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Hellblazer – City of Demons | Comics

Upon getting hit by a truck, John Constantine is ended up on hospital for a while and came out realizing streets of London has changed.

After spending a quiet night drinking at Lord Clyde pub, John Constantine went out to have a smoke. He is met by two small-time street thugs who were unaware of who he was and try to rob him, only for him to turn them into his mind-controlled puppets holding their blades into each-others' mouths. Not before he could go too far, a Van hit a passer-by out of nowhere ad John immediately calls for an ambulance. As he was explaining the situation to the medics, it slowly unfolds that he is the one got hit and he is on spectral plane.

Realizing he is in trouble, his out-of-body form also gets hyped up but when surgeons started operating on him, John goes out to hang out with other lost souls. He believes that someone was behind that SUV hitting him and he cannot make his mind about who was it out of a fat-guy, a headless woman and a little kid. As he decides to help the kid to find her mom, she confessed that it happened because of her but instead of turning out to be a Hell-spy, she turn out to be a soul of a kid who just passed away last week.

john constantine city of demons
Hellblazer – City of Demons | Comics

Into the morgue, he finds out the other two were human as well after some questioning. Meanwhile, one of those street thugs came to hospital for sustaining injuries on throat and face, while his friend died. After he draws a picture of Constantine, his mother furiously rushes to stab John and is subdued with some struggles. The operation was successful and John finally wakes up in his body but stuck into bed for three months as Nurse Marie looks after him. Elsewhere, doctors Malachy Young and Jonathan Yorke were discussing about his demon-tainted blood sample, which got them very interesting.

Turns out, they both are occultists and are planning to use John's blood to infect people to amass an army of demons. They start by infecting some pet animals and then moved to human test subjects. When John passes by one of them in corridor, he collapses feeling an intense headache. The infected person, Gavin becomes suddenly becomes too grumpy and started sticking red hot pins in his eyes in a dinner with his girlfriend's parents. Another patient Nicole Ryan develops a taste for decapitating and making art off her victims.

When Constantine is discharged and goes out, he came across a homeless girl and quickly leaves after that headache comes back. He sees the girl cuts throat of the next guy after being kicked by him and realizes lot has changed when he was away. John eventually discovers a link to Saint Bartholemew hospital, where he was kept in and calls for an inside contact. Getting into it, the demon hunter discovered the unthinkable and never could have imagined how his blood could turn the entire London into a city of demons.

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Going Literal Underground

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Here is your link to buy "Hellblazer – City of Demons" from Vertigo Comics on Amazon.

Hellblazer – City of Demons

In 2011, "City of Demons" was released as a five-part limited series featuring the occult detective John Constantine of Hellblazer comic-book series from Vertigo imprint of DC Comics. The story is plotted by writer Si Spencer (Judge Dredd, Slash and Burn), who worked with artist Sean Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus, The Wake) to create a small adventure of England's most popular chain-smoking, trash talking antihero. As an illustrator, Murphy leaves his impression all over the arc and possibly on the mind of the spectators.

john constantine city of demons vertigo
Perched Between Planes

The story very well-depicts the fact that Constantine doesn't just fight with Hell and beyond, he is capable of looking into unlikely places and start pulling necessary strings when it is necessary. Plus, he doesn't shy away to show a small act of kindness every now and then when probably no one is watching. Despite presenting any of his regular enemies like Nergal or The First of the Fallen as threats, Spencer masterfully creates an atmosphere of tension around him that is caused by his demon blood and two ordinary nobody.
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