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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wolverine – Weapon X – Insane in the Brain | Comics

Locked within a padded cell of an asylum, Wolverine fails to recall how he ended up here and fell victim to Dr. Rottwell.

Earlier, Logan was busy fighting Strikeforce X, a group of super soldiers created by Roxxon Corporation from old Weapon X files. Lately, he couldn't even remember who he really was as he is seemingly stuck in an asylum like facility. As he struggles to get a grip on his memories, a voice on speaker asks him what he can recall about his childhood.

Wolverine talks about how he remembers living in a big fancy house and being sick all the time. He recollects killing his father and how he was raised by wolves, fighting in Spanish Civil War, being an honorable samurai in Japan, falling in love with Silver Fox, having mutant superhero friends among X-Men, going to moon and having a vision of future.

He is asked if any of what he just said made any sense and he admits that it sounds a bit crazy. He admits that something is most probably wrong with him but he also can't shake off these memories. Logan is then put to sleep as soon as he starts asking about an incident earlier that day, which was to write something on a wall with his own blood.

Marked as "Patient X", an orderly is seen to be washing what he wrote outside of his cell door earlier. After putting his straight jacket away, Logan is allowed to among fellow patients there and one of them asks him to join for an escape. Next day, he meets that same guy in hallway with a side of his head stitched and is left completely immobile.

wolverine weapon x insane in the brain logan marvel comics jason aaron yanick paquette adam kubert
Wolverine – Weapon X – Insane in the Brain | Comics

That same week, a masquerade party is thrown off to celebrate a long-time patient being cured and Logan got to meet with Doctor Rot, who promises to cure him. Knowing about Wolverine's true origins, Rot tries to unleash his violent side by pitting him against his guards but he refuses to fight back and continue to have nightmares from Weapon X days.

Earlier, Rottwell and his men took Charlie Chainsaws to incurable ward to replace his hands with chainsaws. Later that day, two mobsters came at his doorsteps to hire a hitman without knowing that previous owner of this facility has died. One of them ended up being sawed down at Charlie's hands and another being experimented on by Doctor Rot.

He sees other patients being tortured in front of him and minds his own business anyway until a day when he finally lets his inner beast out by unsheathing his adamantium claws and gutted down his tormentors for good. It turns out that he was simply under influence of a simulation program run on him by Dr. Rottwell and is put to sleep once again.

At one point, he starts wondering if this has been his life all along and then he briefly recalls his past as an X-Man. It all started a week ago when Wolverine was investigating a case along with reporter Melita Garner where three serial killers gone missing in a year from a homeless shelter in San Francisco and he decides to check this oddity out for himself.

However, before he could even get the drop on them, Logan is under a psychic attack and gets captured by Rottwell's crew. When he came to his senses, he keeps telling himself that he is not insane and gets to know more about this facility from an inmate. Dr. Rottwell repeatedly tries to hack into his brain and eventually learns about all of his dark secrets.

Logan managed to send a distress psychic call to Melita Garner and tell her where he currently is, "Dunwich Sanatorium". Next thing she knows, Nightcrawler and Psylocke shows up at her doorstep when she called a number that he gave her. These two berak into Dunwich to discover what Dr. Algernon Rottwell was working on, a God Brain Machine.

wolverine weapon x logan dunwich sanatorium marvel comics jason aaron yanick paquette adam kubert
Whacked-Out Madhouse

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Wolverine - Weapon X 06

Wolverine - Weapon X 07

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Wolverine - Weapon X 10

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Wolverine – Weapon X – Insane in the Brain (Softcover)

Wolverine – Weapon X – Insane in the Brain (Hardcover)

Continuing newly launched Wolverine – Weapon X monthly ongoing series, Marvel Comics brings back writer Jason Aaron (Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine, Avengers Vs. X-Men) to work alongside artist Yanick Paquette (Action Comics – Invisible Mafia, Action Comics – Leviathan Rising) for its second storyline "Insane in the Brain" in 2010.

Marvel also hired artist Adam Kubert (Ultimate X-Men – Return To Weapon X, Ultimate X-Men – The Tomorrow People) to provide cover arts. Collecting issues #6-10, latest story introduces a brand-new villain for Wolverine named Dr. Algernon Rottwell AKA Dr. Rot, who was a loony at Dunwich Sanatorium and uses his God Brain Machine to control minds.

wolverine weapon x logan vs doctor rot dunwich marvel comics jason aaron yanick paquette adam kubert
Dr. Rottwell in Charge

He never really got a chance to have an up-close confrontation with Rot and fell prey to his mind control machine that lead to his capture even before he realized what he went up against. Things got so bad that his partner in crime, reporter Melita Garner had to reach out for X-Men members Nightcrawler and Psylocke to get emergency help.

