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Batman - City of Owls | Comics

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Batman - City of Owls | Comics
After narrowly escaping with his life in a fight against a Talon, William Cobb, Batman returns to Wayne Manor barely survived and badly injured like never before. This brutal fight left him battered and bruised all over but what he did not know is that the Court of the Owls was not done with him just yet. As he managed to pin down one of their assassin, now they have raised an army of Talons and sends them all after him. He realized that even after studying and venturing nearly every corner of Gotham, he still not knows it all. When he was having a conversation with Alfred about his recent discovery of the existence of Court of the Owls, a sudden whack on the rooftop alerts them.

Bruce instructs Alfred to take shelter in the cave and help him from there as his eyes and ears, while he fights a few invading Talons that came after him. He pinned the first one to break in the house with ruthless efficiency and then a couple of them more in the rooftop and then he is forced to escape in presence of more Talons who easily outnumbered him. Just then, Alfred informs him over radio that one of the Talons has just entered the Bat-Cave. Bruce rushed to the cave in Alfred’s aid and more Talons arrived to swarm the entire Bat-Cave in minutes. Bruce decides to go out and face them all alone with a little help from a new arsenal. Not only the mystery behind The Court is being unfolded but the century old secret history of the Wayne family is coming out in lights.

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Payback To Owls
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Attack on Wayne Manor

Batman V2 12

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Batman – City of Owls (Softcover)

Batman – City of Owls (Hardcover)

As the second storyline of The New 52 in Batman monthly ongoing comic-book series, "City of Owls" is a six part story arc plotted by writer Scott Snyder (American Vampire, The Wake) and James Tynion. This tale was published from DC Comics in 2012, where artist Greg Capullo (HauntSpawn) has showed us his wonderful pencil talents. Though taking place in the middle of "Night of the Owls" crossover event, this story describes the details about this new breed of villains in Gotham City and is solely highlighted on The Dark Knight whereas the crossover is meant to focus the entire Bat-Family.
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