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Judge Dredd – City Limits | Comics

From riot control to robots breaking down, Judge Dredd goes digging deep into the past only to find out disturbing truth.

Mega-City One is a metropolis of the North American territory in 22nd century Earth, which is a home of 800 million people living there. Among them, there are ordinary citizens of different classes, highly advanced group of robots, both ordinary and super criminals and a load of the worst lunatics.

A seeming safe heaven sealed off from the radioactive wasteland called the "Cursed Earth". A city with high rate of crime, the band of Judges is the only thing that keeps the balance of peace and anarchy among its dwellers.

Other than crime the rate, there is a huge discrimination of status among the entire populace that greatly separates the elite class of people from the poor and sometimes it even creates a major revolt that shakes the entire system to its core. Advanced robots are deployed to do the chores of the civilians and they are designed not to fail ever.

However, a small malfunction in one of them can create a chain-reaction among many of them that eventually spreads. A genetically enhanced regenerative tree atop Pleasure Mall called the Paradise Machine is designed to grow fruits and recycle them endlessly.

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Judge Dredd – City Limits Comics | Comics

When the Paradise Machine malfunctions by starting to blast off windows and acting hostile by throwing fruits and pulling people off, a small bandit group uses this as a diversion for looting.

The Judges shortly arrival on spot stalled the looters for a while but they quickly escape the scene using another periodic malfunction of the Paradise Machine as a diversion. Judge Dredd was about to get the drop on them but couldn't do it as his firearms got jammed. Outraged by his own failure, Dredd instantly blew up the tree.

A group of robots confronts the Judges for the destruction and even charged taser to Judge Tarjay, leading the rest to open fire on them. Dredd then chased those creeps down into the sewer and to his surprise, found several beheaded corpse of the criminals.

One of the perps was found alive but before he could be arrested, an ambush blasts his head off. He and fellow Judge Myers thinks this robot malfunction is planned. Myers was almost getting killed by a sanitation robot later during an escalated Block War.

Dredd suddenly finds some of his actions suspicious and discovered evidence at his place that led him to believe someone is trying to frame his colleague. He seeks aid from the Division to one of his old accomplice Judge Anderson to dig deep inside this complex puzzle after looking at Myers' case files.

Anderson finds him clean but then an emergency sends Dredd away on patrol, where he is ambushed but the shooter fled. Later, dark secrets from past came forward while looking through the record division.

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Into The Psyche

Here is your links to buy "Judge Dredd – City Limits" from IDW Comics in issues on Amazon.

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Here is your link to buy "Judge Dredd – City Limits" from IDW Comics on Amazon.

Judge Dredd – City Limits

The popular 2000AD comic-book character Judge Dredd has returned in the brand-new IDW monthly ongoing series in 2012.

First storyline from the series titled "City Limits" contains issues #01-04, plotted by writer Duane Swierczynski (Godzilla, Harbinger Wars) and a team of talented artists including Nelson Daniel (Joe Hill's The Cape, Wild Blue Yonder), Langdon Foss, Paul Gulacy, Brendan McCarthy and Inaki Miranda. Zach Howard (Aliens – More Than Human, The Cape – 1969) provided covers for the collected issues.

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Robots In Revolt

Swierczynski started a complete new line of connected stories that will lead Dredd to revisit familiar places and encounter former enemies he already butted heads with before. As always, Judge Anderson provides one of the best supports to his cases and fortunately unfolds a sinister plot in works before it was too late.

Illustrations of the primary storyline were taken care of by artist Nelson Daniel and the rest of the team focused on the bonus back-up stories featuring other tales. Next comes, "The Long Fail" in Judge Dredd monthly series from the same creators following the lead of the current story.
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