Wolverine fought a bunch of Roxxon-sponsored super soldiers in previous "Adamantium Men" storyline and while looking into his past from Weapon X program, he came across an enemy for whom he rarely is a match for. In upcoming storyline "Tomorrow Dies Today", Logan will team-up with a certain Sentinel of Liberty to save the heroes of today.
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Superman – Last Son of Krypton | Comics

Superman finds a child within a rocket that landed on Metropolis, whom he thinks is a Kryptonian and wants to protect from Lex Luthor.

In Fortress of Solitude, Superman confronts the A.I. likeness of his late father Jor-El after some time and he asks him if he enjoys living among humans while reminding that he is not one of them though. Later at Daily Planet, he sees Perry White giving photographer Jimmy Olsen for missing out a shot from a recent rampage of Gorilla Grodd.

Clark steps in to defend his buddy getting roasted for losing a shot to their rival paper Daily Star and Perry then sends the boy to get him some coffee. As he was lecturing Kent about how things were back in the days, Clark sees a strange meteor heading towards Metropolis in distant and immediately changes into Superman to stop that.

He rushed at it, as fast as he could, then caught it in midair and eventually stopped it from causing widespread damage. Turns out, it was actually a space vessel carrying a young boy who is taken to Metropolis lab by Department of Metahuman Affairs.

Big Blue talks to director Sarge Steel about where the boy might be from but then he starts speaking Kryptonian language and displaying impressive physical feat. Taking an interest on the child, he goes to Lois Lane to talk about it and even hinted at his willingness of adopting the kid out of responsibility he feels for a descendant of his home planet.

Next morning, they moved the boy to another location and a pissed off Superman shows up at Washington, D.C., demanding to know his whereabouts to Sarge Steel who clearly ignored to inform him. So, he breaks the kid out from transfer route and showed up to his parents' doorsteps at Smallville asking how they adopted him back then.

superman last son of krypton dc comics
Superman – Last Son of Krypton | Comics

Kal-El unsuccessfully tries to figure out who this boy is at Fortress of Solitude but it was suggested that some records may not have survived. Lois is still uneasy about adoption as she wonders whether or not they would be a suitable parent to a Kryptonian child. A press conference is called to publicly leave the child in the care of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

Lex Luthor has been keeping tabs on the whole development, sends out Bizarro to fetch him this "Super-Boy" and his backward brute starts rampaging through Metropolis. Their clash threw a school bus on top of the boy and though shaken if fear, he remains unscratched. Lois decides to give him a proper Earth name and chooses Christopher.

Meanwhile, Kryptonian super criminals General Zod, Ursa and Non comes out of Phantom Zone prison in three meteor pods at Fortress of Solitude, looking for the boy. Zod activates a holographic image of Jor-El via Sunstone crystal to learn his own legacy on Krypton only to react in anger knowing that they are considered as criminals.

Lois and Clark bring Chris Kent to workplace to introduce him to their coworkers but then Daily Planet is attacked. As he was about to change into Man of Steel, Non tackles him out of window and Zod joining shortly to beat him up some more. Ursa goes after Lois to get the child from her, who turns out to be her own son named Lor-Zod.

Soon, dozens of space pods starts raining down from sky with exiled Kryptonians of Phantom Zone and a scientist among them, Jax-Ur sends Superman into the Zone. Within that inter-dimensional realm, he is greeted by a wandering Mon-El, who then helped Big Blue fight his way out of ultimate purgatory to leave for Earth.

Upon returning, he discovers Metropolis is in ruins by Zod and his Kryptonian followers with many of his allies being taken captive. So, Kal-El approaches his greatest enemy Lex Luthor and his newly reformed Superman Revenge Squad consisting Bizarro, Metallo and Parasite to fight back these Kryptonian outlaws who has taken over the world.

general zod ursa krypton superman phantom zone dc comics
Zealots of Krypton

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Action Comics 844

Action Comics 845

Action Comics 846

Action Comics 851

Action Comics Annual 11

Here is your links to buy "Superman – Last Son of Krypton" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Superman – Last Son of Krypton (Softcover)

Superman – Last Son of Krypton (Hardcover)

Collecting issues #844-846, #851 and Annual #11, "Last Son of Krypton" is a five-part acclaimed Superman storyline that took place in the monthly ongoing comic-book series of Action Comics and published by DC Comics in 2006. This one takes place right before the "New Krypton" arc and following the "Infinite Crisis" crossover event.

