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Wonder Woman – New 52 | Comics

wonder woman new 52
Wonder Woman – New 52 | Comics
The legends foretold that Amazonian princess Diana Prince was born of The Amazon's Queen Hippolyta’s strong desire for a child, who mold her out of a lump of clay and breathed life into it. But her seemingly perfect birth story was actually a fake as she was born from a secret affair her mother once had with the king of the Greek Gods, Zeus. It was kept as a secret for her sake all along because of the jealousy of Zeus's wife Hera and this demigoddess has become a powerful Amazon fatale as she grew up because of her divine bloodline. When Zeus got missing and Hera was up with her evil scheme, Diana successfully thwarted her plans and learnt about her origin using her golden Lasso of Truth.

She also tussled with other Greek Gods as well as the notorious God of the UnderworldHades, whom at a point has forced her to marry him briefly. Later, she became a liaison of the Amazons with United States of America as an ambassador of peace and when moved to there, she even started a relationship with her handler Colonel Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman almost immediately joined the Justice League in the wake of the Parademons invasion from Apokolips led by Darkseid (Justice League – Origin) along with Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, Green lantern, Superman, The Flash and soon also engaged in a serious romantic relationship with Superman. Together they fought menaces like Brainiac, CheetahCyborg Superman, Faora, General Zod, Metallo and the Kryptonian monstrosity named Doomsday.

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wonder woman vs darkseid
Tussle With Darkseid
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Wonder Woman Vol 02 – Guts (Hardcover)

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Wonder Woman Vol 03 – Iron (Hardcover)

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Wonder Woman Vol 05 – Flesh (Hardcover)

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Wonder Woman Vol 06 – Bones (Hardcover)

Wonder Woman Vol 07 – War Torn (Softcover)

wonder woman dc
A Goddess Among Mortals

Wonder Woman Vol 07 – War Torn (Hardcover)

Wonder Woman is one of the most popular DC Comics fictional super heroines based on the idea of William Moulton Marston in 1941. The character gained a new origin point in The New 52 timeline of Prime Earth. Currently, the post “Flashpoint” fourth monthly ongoing volume of the monthly Wonder Woman is written by Brian Azzarello (Deathblow, Hellblazer) and illustrated by artist Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman – Blood, Wonder Woman – Guts) and it started publishing by DC Comics from 2011 along with other New 52 titles. She also commonly appears alongside Superman in two other series; Justice League and Superman/Wonder WomanDiana of Themyscira was also involved as well as in action during events like Doomed, Trinity War and Forever Evil.
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