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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Deadpool Team-Up – Good Buddies | Comics

The Merc With a Mouth, Deadpool and the legendary Prince of Power, Hercules are targeted by two unlikely villain; Arcade, a master assassin and lord of the Dream Dimension, Nightmare. But they didn't see it coming when they chose two of Marvel's most irresponsible and nut-job heroes as the target. Dreadful damages mixed with a lot of bad jokes coming to their way when this two mayhem team up to take them down and for hat they have only their honest regret about the matter.

deadpool marvel comics
Deadpool Team-Up – Good Buddies | Comics

Next up, it's the hot-headed Mexican bounty hunting wrestlers, "The Zapta Brothers" who came looking for Wade Wilson and he had no other way out but to band with Rigo and Gus Zapta against the South American drug cartel. But can that too go plain with these people around? Hopefully not.

Then came the Spirits of Vengeance, The Ghost Riders; Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch. Deadpool joins the duo to fight evil Lobster Boy back to hell. U. S. Ace and Wade is heading the road to have a showdown with a bunch of deadly giant Raccoons. Then he is hired by Nadia O'Bryan to find out the Living Colossus.

After that, a woman hired Deadpool to take down The Punisher, who once killed her husband. Unbeknownst of Castle's current status, Deadpool starts investigating and what he finds led him to the sewers of New York, where he met a newly reformed Punisher (see Dark Reign – The List) or maybe his remains, that is better known as Franken-Castle, who is assisted by Morbius the Living Vampire, Werewolf by Night and Man-Thing from Legion of Monsters.

deadpool team ups
Freaked Out Team Up

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01. Deadpool Team-Up 899

02. Deadpool Team-Up 898

03. Deadpool Team-Up 897

04. Deadpool Team-Up 896

05. Deadpool Team-Up 895

06. Deadpool Team-Up 894

Here is your links to buy "Deadpool Team-Up – Good Buddies" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Deadpool Team-Up Vol 01 – Good Buddies (Softcover)

Deadpool Team-Up Vol 01 – Good Buddies (Hardcover)

"Deadpool Team-Up – Good Buddies" is the first installment of storyline that came from the third monthly ongoing Deadpool series titled Deadpool Team-Up from Marvel Comics. In every issue there is a guest hero who will team up with DeePee and its a great fun. Writers team including Adam Glass (Flashpoint – Legion of Doom, Suicide Squad – New 52), Christopher Long, Fred Van Lente, Ivan Brandon, Stuart Moore with artists Chris Staggs, Dalibor Talajic, Sanford Greene (Power Man and Iron Fist – The Boys Are Back In Town, Power Man and Iron Fist – Civil War II) and Shawn Crystal have teamed up to make this book such a great experience to the fans.

deadpool vs punisher
Deadpool Meets Franken-Castle

Most notably the plot by the duo of Mike Benson and Carlo Barberi (Ororo – Before the Storm, Thunderbolts) from "Deadpool – Suicide Kings", while the covers were mostly done by artist extraordinaire Humberto Ramos (Amazing Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man) himself.
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

World War Hulk | Comics

Hulk was banished to space by The Illuminati to save the people of Earth from his rampage but he drifted to a harsh planet named Sakaar and become the ruler of Sakaar with Caiera as his queen, after defeating the notorious tyrant Red King of that planet. However, their joy on Sakaar was short lived when the people on Sakaar and the pregnant Caiera died in a powerful explosion of warp-core from the shuttle that brought Hulk on Sakaar.

Without even verifying who caused the accident, Hulk madly blames The Illuminati for this incident and travels back to Earth for vengeance with The Warbound at his side. On moon, Hulk battles and savagely beats down The Inhuman king Black Bolt and even his Quasi-Sonic powers were only good enough to knock the Hulk back for a while. Then he returned to Earth with Black Bolt's unconscious body, announcing New York City to be immediately evacuated.

world war hulk marvel
World War Hulk | Comics

He then smashed his way into the X-Mansion to find Xavier, instead had a fight with the X-Men and the New X-Men. Dust, Elixir, Hellion, Mercury, Prodigy, Rockslide, Surge and X-23 of the New X-Men led the first wave of attack against the green rage monster but among them, only X-23 managed to hurt him bad. Then Beast, Colossus, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Lockheed, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Wolverine led the second wave. All of them are either knocked out or crippled by Hulk one by one.

The X-Factor team and Excalibur were also alerted about the situation, the unstoppable Juggernaut decides to butt-in but got a beat-down himself too. Darwin, Hepzibah, Multiple Man, Monet St. Croix, Siryn, Strong Guy, Warpath and Wolfsbane took another dig at the monster and helped the X-Men stand to their feet. After Cessily Kincaid showed him the graves of all the fallen mutants of their ranks during M-Day, Hulk leaves after learning their loss.

Failed to convince The Sentry to aid them stopping HulkIron Man in his improved "Hulk-Buster" armor and their collision have destroyed the Stark Tower in the process. The sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange confronted him to stop his rampage by trying to reach out to Bruce Banner, but he easily defeats him seeing past his illusions, breaking Strange's hands doing so. Hulk then turned Madison Square Garden in a huge gladiator arena and forced them to fight each other in front of a large crowd.

