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The Walking Dead – All Out War | Comics

Ever since Glenn died at the hands of Negan, Rick Grimes has been eagerly waiting to teach him a lesson. Last time, when Negan and his Saviors came to Alexandria Safe-Zone for supplies, things got a bit out of hand as Rick and his crew unsuccessfully tried to get the drop on Negan. He in turn, lines them up for execution but is forced to retreat for the timely intervention of Jesus, Ezekiel and Shiva.

the walking dead all out war
The Walking Dead – All Out War | Comics

It is pretty evident that The Saviors will go to war against Alexandria and so, Rick and his allies prepares themselves for the oncoming conflict. However, Rick feels a bit of concerned as he has never done something this big and the last encounter with Saviors almost got Andrea killed. Along with The Kingdom and Hilltop forces at his side, Rick leads the crowd towards The Sanctuary.

Rick approaches Negan for a truce, which he declined and revealed Gregory's allegiance with him. But that brings no significant change to the scene and the war between the two parties broke in. The heavy firing draws attention of walkers nearby and they all started to form a herd and heads towards The Sanctuary. Rick was about to ram the fences of Negan's stronghold but Holly ditches him and took one for the team.

Sanctuary gets overrunned, Negan gets furious, Holly is captured, Ezekiel loses Shiva and both sides took heavy causalities. After dealing with the undead horde of his compound, Negan heads to Alexandria Safe-Zone for payback resulting major damage. Both of Rick and Negan's side came up with a new and improved plan to triumph over the enemy.

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the walking dead all out war comic
War Rages On!

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Here is your links to buy “The Walking Dead – All Out War" from Image Comics on Amazon.

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The Walking Dead – All Out War – Artist's Proof Edition

Created by writer Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files), "All Out War" is a major storyline from Image Comics' monthly ongoing series The Walking Dead. Concluded from 'March To War', this storyline breaks the regular tradition of the stories to be concluded in six issues and expanded to size double that the regular.

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War Comes Home

That means, "All Out War" is comprised of twelve issues, containing issues #115-126 from The Walking Dead comic series. The story-arc is big and has a groundbreaking impact of the post-apocalyptic world that is the brain-child of Kirkman. The book is also adapted for Season 8 of The Walking Dead TV Series on AMC TV. After the dust and cloud of the war gets cleared, "A New Beginning" awaits at the horizon.
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