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Venom – Homecoming | Comics

No longer an "Agent of the Cosmos", Venom is back on Earth and found a new host that turns him into a slathering monster.

Former Army Ranger Lee Price was thinking about how choices in life are so easy for bad guys and how it takes a lot of strength to do the right thing at all times just to be a good guy. He is currently looking for a job in New York City so he could pay rents and his friend Tony has set him up for an interview with Mac Gargan, former Scorpion.

Trying to intimidate his new recruit, Gargan asks him if he has ever killed anyone during his time as a Ranger and what was the reason behind his discharge, to which Lee calmly responds by saying that he can kill people if its needed and shows off two of his fingers that blew up in the line of duty, which has him classified as "disabled" now.

Elsewhere, Venom symbiote was wandering without a host for some time after being separated from Flash Thompson. Lee and his friends showed up at their spot that night for a job offered by Gargan on behalf of Black Cat. It was an exchange with men sent by Tombstone who attempted to walk away without payment and pulled their guns.

Not expecting any shootout, Lee didn't bring his guns and Venom symbiote suddenly bursts in out of nowhere and almost immediately bonded with Lee. Surprisingly enough, he was able to gain total control over the suit and trashed his enemies. He kills his peers and a homeless man to eradicate all evidence from scene before heading home.

venom homecoming comic
Venom – Homecoming | Comics

Back at his place, his suit was struggling with Lee over having psychic control on him but fails due to his training in army. Next day, he goes to meet crime boss Black Cat to return her goodies back to her and decides to join her gang. Seeing Gargan working for her, his symbiote protests this idea and made him vomit to create a scene.

While rebuking his partner about pulling a dangerous stunt earlier, Lee returns to his apartment only to stumble onto an assassin named Firebug, who is here to take him out on behalf of Tombstone for murdering his gang. Against his fiery power of pyrokinesis, Venom finds it very hard to fight back but to save Lee's life, it helped anyway.

FBI Agent Bagman and Wambaugh have been keeping an eye on Lee for some time and decide to intervene at that very moment to take him into custody. Lee escapes but the agents find him again, forcing him to work for them whether he likes it or not as they are fully capable of neutralizing him anytime they want if he doesn't comply.

Meanwhile, Gargan visits Black Cat to talk about his suspicion about Lee Price killing all those men they sent to make a deal with Tombstone's gang. She sarcastically brushes him off but one of her right-hand man shows Mac Price's destroyed apartment, where no bodies were found and Mac Gargan decides to take matters in his own hand.

Agent Wambaugh asked Lee to meet near Parker Industries and Bagman came to him asking about who Spider-Man really is. Black Cat summons her new hired gun Lee Price to see what is really at play with him and sends him to scare off a Daily Bugle reporter from a story he's been working on, tagging him along with her pet Scorpion.

Lee talked to his symbiote to calm it down when he is at work but seeing Gargan, it became agitated. Instead of doing what they came for, Mac attempts to beat Lee Price to a pulp and their assignment quickly turned into a huge brawl. When footage of their brawl goes viral on social media, it even catches the eyes of Spider-Man.

gerardo sandoval venom
Badder Than Ever!

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Venom – Homecoming

Marvel Comics hires comic-book writer Mike Costa (Web Warriors of the Spider-Verse – Electroverse, Web Warriors of the Spider-Verse – Spiders Vs.) and artist Gerardo Sandoval (Age of Apocalypse – Warzones!, Korvac Saga – Warzones!) to cook up a brand-new storyline to re-launch a new Venom monthly ongoing series in 2017.

"Homecoming" collects first six issues from third volume of Venom comic-book series and kick-starts a new status-quo. Klyntar finds a new host in Lee Price, who demonstrated his capability as a psychotic killer and to become a notorious villain. Classic Spider-Man villains like Black Cat and Scorpion also made special appearance for this arc.

spiderman vs venom comic
Deadliest Fanged Monster

Being one of Spider-Man's arch enemies for years, Venom has returned to Earth recently and has somehow got separated from Flash Thompson. Now they are not "Agent of the Cosmos" anymore and the alien symbiote has found itself a new host that is evil and not anything like a "Lethal Protector" that Eddie Brock ever was during his run.

Coming from a military background, Lee Price shows impressive control over his suit and quickly managed to get hired by New York's newest Kingpin of crime, Black Cat. However, his cover is blown due to his cockiness and all hell breaks loose. One of his former host returns for a plot twist that will be explored in next storyline "Land Before Crime".
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A new and awesome start to a new Venom series! I definitely am looking for Eddie Brock's return.

Eddie returns with a BANG! Plus, this one is a great new beginning for the character of Lee Price!