With the city severely broken and evacuated, many attempts by several other superheroes failed to stop Hulk and his Warbound including Doc Samson, Ghost Rider, She-Hulk, the team of New Avengers, Excalibur, Heroes For Hire, The Initiative and Fantastic Four. Then finally, when all heroes fell before the might of the green goliath, the all powerful Golden Guardian of Good made up his mind to enter the scene; to play God.

For more information on World War Hulk event, you can check out these links below.

World War Hulk (Comics) Wikipedia

World War Hulk (Comics) Marvel Wikia

hulk vs avengers
The Mighty Avengers fights Warbound

Here is your links to buy "World War Hulk" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Here is your links to buy "World War Hulk" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

World War Hulk (Hardcover)

"World War Hulk" is a major comic-book crossover event mainly featuring The Incredible Hulk, that was published in 2007 by Marvel Comics. In the aftermath of Planet Hulk story, a conspiracy which provoked this event as writer Greg Pak (Iron Man – House of M, X-Men – Phoenix – Endsong) returns to continue telling the story he started in the pages of Incredible Hulk long ago and to draw a conclusion with superstar artist John Romita Jr. (Avengers Vs. X-Men, Uncanny X-Men).

hulk vs hulkbuster
Angrier Than Ever!

Together they deliver one of the smashing Hulk story ever that is soon followed by Secret Invasion event. Crossover battles between major fan-favorite Marvel characters and Hulk were set up at certain points of the story and even those who have achieved victory over the green goliath in the past were not able to shine like before. A couple of issues from Avengers – The Initiative, Heroes For Hire, Iron Man, Ghost Rider and Irredeemable Ant-Man monthly ongoing was also tied to the event.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ghost Rider – Vicious Cycle | Comics

ghost rider marvel comics
Ghost-Rider – Vicious Cycle | Comics
Trapped in Hell for a lifetime, Johnny Blaze was dying to get out of the grasp of Lucifer and he eventually does that by breaking out of the gate of Hell, only to find out he is still inside. It's like how always the devil tempts him with hope and then takes it away to drive him mad. Realizing this and that he is probably not getting out of this eternal damnation, Johnny starts punching in the ground and discovered a minion named Greexix. He thought the little demon was a spy sent to keep an eye on him but the frightened being revealed to him that he is just a cave-digger who got lost. Soon, Satan's army came and snatches Greexix away while Johnny watches. After he is taken to be tortured according to Satan's order, Ghost Rider came to rescue him and took Greexix back with him.

Since earlier he told the Ghost Rider to rescue him because he can dig him out of here, the little demon led him to a doorway to Earth through water and just as Johnny Blaze promises to take him along, it revealed itself as Lucifer. Johnny ended up on the other side and rises from a sea along with an army of dead who walked into Earth. Johnny hitched a ride from a truck driver named Dixie who drops him to a gas station to freshen up. Lucifer came back to tease him about the fact that he just brought Lucifer on Earth by mistake and after taking a few blows from Ghost Rider, he tricked the family into killing themselves, then left him behind to confront Doctor Strange. Being tricked before by his cunningness, Johnny attacks him thinking him as Lucifer in disguise.
ghost rider vicious cycle
Way Out of Hell
Here is your links for “Ghost-Rider – Vicious Cycle" storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

Ghost Rider V6 01

Ghost Rider V6 02

Ghost Rider V6 03

Ghost Rider V6 04

Ghost Rider V6 05

Here is your link for “Ghost-Rider – Vicious Cycle" storyline from Marvel Comics.
ghost rider vs lucifer
Into The Mortal Plane

Ghost-Rider – Vicious Cycle

Belongs to the sixth monthly ongoing volume of Ghost Rider series, "Vicious Cycle" is the first story-arc in the new step-stone to the supernatural world of Marvel. Plotted out by writer
Daniel Way (Bullseye – Greatest Hits, Supreme Power – Nighthawk) and drawn by artist Javier Saltares (Ghost Rider – Danny Ketch – Addict, Moon Knight – God & Country), the storyline ran from issues #01-05 from the series and was released on 2007. The story led us to "The Life and Death of Johnny Blaze" and "Apocalypse Soon" up next, where the Spirit of Vengeance desperately searches for a way out of his conflict with Hell and engages with Hulk to stop him from wrecking havoc (World War Hulk).
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Friday, August 22, 2003

Ghost Rider | Comics

An ancient curse that passed through family bloodlines, created by the demon Zarathos for gathering more powers at his disposal led him to conflicts with Mephisto. In a challenge between them Mephisto defeated him with tricks and claimed the Spirits of Vengeance for himself. For ages he seeks of a mystical artifact named the Medallion of Power that holds the essence of the Spirits of Vengeance.

ghost rider comics
Ghost Rider | Comics

From the 18th century he had been keeping an eye on the Kale family firstborn of every generation and finally he locked his mind on stunt rider Johnny Blaze. Throughout a series of family tragedies, Johnny eventually discovers his mystic heritage and become the Ghost Rider.

