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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens – Splice and Dice | Comics

An ultimate sci-fi crossover pits extraterrestrial Aliens, Predators and Judge Dredd of Mega-City One for APOCALYPSE PARTY!

A lone Predator was running through a swamp area under the dark of night and while they are known throughout the galaxy for being big game hunters, this one is being hunted and has been vitally wounded. Soon, it is incapacitated by a group of mutant animals surrounding him and knocked him senseless for trespassing.

Before taking him to their master, they took a short tour of his ship to discover all the trophies and weapons he collected and are sent back to their complex. Among those prized possessions, there was a skeleton of a Xenomorph Alien to usher their doom!

Meanwhile, Judge Dredd was in pursuit of same chaos and corruption that plagues Mega-City One with three other Judges including his long-time partner Judge Anderson of Psi Division. They arrived far into damned wasteland of Cursed Earth, looking for a group of fugitives on run and intend to serve justice by arresting them all.

Dredd bumped into one of those apocalypse cultists and his fellow Judges made quick work of them but unfortunately, their leader and robo-messiah Archbishop Emoji takes advantage of this distraction and escapes into Alabama Morass to avoid capture.

predator vs. judge dredd vs. aliens splice and dice comics
Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens – Splice and Dice | Comics

The mutant group of Ani-Men takes all extraterrestrial belonging of Yautja ship to a lab of an evil genius named Dr. Niels Reinstöt. He then reveals his agenda to the captured Predator that he has already created a Facehugger using Xenomorph DNA from the skull by gene-splicing and intends to use it as a living host to hatch a Predalien.

However, he is interrupted by his Ani-Men, who came to inform him about more trespassers and Reinstöt recalls a history with legendary lawman of Mega-City One seeing Dredd but it was a group of Yautjas looking for their missing friend that worried him.

Returning from a hunt, these Predators came here tracking down a distress signal from their fallen comrade. They also detected traces of Dredd and his allies chasing down Emoji, which ended up in the robot being shot down but before his Lawgiver could deliver final sentence, all four Judges are ambushed by Reinstöt's mutated Ani-Men and taken captive.

Preparing for another hunt on this blue planet, the pack of hunters immediately go looking for their missing friend in cloak and let loose a merciless red rain of blood upon Ani-Men mutants by ruthlessly raiding their very compound, killing anything in sight.

Back in Reinstöt's lab, Dredd recognizes him as a mad-scientist from Mega-City One that he seemingly killed long ago but he is assured it was a decoy. Judge Anderson peeks into his mind to find pure evil but it was too late since he injects McCrary with a formula that transforms him into a vicious Alien creature and put a Facehugger on Gilligan.

Seeing other hunters approaching, the mad doctor attempts to escape taking Anderson along to run more experiments on her later. Leaving Dredd with two deadly Xenomorph hybrids to die while he takes the party to densely populated Mega-City One in a ride with his new best buddy Emoji and raise hell by unleashing Apocalypse!

For more information on Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens crossover limited series, you can check out the link below.

Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens (Comics) Wiki

predator and judge dredd dark horse comics
Ultimate Collision Course

Here is your links to buy "Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens – Splice and Dice" from Dark Horse Comics and IDW in issues on Amazon.

Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens 01

Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens 02

Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens 03

Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens 04

Here is your link to buy "Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens – Splice and Dice" from Dark Horse Comics and IDW on Amazon.

Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens – Splice and Dice

A four-issue limited series from Dark Horse Comics and IDW, "Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens" sets up stage for triple threat battle royale of ultimate science-fiction characters by writer John Layman (Aliens – Inhuman Condition, Army of Darkness/Xena – Warrior Princess) and artist Chris Mooneyham (Five Ghosts, Predator – Fire and Stone).

Before moving from sci-fi based British comic-book magazine 2000 AD to IDW in 2012, Judge Dredd had two crossovers with Dark Horse Comics' two crown jewels, Aliens and Predator. The first time it was Predator Versus Judge Dredd in 1997 and then in 2003 Judge Dredd Versus Aliens: Incubus limited series came out.

predator vs. judge dredd vs. aliens dark horse comics
An Epic Face-Off

Layman borrowed some previously introduced elements like Predalien from Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem movie as well as came up with an unique idea of transforming a host immediately by injecting a DNA serum. Also, protagonist Dredd recalls his encounter with both Yautja and Xenomorphs from his previous crossover adventures.

