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Venom – Land Before Crime | Comics

Eddie Brock is back again with his Venom symbiote in time to save New York from Stegron, The Dinosaur Man!

Long after being apart from each other, Eddie Brock and his symbiote reunites as Venom once again. He wakes up from a nightmare sensing an urge to go out slinging and sees an armed robbery in progress that he stopped effortlessly. When police arrive, Brock flees from scene and kept wondering about a sudden temper of his partner.

Looking for answer, he ends up walking into Our Lady of Saints Church where they met at first years ago. After scaring off two goons away from there, Eddie talks to a priest about his faith to God and a recently resumed relationship from past. He tries to resonate with Brock in a way that agitates his symbiote, forcing him to leave abruptly.

Walking on street, he was having concern over how Venom symbiote is behaving lately and gets attacked by Scorpion. Upon learning that Eddie is back in business, Mac Gargan came after him to settle some old scores. Though he came fully prepared with flame and sonic-based weapons, Brock easily took him down using his fear of symbiotes.

Passing out from exhaustion of fight, Eddie wakes up in the church only to find a near-lifeless body of the priest he talked to earlier. His symbiote remarks that anyone trying to come between them will face the same fate. Lamenting at this, Brock took the priest to hospital and senses something is seriously wrong with his partner.

venom land before crime marvel comics cover
Venom – Land Before Crime | Comics

He decides to fix whatever causing his other to behave strangely and wonders if it has hurt more people when he was unconscious. In a room next to his, Eddie hears a horrified student explaining to a doctor how his friends were all torn apart by a monster with fangs in a sewer near Our Lady of Saints Church, leading him to investigate.

Though Klyntar assures that it was not involved in this recent attack, he refuses to believe that due to its outbursts lately. While examining bodies into the sewers, Brock is ambushed by a humanoid creature that looks like a dinosaur that he defeats by turning into Venom after a heavy brawl, he noticed "ALCHEMAX" tattooed on its chest.

He then pays Alchemax C.E.O. Liz Allen a visit at her office, bringing that monster from sewers that ate a couple of civilians. She asks whether he wants hush money since he brought it here but he asks for her help instead. Liz calls in Dr. Steven to help with his issues and struck a deal with Eddie to capture more of her escaped monster.

She reveals to him that Alchemax took a government contract to research on Stegron the Dinosaur Man for regenerative technologies, since Dr. Connors' formula was unavailable to them. However, he escaped with a bunch of test subjects that she wants back to clear government's mess in exchange for a cure to his symbiote.

Lurking around in sewers, Venom eventually finds a way to Stegron's lair inside a cavern, where he has amassed an army of dinosaur-hybrids and assumed in role of their god. As Brock was vying his options to come up with a plan, he is blasted off by a sonic screech of a nearby monster and his body is quickly seized by dinosaur-men.

Klyntar wakes him up in the middle of a fight against an army of dinosaurs but it quickly gets overpowered. Stegron is planning to transform him to include within his dinosaur society but Eddie manages to burst out of captivity. Entire cave gets flooded in moments and he swam outside to safety, coming across Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

She introduces herself and her red scaled theropod companion to Venom who came following a strange scent from sewers. He gets an experimental treatment from Alchemax as a cure for his symbiote and returns to underground to find Moon Girl planning an attack on dinosaur-men but ended up losing her friend Devil Dinosaur to Stegron.

Monsters of New York

Here is your links to buy "Venom – Land Before Crime" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Venom 150

Venom 151

Venom 152

Venom 153

Here is your links to buy "Venom – Land Before Crime" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Venom – Land Before Crime

To carry on events of from "Homecoming" storyline, writer Mike Costa (Amazing Spider-Man – Venom Inc., Venom – The Nativity) and artist Gerardo Sandoval (Age of Apocalypse – Warzones!, Guardians 3000 – Time After Time) returns for a follow-up in "Land Before Crime", collecting issues #150-153 from third Venom monthly series.

Eddie Brock had a reunion with his symbiote after long in current ongoing run of a re-launched Venom comic-book series from Marvel Comics. Having recently bonded to an abusive host, it has been acting aggressively and Brock had to seek help from Alchemax for a cure to prevent its violent outbursts every now and then before it's too late.

army of dinosaurs
Raging Army of Dinosaurs

Although official cover art for "Land Before Crime" features an image of Spider-Man being webbed up by Venom, there is no appearance of Wall-Crawler at all. However, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur showed up to help Eddie take down Stegron but her plan backfired and she almost lost her friend until Brock managed to bail her out.

Members of Spidey's expansive "Rogues' gallery" are butting heads with wicked web-slinger a lot these days and assuming his claim to fame as "Lethal Protector" once again, Eddie takes responsibility of remaining members of dinosaur society. He will soon be tussling with Kraven the Hunter in next storyline titled "Blood In The Water".
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