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The Flash – Rogues Revolution | Comics

the flash rogues revolution dc comics
The Flash – Rogues Revolution | Comics
Previously, while facing the villain Turbine in the Speed Force, The Flash is sucked into Timestream vortex and ends up on the middle of an arena in Gorilla City, where Gorilla Grodd was devouring his recently deceased fathers' brain after defeating him in a mortal combat for the title of the new king. Though, elders of Gorilla City believes The Flash to be a divine messenger because of his symbol of "The Light", Grodd wants to consume his brain to gain his power of speed and since Barry Allen cannot remember anything before he came here, he ends up being captive. With help from elders of Gorilla City, Flash is eventually freed from Gorilla Grodd's captivity and returns to Central City only to find out people are protesting against The Flash for killing off Barry Allen.

Thinking him as dead, Barry's girlfriend Patty Spivot files to Guatemala for solving the murder mystery of Claudio Mardon, brother of Weather Wizard. Patty is kidnapped and Flash believes Marco Mardon AKA Weather Wizard is responsible. Their fight reveals the identity of the killer to Marco and Flash races to save Patty but decides not to reveal the truth about him being alive. Captain Cold's sister Lisa Snart AKA Golden Glider assembles her own gang of Rogues by recruiting Heat Wave, Mirror Master and Weather Wizard one by one to exact revenge on her brother as well as scientist Darwin Elias. Being saved by Pied Piper and Trickster, Captain Cold joins Flash for a temporary team-up against their enemies but are they prepared to take King Grodd and his gorilla army?

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What Grodd Wants
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the flash comic
Power of Golden Glider

The Flash Vol 02 – Rogues Revolution (Softcover)

The Flash Vol 02 – Rogues Revolution (Hardcover)

Continuing from where the first storyline of The New 52 monthly ongoing series of The Flash titled "Move Forward" left off, "Rogues Revolution" starts anew from that point on 2012 from DC Comics. Collecting issues #09-12 and Annual #01, the story also features the #0 issue from the fourth ongoing volume of Flash comic-book series as a back-up, to relive Barry Allen's origin on Prime Earth after Flashpoint. Previously serving as artist, Francis Manapul (Legion of Superheroes, Magdalena/Vampirella) joined writer Brian Buccellato (Forever Evil – Rogues Rebellion, The Flash – Reverse) on plotting and Marcus To has also showcased his illustration talent on issues #10-11. Barry Allen will return as Flash to confront King Grodd in the next storyline "Gorilla Warfare".
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