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Green Arrow – The Death and Life of Oliver Queen | Comics

Returning from a usual sour date, Oliver Queen hands out some money to a homeless kid and his mother on his way back home. As the dollar bill flew from his hands, the boy's mother goes to get it while telling the boy to stay put but then got mysteriously abducted. That night, when a hooded figure was taking the kid from street, an arrow hits the nearby wall and Seattle's very own vigilante hero Green Arrow reveals himself to the stranger.

After a brief scuffle between them, the mysterious person turns out to be another vigilante hero Black Canary and they both takes the kid to Oliver Queen's apartment for some nourishment. The boy tells them that the Underground Men have took his mom and the duo then took him to a homeless campsite called "The Jungle" to meet his father. The Underground Men strikes again to kidnap more homeless people as Arrow and Canary follow their trail to discover a secret underground human auction in progress.

green arrow dc rebirth comics
Green Arrow – The Death and Life of Oliver Queen | Comics

Arrow and Canary discovers a covert criminal empire called the Ninth Circle and their timely intervention made the goons abandon the auction and run. On the docks of Seattle, the duo sneaks onto another group of Underground Men proceeding with another of their human trafficking scheme, where Emi Queen also helped. After wrapping up, Oliver notices that the shipping container they were carrying humans in, belongs to Queen Industries.

Dinah and Oliver spend some time together and then Ollie takes her on a tour of whatever he is trying to do to make a difference. Afterwards, he investigates his company records to find out the connection between Queen Industries and the Ninth Circle. He asks his CFO Cyrus Broderick about this, who promised to take care of it but as soon as Ollie reaches home, he' been ambushed by the assassin Shado.

Oliver took a few arrows and exchanged blows with Shado. When Emi came to check out what's going on, Ollie tells her to get out but instead, she took an arrow and shot him with it. Cyrus Broderick arranges a meeting with his fellow Ninth Circle members about taking over the Queen Industries. In a press conference, Cyrus announced to the world that Oliver Queen gone missing in a boat full of alcohol and drugs but yet, Black Canary and his friend John Diggle refuses to believe it.

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Arrow and Canary

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Green Arrow – Rebirth 01

Green Arrow V6 01

Green Arrow V6 02

Green Arrow V6 03

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Green Arrow V6 05

Here is your links to buy "Green Arrow – The Death and Life of Oliver Queen" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Green Arrow – The Death and Life of Oliver Queen

As the entire DC Universe is reborn with all of its heroes and villains, Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow has also returned in action just like others. So, writer/artists team of Benjamin Percy (Teen Titans – Damian Knows Best, Titans – The Lazarus Contract), Otto Schmidt (Green Arrow – Emerald Outlaw, Korvac Saga – Warzones!) and Juan Ferreyra (New Suicide Squad – Kill Anything, Prometheus – Fire and Stone) has joined forces to plot the first arc of Green Arrow for "DC Rebirth" by bringing some old friends to accompany Ollie to re-discover his roots of being a world class "D-Bag" do-gooder.

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Gates of Inferno

Titled "The Death and Life of Oliver Queen", the storyline collects issues #01-05 from the sixth monthly ongoing volume of the Green Arrow series and the one-shot Green Arrow: Rebirth issue. Characters and elements from The New 52's "Outsiders War" has been borrowed to this story-arc and Oliver Queen also seeks help from his old pal Henry Fyff and John Diggle to stand against the newest emerging threat of the Ninth Circle as it concluded in "Island of Scars".
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