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Man-Thing | Comics

Eons ago, a godlike being has constructed the Fallen Stars from the thoughts of his own mind, who also created a woman, Cleito to represent the nature of reality on Earth. Cleito also initiates the first Man of Lineage with Adam K'ad-Mon. Their birth site became known as the Nexus of Reality which the successors of generations known as Nexus guardians will look after.

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Man-Thing | Comics

But over period of time this duty however was being neglected by their descendants till it was completely discarded by the last one of the lineage, biochemistry professor Dr. Theodore Sallis at Empire State University. Very introvert, yet very bright, Sallis was recruited by the army for "Project Sulfur" where he developed "Serum SO-2" as a way to survive bio-chemical warfare and even worked with Dr. Curt Conners.

But the project was later abandoned for its effect of monstrous appearance on people. After he got married to one of his students Ellen Brandt, S.H.I.E.L.D. hired him to re-produce the Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America. He developed a version derived from his Serum SO-2.

Due to AIM’s untimely interference, he ran and took the serum but ended up on swamp, where he was transformed by mystical forces mixed with hazardous biochemicals into a dreadful creature who goes by the name Man-Thing and burns people having fear in his their mind within touch. He met Doctor Strange, Hulk, Ka-Zar, The Punisher and Thor, as well as served The Thunderbolts for a brief period. With Ghost Rider, Morbius and Werewolf by Night, he also serves in Legion of Monsters.

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The Swamp Fever

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Conceived from the idea of legendary comic-book masters Stan Lee (Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil), Roy Thomas (Black Knight, Captain Marvel) and Gerry Conway (Fantastic Four, Iron Man) in 1971, Man-Thing is a fictional monster character from Marvel Comics.

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Melancholy Muck-Monster

The character have first appeared on the pages of Savage Tales and later having several of his own monthly title as well as appearing on the series Adventure Into Fear. The character has somewhat a few similarities with a fictional DC Comics character named Swamp Thing, created by Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta).
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