Comics) DC Comics Wikia
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A Storm Gathering
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Wrath of Hera

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Wonder Woman Vol 01 – Blood (Softcover)

Wonder Woman Vol 01 – Blood (Hardcover)

With The New 52 wave changing every other characters and monthly ongoing series of DC Comics to their core to re-imagine them after "Flashpoint", Wonder Woman also received the same treatment. The first arc titled “Wonder Woman – Blood" is plotted by writer Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Deathblow) and drawn by artist Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman – Guts, Wonder Woman – Iron) and Tony Akins. Azzarello made a bold move by tweaking with Wonder Woman's foretold origin we all used to know and with this new direction, has created a path for many possible storylines as well. Since, Hera has struck her vengeance on Themyscira, Diana is decimated and this will probably lead into some major conflict in future.
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