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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed | Comics

The "Siege of Asgard" led by Norman Osborn led The Sentry turning into his other persona, The Void, an Angel of Death who left Asgard in ruins like never before. In post-war, Odin All-Father sends Thor and Lady Sif in the furthest depths of Asgard to retrieve an ancient artifact called Worldheart; which is an immensely powerful cosmic heart giving birth to the world tree Yggdrasill, that later spawned the nine realms.

mighty thor galactus seed
The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed | Comics

While retrieving it, Thor sustained injuries from the worm-like creatures defending it. His brother Loki came to his aid and they successfully retrieve the heart. The all-seeing Heimdall confronts Odin about the artifact and its origin. Odin discloses to him about an apocalyptic prophecy and then places the heart inside the Destroyer Armor for safekeeping. While the whole Asgard gathers to celebrate this feat, Thor remains mildly distracted with his gut-wound that glows instead of bleeding.

Silver Surfer has been a herald of Galactus for a long-time and his true intention of serving the destroyer of worlds is to let him feed onto barren planets that are dead for millennia, thus sparing the ones with sentient life forms in it. Now, he heads towards Asgard sensing the power of the Cosmic Seed and demands it from Odin.

This sparks a sudden heated confrontation between him and the thunder god until he explains his intention of using it to sate the hunger of Galactus forever. Warning the Asgardians that his master will come for the seed, Surfer leaves. For the final showdown, an elderly god must face the great devourer. It's Odin Vs. Galactus.

odin vs galactus marvel
Gods of Destruction

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The Mighty Thor 03

The Mighty Thor 04

The Mighty Thor 05

The Mighty Thor 06

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The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed (Softcover)

The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed (Hardcover)

Taken place in the aftermath of Siege, "Galactus Seed" is a six part storyline from the first monthly ongoing series of The Mighty Thor from Marvel Comics. Collecting issues #01-06, the story was written by Matt Fraction (Nation X, Second Coming) and he was assisted by artist Olivier Coipel (Avengers Vs. X-Men, House of M) with illustrations, who also provided covers for all related issues.

mighty thor vs galactus
In The Name of Asgard

Though the plotline is of a story-arc, it has an ever-escalating premise of immense importance and it features a wide-array of characters from Asgard like Thor, Odin, Lady Sif, Heimdall, Brigade of Realms, Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg of Warriors Three, Kid Loki as well as cosmic entity like Galactus and his herald Silver Surfer.
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thor – Latverian Prometheus | Comics

Following her resurrection after "Ragnarok Cycle", Asgardian Goddess of winter storms, Kelda went to Midgard and eventually fell in love with a mortal man named Bill. Having informed of her mortal lover’s unexpected death, Kelda is out for vengeance and seeks Doctor Doom and Loki, as they are the one who were instrumental in Bill’s death.

thor latverian prometheus
Thor – Latverian Prometheus | Comics

In Latveria, inside Doom’s castle, she blasts Doom with a lightning bolt only find out that it was a mere Doombot that took the blast. So, she entered the lab inside the castle to seek out the real Doom, only to be captured by another Doombot who tore her heart out when Doctor Doom showed up and expresses his curiosity about the physiology of Asgardians.

The Asgardians are a race of near immortal creatures and for years, they were known for their legendary superior lifespan and durability among all of nine realms. The Latverian tyrant Doctor Doom was always keen to discover the genetic secret of Asgardians and to succeed in his latest schemes, he is capturing many Asgardians and is conducting experiments on them.

