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The Walking Dead – New World Order | Comics

To rebuild their communities once again, Rick Grimes sends his friends to meet a new group of Commonwealth.

Even before everyone was dragged into fighting "The Whisperer War", Eugene Porter has found and made contact with another community while tinkering with a broken radio. He started talking with a woman named Stephanie and they exchanged about each other without revealing any vital information about their groups.

Rick Grimes eventually learns about this via Siddiq at one point and insists on talking to other party in hopes to seek help from them. He agreed to send a scout team to meet them on their turf at Ohio after initial discussion and when they finally arrived there at night, a small militia group, head to toe covered in armor surrounded them.

They are escorted to a nearby location where a representative named Lance Hornsby greeted them but Eugene demands to meet Stephanie first. Lance tried to intimidate their group by having his men pointing guns but none seem to work. Michonne suggests that they be done with asking questions fast so that everyone can move on.

Wrapping up initial interview, both group heads to see Commonwealth, the place where new survivors came from but came across a horde of walkers on way. It seemed like a small bunch at first but quickly turned out to be a larger swarm. Of course, their forces are well-trained to handle such situation and rest of them proceeds.

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The Walking Dead – New World Order | Comics

The group comes upon a stadium, which is part of a fifthly thousand strong community and showing at a billboard nearby, Lance suggests that they take a look at it to see if there is picture of someone they lost. Eugene notices one photo of Michonne over there, from a girl named Elodie looking for her mom and called her to see it.

Instantly getting teary eyed in emotion, she asks to be taken to the location mention in that photo and it took some effort for Hornsby to convince her that they will eventually get there. Inside Commonwealth gates, Eugene meets Stephanie but it was cut short when Lance tells her to go back to her work or get reassigned to a new one.

Michonne gets to see governor of the Commonwealth, Pamela Milton when she said that she was a lawyer before but does show little to no interest in joining them. Sensing something is bothering her, Pamela asks what is wrong and learns about her missing daughter, only to rush to the mentioned location and had a mother/daughter reunion.

At Hilltop, Maggie and Dante starts coming close to each other but Sophia completely disapproves her being with him, calling her out for not ever loving Glenn. Despite her disapproval, Maggie assures Sophia that she loved her late husband and what she is doing right now could be a fling to feel happy after so long.

Outside Commonwealth border, a young man named Sebastian was trying to court a girl not noticing a couple of walkers came close. An axe hit them out of nowhere, causing Sebastian to throw a fit when his date angrily leaves. His guard Mercer came leaving a trail of a dozen of roamers behind that he dispatched to save him.

Going back, he was talking to a fellow officer about how they hate everyone in power as if they were willing to overthrow governor Milton before Siddiq walks in. Though he tried to brush it off as he heard nothing, Mercer explains to him about how they are simply blowing some steam off after having a rough day of babysitting Sebastian.

Alexandria group slowly realizes that besides everything nice this place has to offer, there is some secret hidden from outsiders and discovers a class system among citizens that upsets Magna. Pamela is very keen to visit their community and meet their leader Rick Grimes and soon, everyone else leaves with her except Michonne.

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Governor of Commonwealth

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Here is your link to buy "The Walking Dead – New World Order" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – New World Order

Monthly ongoing The Walking Dead series from Image Comics takes a major shift of pace with its latest storyline "New World Order", where Rick Grimes sends a group of his friends from Alexandria survivors community to meet a new one that goes by the name Commonwealth and is ran by a female governor named Pamela Milton.

A major change in status quo is introduced by creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files). "New World Order" collects issues #175-180 from monthly TWD comic-book series and kick-starts a new era in post-apocalyptic world that head towards a conclusion.

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A Whole New World

Though people are not largely threatened by walkers for most part, lead characters slowly start discovering many monstrous sides of human nature during their stay at Commonwealth. Most people living down there are fine with how things are run by authority but deep down inside, a grievance boils hot towards position of power.

Also, a meeting between governor Milton Rick Grimes gives spark to new level of tension because of their differing viewpoints on how society should run now. More interactions between these two leaders will lead to more trouble in horizon on upcoming storyline "The Rotten Core" as things escalate back in Commonwealth.
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