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Justice League – The Villain's Journey | Comics

Heroes face tragedy and are reborn. Villains too can take this journey and cause the downfall of Justice League!

Five years after the formation of their team, Justice League is now considered as a trusted band of super-heroes among the people of Earth. They have helped Colonel Steve Trevor of A.R.G.U.S. and his soldiers fight a "Spore" infection caused by Dr. Samuel Street. A street-level vigilante hero just like Batman from Seattle without any superpowers named Green Arrow, assisted them on several occasion to become a member of the team only to get refused eventually but later is recruited by Trevor for Justice League of America.

In the mean time, writer David Graves, who named the team as Justice League in the first place and chronicles their adventures in a book, swears revenge on the heroes, claiming to lose his family in a disease during an invasion by Darkseid on Earth previously and blames them all for his loss. So, he deems that he was wrong about these superheroes and decides to use their liaison Steve Trevor as a weapon against them. Graves apparently have been diagnosed with cancer a while ago but mysteriously alive by some unknown means.

justice league the villain's journey
Justice League – The Villain's Journey | Comics

During a sudden break-out at Arkham Asylum, it is discovered that someone is secretly kidnapping and torturing former enemies of Justice League to gather vital information on them. Batman, Cyborg and Superman apprehends The Key during this outbreak. The Flash and Green Lantern tries to interrogate a villain named Weapons Master for information but then Wonder Woman had to step in and use her Lasso of Truth on him. He reveals that the person who drove The Key mad is now looking for ways to hurt the League.

Being Wonder Woman's claimed lover and his connection with Justice League got Steve Trevor kidnapped and brutally tortured by Graves. Trevor finally forced to give up when the villain threatened to hurt his family if he doesn't comply. Back in Watchtower, The Dark Knight assembled Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and Diana to assess the current situation of their enemies getting targeted by some mysterious persona, who now knows more about them than they do about themselves.

Soon, Graves launches an attack on Justice League in their very own satellite base with his newly gained mystical powers and all of the League members were unable to repeal Graves' attack but entire group is pinned down even after giving their best efforts of opposing him. Afterwards, Diana punched Hal Jordan in a fit of rage and then she knocked out Man of Steel before Cyborg teleports them all far from there. Members of the League try to unite once again but finally left as broken pieces following the villains attack.

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The League In Conflict

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Justice League – The Villain's Journey (Softcover)

Justice League – The Villain's Journey (Hardcover)

"The Villain's Journey" is the second storyline by creative duo of writer Geoff Johns (Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth) and artist Jim Lee (Batman – Hush, Superman – For Tomorrow) after their first successful take on "Justice League – Origin" arc, a six-part story depicting a re-invented tale of origin for DC Comics superheroes in a newly rebooted continuity of The New 52. The first two issues from the book is drawn by artists Carlos D'Anda (Batman – Arkham City, JLA – Kid Amazo) and Gene Ha. The story ran from issue #07-12 from second ongoing volume of Justice League monthly comic-book series.

justice league comics
Belly of The Beast

Despite being set five years into future after they founded the League, this story still offers glimpses of some important events that took place in between like skirmish with Court of Owls and an encouter with Martian Manhunter. All seven of the original members came back along with a brand-new super-villain David Graves. At the end of the crisis, everything is changed and a new status-quo is started for two of Justice League's most prominent members for more future endeavors. The epilogue indicates that the ongoing title will be a part of the upcoming crossover "Trinity War".
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