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Aquaman – The Drowning | Comics

Two-third of the entire world's surface is covered in oceans and someone who claims to rule it as a King is clearly no insignificant man. Arthur Curry; King of Atlantis, also known as Aquaman to the rest of the planet is that man. Being a descendant from the surface world who rules the oceans often throws him into internal conflict with his priority and responsibilities.

aquaman rebirth the drowning
Aquaman – The Drowning | Comics

However, he takes this royal burden and carries it out at the end with love and support from his beloved fiancé Mera. Aquaman responds to the news of an attack on eastern seaboard city by the Atlantean terrorist organization called The Deluge while Mera assists him from Atlantean embassy Spindrift. Arthur soon takes down their leader Corum Rath and his followers, saving the day by foiling their evil plan.

Aquaman and Mera enjoys a meal together and spends the night in Curry Lighthouse before the day they build a bridge between the dwellers of land and the sea. Next day, Spindrift Station on Atlantean dry land embassy welcomes reporters and liaisons from across the globe. In disguise of a Daily Planet reporter Ray Delane, Black Manta infiltrates the facility and causes some massive explosion.

He shoots Mera down when Aquaman was looking for him. Still seeking vengeance over Arthur for killing his father, Manta engages him in a fierce battle but ultimately lose. Manta is captured and taken into custody but is abducted en route by the agents of N.E.M.O.

The situation gets politically complicated and the world turned on Aquaman and Atlantis. It started with the U. S. government revoking the Atlanteans embassy on their soil and not letting them enter. Arthur and Mera tries to meet the president but instead he was arrested for a crime that The Deluge committed in the name of Atlantis. It all gets out of the hand to a point that a certain Man of Steel is forced to intervene and take matters into his own hands.

aquaman vs. black manta
After The Deluge

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Aquaman V8 06

Here is your links to buy "Aquaman – The Drowning" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Aquaman – The Drowning

As DC Rebirth mania hits the world and your favorite characters are brought back by DC Comics to the current continuity, the King of seven seas has returned to take his rightful place in the world. "The Drowning" is the first chapter of the Aquaman eighth monthly ongoing volume and it collects issues #01-06 from the series as well as the one-shot Aquaman: Rebirth issue. "The Drowning" brings popular series-villain and former Suicide Squad member Black Manta and his turn to a new direction that will lead us to future conflicts.

aquaman and mera
The Executive Sanction

The story features the work of writer Dan Abnett (Annihilation – Conquest, Annihilation – Nova) and artists Brad Walker (Action Comics – At the End of Days, Action Comics – Bulletproof), Phil Briones (New Suicide Squad – Monsters, New Suicide Squad – Pure Insanity) and Scot Eaton (Swamp Thing, Black Panther) and is concluded to the next arc "Black Manta Rising".
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