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Judge Dredd – Thirteen Badges | Comics

Returning to Mega-City One from Cursed Earth, Judge Dredd goes after an assassin who is killing off Judges.

As his investigation on Circuit Court and their robot revolution led him to Woodrell County Park into the wasteland of Cursed Earth and having an intense face-off against notorious Angel Gang (Into The Cursed Earth), Judge Dredd returns to Mega-City One with a mutie named Dannn with precog abilities that guided him on this operation.

While Dredd was resting in Justice Department's sleep machine unit after a few restless days of duty, fellow Judge McGivern was patrolling over Sector 13 on and was suddenly ambushed by an unknown assailant, which got her off-balanced from her ride and before she could get up back to her feet, she is shot dead on spot by that person.

Regarding this incident, Judge Cal immediately confronts Joe to inquire him and his unofficial leave from duty earlier. It appears McGivern was one of nine other Judges who were all mysteriously killed by an unidentified attacker over last few days and although Joseph Dredd wasn't responsible at all, he didn't even knew about it.

Judge Cal believes this one is a handiwork of someone of their own from Special Judicial Squad as this killer was well aware of patrolling routines of those deceased street Judges and some initial investigation with Judge Anderson has led Dredd to assume renegade Judge Tarjay as a prime suspect for this whole assassination plot.

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Judge Dredd – Thirteen Badges | Comics

Anderson of Psi Division was giving precog Dannn a tour of Judges Academy and they both sensed something wrong. Dannn states that he sees her death coming and the suddenly, the sniper shows up right behind them to sneak attack on Anderson but Dannn jumped right in time to take the bullet that was meant for her.

Even though she shot back at the killer, he made a quick escape via some black market cloaking tech. Dredd and Anderson figure out whoever is taking out the Judges know about them well and took them down when they were in the uniform.

Surveillance feed does show an image of this killer for a brief moment and as they were about to head back to morgue at Justice Department, they are attacked again. This time, Dredd fires back and while they were taking cover, a few civilians were shot and vanished using his D-Jump Tech before Anderson could get a read on him.

Before they take any more steps to pursue their attacker, Judge Cal quickly reached there and arrested Joe for disobeying a direct order to stay out of this matter. He is taken in for some questioning while his partner was running some check.

In the meantime, Tarjay sneaks into morgue to check on the corpses of fallen Judges and when he is discovered, he takes a witness to Deadworld and then kills her. Maintaining a telepathic link, Anderson reached to an address following instruction from Joe where she encounters Tarjay and discovered his true motives for killing Judges.

However, their psychic link is soon discovered by Dredd's prosecutors and as they try to shut it down, he violently makes a break out of it out of desperation to help his partner but is subdued within moments. As he lies bloodied on the ground after taking a savage beating, Judge Anderson remains stranded on uncertain shores of fate.

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Executioner of Judges

Here is your links to buy "Judge Dredd – Thirteen Badges" from IDW Comics in issues on Amazon.

Judge Dredd 13

Judge Dredd 14

Judge Dredd 15

Judge Dredd 16

Here is your link to buy "Judge Dredd – Thirteen Badges" from IDW Comics on Amazon.

Judge Dredd – Thirteen Badges

Ever since IDW started re-publishing monthly ongoing series of 2000AD's very own tough cop Judge Dredd in an all-new glory from, things have gotten a lot better than it could ever be. "Thirteen Badges" is a four-part storyline that draws conclusion to what was being built up until now and makes path to a dark new beginning.

Series regular writer Duane Swierczynski (Godzilla, Harbinger Wars) and artist Nelson Daniel (Joe Hill's The Cape, Wild Blue Yonder) cooked up a new line of stories that all leads to a great reckoning on Mega-City One, collecting issues #13-16.

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Justice Under Siege

Throughout entire run, there are bonus-back up stories meant to serve for back-story of new character when they will make full debut in upcoming stories and how Joseph Dredd is connected to them at all. Part of what going to happen to Joe in foreseeable future is already foreshadowed in this current case file he is dealing with.

With "Thirteen Badges" story arc, the series advances to next level where a bunch of classic antagonists are going to try and ruin MC-1. On following adventure titled "The American Way of Death", every event either major or minor, started from "City Limits" or "The Long Fail" to all recent happenings will mount on a major endgame.
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