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Judge Dredd – Into The Cursed Earth | Comics

Leaving the walls of his urban metropolis, Judge Dredd goes to the Cursed Earth to encounter backwoods criminal freaks.

It all started back when Paradise Machine at Zuckerberg Mall had gone drokk and mind of a deceased bend Judge tries to mess things up by corrupting a living one (City Limits) as Judge Dredd learns of a secret robot revolt by techno-terrorist organization called Circuit Court that brought an entire capital to its knees (The Long Fail).

Upon learning about the root of such conspiracy, he went on to investigate on a distant part of Cursed Earth that even Judges tend to avoid in general. With no one to aid him other than his trusty Lawgiver, Joe came looking for a hovercraft that went missing from Mega-City One with a small crowd of civilian as he kept tracking its trail.

With almost no signs of life to find anywhere around, he ventures on foot for miles into an irradiated and unforgiving wasteland until he stumbled into the entrance of Woodrell County Park at one point. When he stepped into their land, a mutie on charge at the toll-house secretly alerts his "Daddy" about a stranger approaching with a gun.

In quest for a vehicle, Dredd notices the park from afar which is nothing but a huge piece of land filled with death-trap now. He sees these muties torture and murder one of their own for testing out a new ride but he is more concerned about his city.

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Judge Dredd – Into The Cursed Earth | Comics

As he was trying to take their only vehicle, an old Land-Razer for road on gunpoint, he was immediately incapacitated by a mutant named, Earl Woodrell who overwhelmed Dredd with his power of apathy through touch. He desperately tries to reach out to his Lawgiver to blast the drokk out of them but couldn't move much as his pinky.

Soon, he is confronted by their mutant clan-leader Donald Dolly Woodrell and his not-so bright gang of muties who calls him "Daddy". To entertain the idea of amusing himself, Woodrell decides to throw Judge Dredd inside his inescapable Mirrored Madhouse, from where no one has ever emerged back again till this date.

After wandering there for a while, Dredd apparently came across one of Woodrell's kin but he kept smashing glasses around him, all leading to dead ends. Finally, he ends up into a room with a multi-eyed mutant named Dannn with precognition power and with his multiple eyes; he saw a various different possible futures ahead of them.

Dannn reluctantly tagged along with Dredd as he was making some unexpected moves to bring some reckoning. Using his precog vision and self instinct, Joe managed to break out of mirrored prison and planned ahead to throw his captor off balance, which they did after Woodrell showed up next day to hand him over to someone else.

Just as they gotten out after blowing up Woodrell Park, Angel Gang was waiting for them outside with a welcoming party. They try hard not to engage those goons but Mean Machine forced their Land-Razer to crush. Dannn is placed on a cooking table for preparing peasant dish by The Last Chef and Dredd is sent to Butter Lady.

When he is thrown into a pit full of green liquid for marinating, Joe realized that he is covered in a slime-like being that is sentient and probably alien in nature. After he communicated with it and agreed to a promise of granting what it wants, Dredd is restored back to full-health to fight his way out of wasteland to Mega-City One.

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Beyond Outer Walls

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Here is your link to buy "Judge Dredd – Into The Cursed Earth" from IDW Comics on Amazon.

Judge Dredd – Into The Cursed Earth

2000AD super-cop, Judge Dredd is back with another of his brutal face-off with evil in his third storyline titled "Into The Cursed Earth" from IDW monthly ongoing series, consisting issues #09-12 by writer Duane Swierczynski (Godzilla, Harbinger Wars) and artist Nelson Daniel (Joe Hill's The Cape, Wild Blue Yonder).

This series regular creative-team has managed to pull out this plot where Dredd gets a new partner, explores new enemy territory in wasteland of Cursed Earth and Angel Gang makes a surprise appearance to settle old scores. His previous adventures are leading to a new turn each time after Joe connects each loose end.

judge dredd duane swierczynski 2000 ad nelson daniel
Ingredients of Chaos

First, a Judge goes bend, then Mega-City One suffers from a sudden technological fallout because of a major robot uprising and finally a hovercraft full of missing society elites group have lead him here at the heart of wastelands.

Somehow all of these crises are linked up and Woodrell somehow gets into the mix to play a vital part as well. Up next, Dredd will be faced with a challenge to solve a mysterious case in "Thirteen Badges" arc, which will eventually lead entire plotline build-up until now to a very shocking conclusion that no one is expecting at all.
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