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The Walking Dead – The Whisperer War | Comics

Rick Grimes have assembled survivors for an oncoming Whisperer War that could be their ultimate doom!

For long, Rick and his allies were living in peace and harmony in a post-apocalyptic world that was taken over by Walkers long ago. In between they dealt with cannibals, marauders and groups of Saviors but they always managed to come out on top but The Whisperers seems like a whole new level of endgame for these survivors.

Just from crossing territory, their leader Alpha slaughtered a dozens of friends and loved ones to put their head on stick, thus marking their border and sent a message. Thinking Rick Grimes is responsible for his parents' death; one grieving brat decides to free a prisoner named Negan who has been an enemy with Rick to take revenge.

Negan however sieges this opportunity not to exact vengeance but to earn trust and so he goes out his way to infiltrate among The Whisperers and even managed to kill Alpha. Dwight, Heath Laura and Magna spots him a week later after his escape, the former wanted to instantly shoot him on sight but ultimately took him to Rick instead.

Despite seeing Alpha's head on the table, Rick and Andrea are still unwilling to trust him but agreed to give him an isolated outpost to live rather than throwing him in prison once again. If anything from his end seems suspicious, he will be killed.

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The Walking Dead – The Whisperer War | Comics

Beta finds a lifeless corpse of Alpha and he angrily informs other group members that there would never be another Alpha again and decides to launch an all-out attack on survivor communities. From Hilltop, Maggie sends over a large number of her people for war but Carl and Lydia are advised to stay there by Michonne just in case.

Dwight and his army take position while sending Gabriel to a nearby water tower to keep watch on way. Seeing a massive herd approaching, he panics and busts up his leg trying to climb down from there. In his pleading cry for help, Beta comes to him and slits his gut open, allowing Walkers to feed on him as The Whisperers march forward.

Laura comes rushing to report a movement and they prepare to open fire when a herd is closer. When they start shooting, roamers starts falling but hiding among them were Whisperers that caught them off guard and stabbed many. Magna and her team came just in time pouring more fire and more help arrives from Kingdom as well.

Beta manages to reach to Dwight by staying behind a wall of Walkers and almost gets the drop on him through sneaking only for Negan to intervene to settle their hatred for each other. He finally gets his hands on Lucille during an intense fight but it led to an unfortunate end for him but they all managed to clear out with teamwork.

Beta is taken away from battle and rest of their group is scattered and being hunted down by Alexandria militia. Dwight shoots a Whisperer with an arrow on his head and removes his skin mask to put on his own face. They managed a couple more for everyone and successfully infiltrated a herd to decimate from inside.

That night, The Whisperers attack Hilltop with flaming arrows and Carl wakes his people up warning about a spreading fire. Lydia takes a stand at frontline to fight her former group and shoots many as Carl goes to help others. Meanwhile, Sherry plans to round up her remaining followers in Saviors in opposition to Rick and his community.

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Forces Are Aligning

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Here is your link to buy "The Walking Dead – The Whisperer War" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – The Whisperer War

Escalating threat for survival to next-level during a zombie-apocalypse, Image Comics monthly ongoing comic-book series The Walking Dead returns with "The Whisperer War" storyline, collecting issues #157-162 by creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files).

Survivors from Alexandria Safe-Zone and Hilltop face a savage enemy group unlike any other who call themselves The Whisperers. Wearing Walker skins to freely roam among them, these barbarians have already killed a couple of them and then used their heads to mark their own border with a warning not to cross it ever again.

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War Rages On

Not wanting to ruin everything they have built in a rushed decision, Rick Grimes struggles with leadership and Negan decides to step up. However, when he infiltrated their enemy only to decapitate their leader (Call To Arms) and her second-in-command Beta decided to lead a horde of roamers to those communities in retaliation.

A heavy action-packed journey is ahead of everyone who survived up to this point and an aftermath that follows will be even more devastating than anything they experienced till now. Just like the conflict of "All Out War", events of "The Whisperers War" is divided into two story arcs and will be concluded in "A Certain Doom" up next.
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