Primary antagonist and evil geneticist Dr. Niels Reinstöt being a mad geneticist allowed for a different takes at new Alien hybrids to challenge our hero. Besides, the villain himself is a human/spider cross being because of his vile experiments upon himself and at the endgame; he becomes something more sinister than his expectation.
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Sunday, February 14, 2016

The October Faction Vol 01 | Comics

october faction idw
The October Faction Vol 01 | Comics
Frederick Allan used to hunt down terrible monsters and ghouls everyday for a living in his prime but after quitting that part, he has chose a plain and simple life as a professor in a college where he teaches people on the mythology of monsters. His long departed colleague and best friend Lucas who disappeared during a mission when he was turned into a Werewolf after contacting a wound from another of the kind, suddenly shows up years later after his class was dismissed. Following the retirement, Allan made a good investment with the money he made from the hunting and Lucas ended up spending almost all of it for his divorce. But Lucas came to warn Frederick about the recent endeavor of his thrill seeker wife Deloris with their former foe Merle Cope.

Meanwhile, Allan’s son Geoff was busy with an experiment of ritual while he torments his bully classmate Phil about a secret past that started haunting the boy and his school hating creepy daughter Vivian were up to see the result of her brother’s testing of an incantation. Been trying to convince their father to enlist them into the venture of monster-hunting family business, they both shows him a wandering spirit they snagged from around the house. Surprisingly, the spirit goes berserk seeing Frederick on sight. Then, they got a call from the hospital of Deloris being beaten up pretty badly. And just when he was trying to piece things up to merge together, an old monstrous entity returns to Allan's life which he have locked away, to throw everything off balance.
october faction comic
The Wake of Robot Face
Here is your links for “The October Faction Vol 01" storyline from IDW Comics in issues.

The October Faction 01

The October Faction 02

The October Faction 03

The October Faction 04

The October Faction 05
october faction #2
Stalking Mechanical Monster

The October Faction 06

Here is your link for “The October Faction Vol 01" storyline from IDW Comics.

The October Faction Vol 01

Steve Niles (30 Days of NightCriminal Macabre) and Damien Worm, the creative team who previously brought us the fan-favorite limited series Monster & Madman, is back with a brand-new craziness of a family that lives and breathes in horror mythology in their everyday life. The October Faction is their latest monthly ongoing from IDW and the first six issue is collected in ‘The October Faction Vol 01’. The story gave the readers a whole new perspective of a new age The Addams Family meets The Munsters experience. The dark watercolor-like style of the art by artist Worm packed with chilly plotline by Niles is a pretty fun read for a horror-lover.
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

The October Faction | Comics

Years into the business of monster-hunting came to end for Frederick Allan when he chose to lead a life like any other normal folk. But if you spend a good chunk of your life-time playing a monster slayer then you cannot expect to have a normal life at all no matter how much you try. He now lectures on the concept of various fabled monsters and their origins to the students in a local university, which seems like a dull job compared to his old days as a hunter.

october faction comics
The October Faction | Comics

He has a small family of two children and a lovely wife, something about them is also not too ordinary either. While his teenage kids Geoff and Vivian are not only weird but they are more than eager to join their father’s path to the monster-hunting business.

That leaves Allan’s creepy spouse Deloris Allan, who is a forever thrill-killer, bored with her current status as the professor’s wife. His best friend and former partner Lucas is also around these days who left the job after he contacted an infection during a mission that turned him into a Werewolf.

A seemingly loose-knitted family of weirdos that Allan is a part of and trying to get along with after spending all those years apart from them. Suddenly they all are thrown into a troubled world, which is filled with old adversaries and strange apparitions from his past, all wanting to get a piece of Frederick Allan or his family at any cost. And let’s not forget the trusted Allan family house-keeper Saunders, who also is a bearer of oddness and witness to many uncanny family secrets.

the october faction
The October Family

Here is your links to buy "The October Faction" comics from IDW Comics on Amazon.

The October Faction 01

The October Faction 02

The October Faction 03

The October Faction 04

The October Faction 05

The October Faction 06

The October Faction 07

The October Faction 08

The October Faction 09

The October Faction 10

The October Faction 11

The October Faction 12

Here is your links to buy "The October Faction" comics from IDW Comics on Amazon.