In Broxton, Oklahoma, Asgardians have gathered, declaring war against Victor Von Doom and with assembling every one of them out there in one place, demands their missing relatives back. The Mighty Thor is back from his exile and realizing how bad the situation here really is, joins the fight immediately. But Doom has a powerful secret weapon yet to reveal, that is more than an army of Doombots at his disposal, to tackle the wrath of the Asgardian forces.

doctor doom marvel
Doomed Asgardians Mutate

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Thor 604

Thor 605

Thor 606

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Thor – Latverian Prometheus

"Latverian Prometheus" is a three part storyline that took place in the first monthly ongoing Thor comic-book series featuring The Mighty Thor and it ran from issue #604-606. The story was published in 2010 from Marvel Comics as writer Kieron Gillen (Angela – Asgard's Assassin, Beta Ray Bill – Godhunter) and artist Billy Tan (Darkness/Tomb Raider, Elektra/Cyblade) were given the task to complete the story.

doctor doom vs thor
Thor Strikes at Doom

Even though the plotline does not feature a major reckoning threat, The Destroyer made an appearance to play an important part.. This storyline is next followed by “Thor – Siege”, which is a tie-in story to 2010's Marvel crossover event “Siege”.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thor – Rebirth | Comics

In his lifetime of being Odinson, Thor has seen quite a great deal until he perished during Final Ragnarok. He was having dreams of being a god, who fought alongside Lady Sif and Warriors Three, his love and passion, journey into the stars, frequent war in Asgard and Midgard. Then he realizes, all of this was actually coming from his former human host Doctor Donald Blake.

thor marvel comics
Thor – Rebirth | Comics

Inside the Void, Blake confronts Odinson about his legacy and asks him to return once more or not, Midgard will fall without him. As Thor made up his mind to comeback, he faces a horde of ethereal demons in his way and fights to reclaim Mjolnir, thus becoming the Thunder God once again. In Broxton, Oklahoma, Don Blake summons the lightning by hitting a cane on the ground that he found.

Using the power of mighty Mjolnir, Thor brings the citadel of Asgard on Oklahoma and then wandering around the empty halls. He emphasizes on the words of Don Blake about the Asgardians need to be found and awakened among the mortal souls. So, he flew to the Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, where he came across Iron Man.

Tony briefed Thor all about government's registration system and try to enlist him, only to be violently attacked by Thor in response who is disgusted at his actions against his fellow Avengers and creating a clone of him without his consent. In the form of a mortal named Ezra, he eventually found Heimdall, the Warriors Three in Africa battling the Ngare tribe, The Destroyer, Balder the Brave and a female Loki.

iron man vs thor comic
Mortal in Metal Suit

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Thor V3 01

Thor V3 02

Thor V3 03

Thor V3 04

Thor V3 05

Thor V3 06

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Thor – Rebirth (Softcover)

Thor – Rebirth (Hardcover)

Marvel's God of Thunder is brought back, courtesy of writer J. Michael Straczynski (Civil War – Spider-Man, The Other – Evolve or Die) and artist Olivier Coipel (Avengers Vs. X-Men, House of M) in the new story-arc of Thor titled "Rebirth" in 2008. The story collects issues #01-06 from the third monthly ongoing volume of Thor and resurrects the hero into action again.

thor and loki blood brothers
Surprise of Fate!

Following the "Avengers Disassembled" crossover event, heroes were scattered and regrouped. But after "Civil War", the superhero community is broken for good and Thor has lots of reason to be upset for that. Villains like Doctor Doom, Enchantress and Hela also appeared briefly after Loki made her presence. Straczynski and Coipel proceeds with the storyline "Thunder Days" up next to explore further into the new realm of Asgard.
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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Thor – The Dark Gods | Comics

The Dark Gods are an evil opposition of Asgardians and one of Asgard's most dreaded enemies from the past returns and took over the eternal realm of it. While Thor was on Midgard tending business with The Avengers, they invaded and re-shaped Asgard in their own dark view. Not only they took over Asgard but they also have destroyed the Olympus as well.

thor marvel comics
Thor – The Dark Gods | Comics

Ages ago, Perrikus’ wife Tserron was killed in a battle with Lonkarr, a scout Odin had sent to explore the universe who stumbled upon their city Narcisson. They were once defeated by the mighty Odin ages ago and now to avenge their defeat, they returned to claim Asgard and Thor is the one left alone to face them in battle. Perrikus of Dark Gods confronts The Mighty Thor, who once defeated him before.