Renowned writer Geoff Johns (Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth) was hired to work with director of the original Superman feature films, Richard Donner and artist Adam Kubert (All-New, All-Different Avengers – The Magnificent Seven, Avengers & X-Men – Axis) to co-create a definitive classic take on Man of Steel for modern audience.

superman phantom zone krypton dc comics
Trapped in Phantom Zone

"Last Son of Krypton" breaks the myth of Big Blue being the sole survivor of Krypton and introduced a young Christopher Kent with a mysterious origin tied to Phantom Zone criminal General Zod. Luthor and his newly assembled Superman Revenge Squad played a vital role in an ensuing battle on Metropolis against Zod's Kryptonian invasion.

Friends and allies from groups like Justice League of America and Justice Society of America, notably Green Lantern Alan Scott, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, Power Girl, Red Tornado, Starfire, Starman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman has showed up in guest appearance with inclusion of Mon-El, who also assisted Superman in a major way.
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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Ultimate X-Men – Return to Weapon X | Comics

After saving New Work City and the life of the President of United States from Magneto’s attempted genocide, for the first time X-Men have found some appreciation from public. With Magneto out of the picture, Cyclops, Storm and Colossus travels to Japan to appear on a Japanese talk show as part of building public relations and improving their image to masses.

ultimate x-men
Ultimate X-Men – Return to Weapon X | Comics

Wolverine also heads to track down Weapon X program to settling some of his old scores with them. A mutant-hating Colonel John Wraith, head of the barbaric Weapon X Program was hunting down the teleporter mutant named Nightcrawler, who ran away from the facility. Next, Wraith led his operatives on the X-Mansion to led an ambush attack on the X-Men and captured them all, sans Wolverine.

They released the Juggernaut who took down four of them and the rest also followed. The X-Men were all captured and later forced to act against their will for the threat of a forcible neural implant. Meanwhile, Wraith and General "Thunderbolt" Ross of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a meeting for rescuing Nick Fury from India.

John Wraith plans to use them for his own purpose of deadly covert missions led by his right-hand man Sabretooth. He tasks Sabretooth to find Wolverine out for giving him a terrible face scar on their previous encounter. But Wolverine has a secret plan of his own to rescue his fellow X-Men that he cooked up especially for them. While Ross planned to shut down all the funding for Weapon X, Wraith also kept secret of having Charles Xavier alive in his fold.

marvel ultimate x men
Ultimate Weapon X Recruits

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Ultimate X-Men 07

Ultimate X-Men 08

Ultimate X-Men 09

Ultimate X-Men 10

Ultimate X-Men 11

Ultimate X-Men 12

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Ultimate X-Men – Return to Weapon X

Following the opening story of Ultimate X-Men series from Ultimate Universe of Marvel titled "The Tomorrow People", writer Mark Miller (Kick-Ass, Civil War) and artist Adam Kubert (Superman – Last Son, Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine) returns with "Return to Weapon X" storyline that runs through issue #07-12 of the Ultimate X-Men monthly ongoing comic series in 2001.

brotherhood of mutants
Brotherhood To The Rescue

Lots of character development was on progress throughout the plot and there was an epic brawl between the feral mutant Wolverine and Sabretooth in the end that makes it even better for any fan. This spectacular storyline leads to the hit four part crossover limited series titled "Ultimate War" featuring The Ultimates.
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Monday, March 5, 2007

Ultimate X-Men – The Tomorrow People | Comics

At the brink of 21st Century, mutant population has significantly grown to a large number and the humans mostly feared or hated them. The mutant terrorist and the self proclaimed master of magnetism; Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants make their demands on TV as scientist Bolivar Trask creates a group of mutant hunting robot Sentinels as part of Government's "Sentinel Initiative" to track down and eliminate the mutant populace.

ultimate x-men
Ultimate X-Men – The Tomorrow People | Comics

Professor Charles Xavier, a powerful mutant telepath has sent his mutant student Jean Grey, who is also a telepath, to recruit Beast, Storm and Colossus for their team of mutant student dubbed the X-Men. When they are about to recruit Bobby Drake AKA Iceman next, they are all attacked by the sentinels.

Though, Beast, Storm and Colossus are newly drafted and had no combat experience, they successfully managed to rescue Bobby and took out the Sentinels. Meanwhile, realizing his old friend Charles Xavier is alive and assembling students, Magneto hires a master assassin named Wolverine to eliminate Professor Xavier, who is a threat to his agendas.

