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Batman – Death of the Family | Comics

After a year-long absence from everyone’s eyes and almost with no activity at all, The Joker; Clown Prince of Crime, resurfaces again in Gotham City. Previously, he willingly allowed Batman to capture him and send him to Arkham Asylum, where he has the Dollmaker cut out the skin off his face and pinning it onto the wall of his cell (Faces of Death).

dearth of the family
Batman – Death of the Family | Comics

He appears at the Gotham City police station exact one year later to shock everyone and brutally kills the 19 officers present on duty except Commissioner Jim Gordon, while cracking jokes and collects his ice-preserved face before leaving for his comeback party. Batman is lured to a trap set in Ace Chemicals where he first encountered The Joker, only to find his former lackey and girlfriend Harley Quinn in original Red Hood’s disguise.

Meanwhile, The Joker secretly sneaked into the Wayne Manor and kidnapped Alfred Pennyworth to serve him in his grand scheme and he left clues about his next target Commissioner James Gordon. Soon, The Joker starts taking lives using his old nasty methods methods but this time, he only wants to take out the entire Bat-family, except Batman, so that without any partners, he could be a better and much more worthy opponent for The Joker.

He also slipped a hint of having the knowledge of the secret identity of each vigilante member of the Bat-Family, which has shaken the entire line of Batman's crime fighting aid. He also secretly contacts other villains like Penguin, The Riddler and Two-Face, gathering them all for some sinister purposes that are still unknown.

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King Batman's Royal Court

Here is your links to buy "Batman – Death of the Family" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

Batman V2 13

Batman V2 14

Batman V2 15

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Batman V2 17

Here is your links to buy "Batman – Death of the Family" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Batman – Death of the Family (Softcover)

Batman – Death of the Family (Hardcover)

In wake of The New 52's rebooted timeline of DC Comics, writer Scott Snyder (American VampireThe Wake) and artist Greg Capullo (HauntSpawn) had previously delivered story arcs like "Court of the Owls” and “City of Owls” as well as the first ever New 52 crossover event “Night of the Owls”. Following the successful run of these major ground-breaking stories, this creative duo has presented Death of the Family crossover featuring Batman from DC Comics in 2012.

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Joker Returns For Punchline

Batman – Death of the Family is the tie-in of the crossover containing issues #13-17 from the second volume of the Batman monthly ongoing series set in the Prime Earth continuity by Snyder and Capullo.
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