Thor and Perrikus battled and during their clash, the evil god revealed Thor's disbelief on mighty Mjolnir and even defeated him. The mighty Mjolnir is destroyed during their fight and Thor reverted back to his human form of Jake Olsen only to be captured by Perrikus. This transformation has somehow saved him from a powerful magical blast from Perrikus.

However, he is successful in freeing himself and is assisted by the mysterious Marnot. Thor eventually manages to repair Mjolnir and with the prince of power, Hercules by his side who is also seeking revenge on The Dark Gods, for destroying his home, Olympus and one of Thor's old nemesis, The Destroyer is convinced by the former to bettle alongside them to put a fight against The Dark Gods.

For more information on Thor – The Dark Gods storyline, you can check out these links below.

Thor – The Dark Gods (Comics) Wikipedia

Thor – The Dark Gods (Comics) Marvel Wikia

thor tales of asgard
Ascension of Dark Gods

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Thor V2 09

Thor V2 10

Thor V2 11

Thor V2 12

Thor V2 13

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Thor – The Dark Gods

Thor by Dan Jurgens & John Romita Jr. Vol 02

Following “Thor – In Search of the Gods” storyline, comic-book writer Dan Jurgens (Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey, The Death of Superman) and superstar artist John Romita Jr. (Uncanny X-Men, World War Hulk) returns in the second run of their take on Asgard's Thunder God's tale in “Thor – The Dark Gods” published by Marvel Comics in 2000.

thor dark gods
The Dark Wars

The stakes are high as always but very difficult to overcome such a threat that has the entire Asgardian Gods held captive on their custody. This storyline features issue #09-13 from second volume of Thor monthly ongoing series. This tale is followed by “The Eighth Day” crossover story where the same creative team has taken part along with other industry talents.
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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Thor – In Search of the Gods | Comics

Following Onslaught's reign of chaos and destruction over the world, Thor and many other heroes had vanished after they decided to sacrifice themselves to defeat the monster and lived in "Heroes Reborn" reality for more than a year. After Thor returns to Asgard from his long absence from a hostage situation where an impostor Heimdall has taken a few children captive in Ballon Bunch Daycare Center.

thor marvel comics
Thor – In Search of the Gods | Comics

He then finds out that the golden city of Asgard he once knew is now gone. The invincible Destroyer is sent to Earth for an unknown purpose, which battled Thor and The Avengers member Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch. After it has possessed Colonel Case, intoxicated him with its vast power. But The Avengers were quite unsuccessful in stopping him and after a massive fight, Thor seemingly dies at his hands.

Thor was then sent to Hel to Volla and Hela, who are approached by the enigmatic Marnot, who offered him to return his life if he simply agrees to share his body with Jake Olsen, an EMT paramedic who died during their battle with The Destroyer while trying to save the life of a civilian.

Thor agrees to this and starts living as a mortal to honor Jake's noble heroism, learning the ways of Earth as a mere mortal. The revived Thor has returned to Earth and single handedly outmatched the brute force of The Destroyer this time, sending him to a barren and distant planet. Though he could transform into God of Thunder at will, he starts having difficulties maintaining his newly developed dual identities.

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Thor V2 01

Thor V2 02

Thor V2 03

Thor V2 04

Thor V2 05

Thor V2 06

Thor V2 07

Thor V2 08

Peter Parker – Spider-Man V2 02

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Thor by Dan Jurgens & John Romita Jr. Vol 01

Marvel Comics had writer Dan Jurgens (Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey, The Death of Superman) and artist John Romita Jr. (Uncanny X-Men, World War Hulk) the two finest comic book creators there is, to re-visionize The Thunder God of Asgard; Thor for the new age. As a result, they came up with a set of interrelated storylines that ran through the issues of second volume of Thor.

thor the destroyer
The Destroyer Decimates The Avengers

Jurgens and Romita has worked on The Dark Gods, The Eighth Day and Thor Vs. Thanos next. Their epic run started in the first story arc from issue #01-08, where Thor re-invents himself in the modern era of Marvel Comics.
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