Logan however is captured by Weapon X operatives but soon the X-Men rescued him and take him in. Back in the X-Mansion, Wolverine is confronted by Professor Xavier himself and shows his impressive skills. Every other X-Man has a mixed feeling about him and he starts falling for the young Jean Grey. Soon, some side choosing changes the entire landscape of the whole already tensed status quo.

marvel ultimate magneto
The Sentinel Invasion

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Ultimate X-Men 01

Ultimate X-Men 02

Ultimate X-Men 03

Ultimate X-Men 04

Ultimate X-Men 05

Ultimate X-Men 06

Here is your links to buy “Ultimate X-Men – The Tomorrow People" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Ultimate X-Men – The Tomorrow People (Softcover)

Ultimate X-Men – The Tomorrow People (Hardcover)

Set in the alternate timeline of Earth 1610, "The Tomorrow People" is the first six part storyline that took place in the Ultimate X-Men monthly comic series. In 2001, writer Mark Miller (Kick-Ass, Civil War) and artist Adam Kubert (Superman – Last Son, Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine) joined forces to create this spectacular new beginning for the X-Men series of the Ultimate Universe of Marvel.

adam kubert wolverine
The Enemy Within

Miller’s story and Kubert’s top-notch art gives the entire story a grand feeling of a mega-event. The story is then followed by "Return to Weapon X" tale, which contains the mysterious back-story of the feral mutant Wolverine.
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Friday, October 13, 2006

Ultimate Fantastic Four | Comics

Under the observation of the U.S. military's General Thaddeus Ross and scientist Franklin Storm, a secret government program is running a classified project that recruited youngsters around the world with very unique potentials to train them and make them better with their abilities in a laboratory facility of Manhattan in the Baxter Building with government’s authority.

ultimate fantastic four
Ultimate Fantastic Four | Comics

They have discovered a parallel dimensional space with energy resources and vast knowledge called the N-Zone. A young science prodigy named Reed Richards was enlisted in the program with Victor Van Damme, Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm and Sue Storm. A teleportation gate for the N-Zone is build to run a teleportation test that was meant to teleport an apple to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

What they did not knew then was that, Victor Van Damme had already modified the machine’s setting coordinates that results the device to send them all in five separate locations and all of their "phase-space condition" is completely altered forever. A former Baxter Building instructor Arthur Molekevic, kidnaps Sue Storm and the rest of the group led an attack on his underground lab.

With Victor soon becoming their enemy, the remaining four labeled them as “Fantastic Four” and started exploring further with their amazing gifts. When they again entered the N-Zone, they found and battled its ruler the insectoid tyrant Nihil, eventually allied themselves up with The Ultimates, met the race of Inhumans and crossed paths with a reformed and demented Victor as Doctor Doom.

For more information on Ultimate Fantastic Four comics series, you can check out those links below.

Ultimate Fantastic Four (Comics) Wikipedia

Ultimate Fantastic Four (Comics) Marvel Wikia

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Ultimate Fantastic Four – The Fantastic

Ultimate Fantastic Four – Doom

Ultimate Galactus Trilogy (Softcover)

Ultimate Galactus Trilogy (Hardcover)

Ultimate Fantastic Four – N-Zone

Ultimate Fantastic Four – Inhuman

Ultimate Fantastic Four – Crossover

Ultimate Fantastic Four – Frightful

Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four

Ultimate Fantastic Four – God War

Ultimate Fantastic Four – Devils

Ultimate Fantastic Four – Silver Surfer

Ultimate Fantastic Four – Ghosts

Ultimate Fantastic Four – Salem’s Seven


Ultimatum – Requiem

Ultimate Fantastic Four
is a monthly ongoing series by Brian Michael Bendis (Age of Ultron, Avengers Disassembled), Mark Miller (Kick-Ass, Reborn) and Adam Kubert (Amazing Spider-Man – Renew Your Vows, Avengers & X-Men – Axis), that was intended to re-discover the origin of the famous team of Marvel Comics in their Earth-1610 reality. The series start publishing in 2004 from the Ultimate Marvel imprint alongside Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men and The Ultimates ongoing titles.

The series ran for sixty issues and even won the “Scream Awards” for the best comics category. However, despite being the alternate reality counterpart of the original Fantastic Four of the Earth-616, the team has a lot of differences of their own that gives them a unique platform to stand among the crowd.
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