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Green Arrow – Island of Scars | Comics

After an epic encounter with the Ninth Circle on their giant ship The Inferno, Green Arrow, Black Canary, John Diggle and Emi Queen managed to wreck down the massive ship into the ocean. Emi was taken by her mother Shado to the Yakuza, to whom, she owes a blood debt and was acting as their double agent.

As she berates Emi, she recalls her time in Seattle with her brother Oliver Queen, their training and her social life. In flashback, it was shown how she came on contact with the villainous Clock King and how it effected her. Emi argues with her mother about her not belonging to the Yakuza leader Oyabun, just as her adopted father Komodo.

green arrow dc rebirth comics
Green Arrow – Island of Scars | Comics

She eventually manages to ditch her mother and draws Oyabun's attention in a Karaoke Nightclub by winning a fight. Ollie washed up on the shore on a lone island all by himself. It's been days that he was there and he suddenly stumbled into a bear while hunting for food.

Upon evading it, he came across Dinah Drake, which he thought was a dream. Later at night, Diggle was attacked by the bear and was abducted to a secret laboratory, ran by a woman named Ana, who's got half of her face burnt.

As soon as Ollie and Dinah realize what happened, they go looking for Diggle but found some more connections to the Ninth Circle. Together, they trashed the facility and hopped onto Empire Express, an under-ocean train carrying intercontinental delegates. Arrow, Canary and Diggle team up one more time to stop the vile mercenary Eddie Fyers from killing everyone on board.

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Couple That Hunts Together

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Green Arrow – Island of Scars

Following "The Death and Life of Oliver Queen" story-arc, the plot concluded and carried over to "Island of Scars" by writer Benjamin Percy (Teen Titans – Damian Knows Best, Titans – The Lazarus Contract), Otto Schmidt (Green Arrow – Emerald Outlaw, Korvac Saga – Warzones!) and Juan Ferreyra (New Suicide Squad – Kill Anything, Prometheus – Fire and Stone).

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Island of Secrets

Published by DC Comics in 2017 as part of their DC Rebirth initiative, this storyline features issues #06-11 from the sixth ongoing volume of Green Arrow monthly series. Percy creates another "Year One"-esque setting to strand Oliver in an isolated island and survive there as well as sending Emi on a journey on her own. This story as like the one before it also is concluded to the next one, titled "Emerald Outlaw".
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