Having his girlfriend Roxanne Simpson at his side he moved to American Southwest after he made his way back to earth from hell, Johnny starts fighting evil with his newly gained mystical powers. He has banded the team of The Champions along with Black Widow, Angel, Iceman of the X-Men and Hercules after he moved from San Francisco as his powers grew out of control.

He was also a member of an ad-hoc Fantastic Four team with Hulk, Spider-Man and Wolverine. He used to hang out with one of the short lived version of Heroes for Hire too and fought Hulk during World War Hulk. Johnny eventually discovers the existence of two other Ghost Riders; Danny Ketch and Robbie Reyes and served as Danny’s mentor. On the wheels of Hellfire, the Ghost Riders fight demons whipping the fiery chain of mystic flames.

For more information on Ghost Rider comics series, you can check out these links below.

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Ghost Rider (Comics) Marvel Wikia

ghost rider marvel
The Spirit of Vengeance

Here is your links to buy "Ghost Rider" comics from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Ghost Rider – Trail of Tears (Softcover)

Ghost Rider – Trail of Tears (Hardcover)

Essential Ghost Rider Vol 01

The Champions Classic Vol 01

What If? Classic Vol 03

Essential Ghost Rider Vol 02

Ghost Rider Team-Up

Essential Ghost Rider Vol 03

What If? Classic Vol 05

Essential Ghost Rider Vol 04

Ghost Rider – Resurrected

Ghost Rider – Danny Ketch Classic Vol 01

The New Fantastic Four – Monsters Unleashed

Ghost Rider/Wolverine – Acts of Vengeance

Ghost Rider – Danny Ketch Classic Vol 02

Ghost Rider is a fictional comic book character with a supernatural origin from Marvel Comics. Created by Gary Friedrich, Roy Thomas (Avengers, Captain Marvel) and Mike Ploog, the character was first introduced back in 1972.

Apart from many solo ongoing series and appearances on other books, where he teamed up with other heroes like DeadpoolHulk, Punisher, Spider-Man, Venom and Wolverine, Ghost Rider sometimes play cameo roles in different ongoing titles featuring various other heroes.

spirit of vengeance
The Supernatural Hunters

The story of the Johnny Blaze character was adopted for a 2007 motion picture Ghost Rider and its 2012 sequel Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance, starring actor Nicolas Cage as the titular character.

In Season 4 of the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ghost Rider was a prominent character who was at the center of the main plot. The Robbie Reyes version of the character was adapted for the show which is played by Gabriel Luna.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Man-Thing | Comics

Eons ago, a godlike being has constructed the Fallen Stars from the thoughts of his own mind, who also created a woman, Cleito to represent the nature of reality on Earth. Cleito also initiates the first Man of Lineage with Adam K'ad-Mon. Their birth site became known as the Nexus of Reality which the successors of generations known as Nexus guardians will look after.

man thing marvel
Man-Thing | Comics

But over period of time this duty however was being neglected by their descendants till it was completely discarded by the last one of the lineage, biochemistry professor Dr. Theodore Sallis at Empire State University. Very introvert, yet very bright, Sallis was recruited by the army for "Project Sulfur" where he developed "Serum SO-2" as a way to survive bio-chemical warfare and even worked with Dr. Curt Conners.

But the project was later abandoned for its effect of monstrous appearance on people. After he got married to one of his students Ellen Brandt, S.H.I.E.L.D. hired him to re-produce the Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America. He developed a version derived from his Serum SO-2.

Due to AIM’s untimely interference, he ran and took the serum but ended up on swamp, where he was transformed by mystical forces mixed with hazardous biochemicals into a dreadful creature who goes by the name Man-Thing and burns people having fear in his their mind within touch. He met Doctor Strange, Hulk, Ka-Zar, The Punisher and Thor, as well as served The Thunderbolts for a brief period. With Ghost Rider, Morbius and Werewolf by Night, he also serves in Legion of Monsters.

For more information on Man-Thing comics series, you can check out these links below.

Man-Thing (Comics) Wikipedia

Man-Thing (Comics) Marvel Wikia

hulk vs man thing
The Swamp Fever

Here is your links to buy "Man-Thing" comics from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Essential Man-Thing Vol 01

Essential Man-Thing Vol 02

Man-Thing – Whatever Knows Fear

Legion of Monsters

Dead of Night Featuring Man-Thing

Conceived from the idea of legendary comic-book masters Stan Lee (Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil), Roy Thomas (Black Knight, Captain Marvel) and Gerry Conway (Fantastic Four, Iron Man) in 1971, Man-Thing is a fictional monster character from Marvel Comics.

man thing comic
Melancholy Muck-Monster

The character have first appeared on the pages of Savage Tales and later having several of his own monthly title as well as appearing on the series Adventure Into Fear. The character has somewhat a few similarities with a fictional DC Comics character named Swamp Thing, created by Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta).
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