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The Walking Dead – Call To Arms | Comics

Rick Grimes and his people prepare to go up against The Whisperers but his former enemy Negan has some other plans.

Ever since members of Alexandria Safe-Zone has crossed paths with a savage group known as The Whisperers, Rick Grimes and his friends has not known peace. Their leader, Alpha has sent her daughter Lydia to live with them before killing off Ezekiel, Rosita and many more to mark a territory border with their severed heads on spike.

Knowing these enemies can decimate them all if they want, Rick did not take any rushed action against them but it soon started creating a friction among his fellow survivors and made everyone doubt his leadership skills. Seeing furious citizens fighting each other over this issue, he decides to see his arch-nemesis Negan for advice.

Carl and Lydia are escorted to Hilltop for safety by Andrea while Rick plans on forming a military with help from Dwight. They gathered a group of people with guns to take out a Zombie horde and lead out a practice session. Though Dwight is reluctant at being a leader of Alexandria militia but Rick tells him it's too late and they need him.

Maggie leaves Jesus behind before heading back to Hilltop and promises to send ten or more. Gabriel expresses his wish to join their newly formed army to serve people's souls because being a reverend is not enough anymore. Back at home, Rick suggests Michonne to go back to The Kingdom now that Ezekiel is gone and they need her.

Later he came across meets Brandon, whose father he had to kill earlier in self defense when attacked and even though he tried to say sorry to the boy, Rick is thrown down. Though he knocks that brat down, Michonne had to come and break it up but he was extra mad because earlier back at Hilltop, the boy even tried to hurt Carl.

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The Walking Dead – Call To Arms | Comics

When Maggie and her group was leaving for home, Brandon sneaks away from them to steal keys to the cell Negan is kept in and offers him to escape, because he wants both Rick and The Whisperers to kill each other. Rick and Michonne are informed shortly about keys to Negan's cell are missing and finds an empty basement cell.

Though Siddiq and Annie at gate saw no one passing, Rick believes he escaped with Maggie and her group. Given he knows too much about their recent situation with The Whisperers, Aaron and Michonne decides to go out looking for him.

After making it out of Alexandria with Hilltop group, Brandon secretly slips out of crowd on their way to meet Negan and give him his old cloths back. They head over to Whisperers' border marked with spikes and as Brandon was crying about his mom, he is stabbed in his chest by Negan before walking alone into enemy territory.

On his way, he encountered a dozen of Whisperers led by Beta, second to their leader Alpha and they decide to take him upon learning he is alone. Soon as they arrived at camp and he declares that he is in love with Alpha when taken to her. His continuous effort to court her with sleazy lines ultimately led her to punch him in the face.

Deep within Whisperers' territory, Aaron and Michonne gets surrounded by a group and Beta stabs Aaron during confrontation. Only for a timely arrival of Dwight, they are saved and made their enemies quickly retreat under heavy gunfire. Beta goes back to camp charging at Negan after his recent encounter with Alexandria forces.

He simply admits of lying about being an escaped prisoner initially because he was intimidated by Beta at first but he has a lot to offer to them and then sticks with their group to earn his keep through working hard. Dwight tells his army to get back soon because they crossed enemy border to engage enemy, which is an act of war.

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Into Enemy Territory

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Here is your link to buy "The Walking Dead – Call To Arms" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – Call To Arms

Heading towards a new direction with Image Comics monthly ongoing comic-book series The Walking Dead, creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Image United, Invincible) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) joins for their twenty fifth collaboration on "Call To Arms" storyline, collecting issues #151-156 from the series.

Long after a zombie-apocalypse has left ruins of civilization, former sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes and his group of survivor had come to a steady way of living among a world full of undeads. Trouble eventually found its way to their life and when it starts threatening too much, they start forming a rebellion to crush all oppression for good.

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Queen and King

Rick secretly discusses about his recent trouble with Negan, former leader of a rival group who has been long-imprisoned at Alexandria for his role during events of "All Out War". When opportunity presents itself, he decides to take things into his own hands to deal with problem at hand and do something to earn Rick's trust.

However, he took measures that have led things to escalate quickly between community of Alexandria and The Whisperers from what already was worsened from "No Turning Back" arc. A major catastrophe is now looming over on a dark horizon that will usher mass death and destruction soon in upcoming "The Whisperer War" story.
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