The October Faction Vol 01

The October Faction Vol 02

Fan-favorite horror writer of modern days, Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre) starts a new venture of a crazy-family bound to the core by the glue of craziness, as a monthly ongoing series titled ‘The October Faction’. Fellow creator cum artist Damien Worm joins his endeavor by providing rough edged monochromatic illustrations that perfectly matched the gritty tone of the story.

october faction idw
Monster Hunting Checklist

Previously worked mostly on various limited series, this is the first time Niles have taken a series to an ongoing status from the banner of IDW Publishing in which platform he previously worked and achieved groundbreaking success. So far, October Faction seems to be following up to that stream.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Judge Dredd – Mega-City Manhunt | Comics

Dark Judges are defeated and Judge Cal issues a manhunt against Judge Dredd now that he is Chief Justice.

Although Judge Dredd has managed to repeal an invasion of Dark Judges, he could not quite save Sector One. Back in Mega-City One, a ship returning from Titan moon carrying Chief Justice Morgan and other members from Council of Five is shot down on order from Judge Cal now that he has declared himself as acting Chief Justice.

Dredd is now a wanted fugitive roaming around with his Titan escapee friend Pachoda when consciousness of Judge Anderson alarmed them of a hovercraft from Special Judicial Squad that came to investigate the situation. Among their ranks was Judge Verrity, a keen officer of law who wanted to find out what really happened there.

When she decides to arrest Dredd, her colleagues turned against her and in an ensuing chaos, Verrity is shot. Though she survived the crash, her traitorous partners were not so lucky and she sensed a plot by Justice Department to cover-up something. So, she gets out with a shoulder wound and goes back to her sector looking for answers.

Despite being under an insane surveillance state, Joe managed to slip through and apprehend Cal to make him answer for his crimes. Before he could start questioning, the corrupt lawman falls and finds Verrity holding Dredd at gunpoint. He shots her with a stun round and flees Hall of Justice at once now that acting Chief Justice is down.

judge dredd comics idw 2000 ad duane swierczynski
Judge Dredd – Mega-City Manhunt | Comics

Verrity later continued investigation once she regained consciousness after a while and wondering why Dredd didn't kill her and broke into Chief Justice's personal chambers; she discovers the clone program that Cal has been keeping secret from everyone. She found some more evidence to pin against her superior and then left.

Outside at Sector Nineteen of Mega-City One, he is barraged by mass of deputized citizen-Judge to arrest, subdue or outright kill Joseph Dredd somehow for a handsome amount and lifetime free health care. Using a little bit of disguise and some help from Anderson, he barely made it out alive but then gets shot in the street by a woman.

While his body is lying on road counting down his remaining moments, Anderson sees a major breakout of villains within his mental block only to realize his memories are flashing before him in his final moments. She finds Dredd and desperately tries to get him back on his feet to regain sense but Joe believes that it is already too late.

Meanwhile, Cal wakes up in many of his cloned body scattered through MC-1 at Sector Six and starts giving orders to his men. In paranoia, he asked his men to revive Joe so that he can vent within his psychic blocks to look for any conspirator he had who knew about all of his misdeeds and they arranged for Cal to enter Dredd's mind.

Within the corridors of his mind, both Cassie and Joe see Cal breaking in as a god-like figure with complete control over their space. Not realizing Anderson is residing there rather than a simple memory, he tosses her out and proceeds to taunting Dredd of eternal torture only for her to come back and slip right into his vessel.

Cal immediately wakes up claiming that Judge Dredd is innocent of all charges and therefore ordering his confused men to revive him at once. Nevertheless, their running has still come to an end as MC-1 is threatened by cyber vigilante group called G.O.D. as a result of Deadeye riot and Judge Verrity still howling on their tail.

Here is your links to buy "Judge Dredd – Mega-City Manhunt" from IDW Comics in issues on Amazon.

Judge Dredd 25

Judge Dredd 26

Judge Dredd 27

Judge Dredd 28

Judge Dredd 29

Judge Dredd 30

Here is your link to buy "Judge Dredd – Mega-City Manhunt" from IDW Comics on Amazon.

Judge Dredd – Mega-City Manhunt

Drawing conclusion to strong run of Judge Dredd monthly ongoing series from IDW Comics in 2015, "Mega-City Manhunt" is a six-part storyline by comic-book writer Duane Swierczynski (Godzilla, Harbinger Wars) and artist Nelson Daniel (Joe Hill's The Cape, Wild Blue Yonder), collecting issues #25-30 from the series.

What slowly build up a grand plotline though "City Limits", "The Long Fail", "Into The Cursed Earth", "Thirteen Badges", "The American Way of Death" and "Black Light District" eventually comes to a decent wrap up by Swierczynski and Daniel.

Right after he rose to power by eliminating Council of Five, Cal unleashed a state of tyranny and used SJS as his private goon squad. Anderson and Dredd managed to successfully thwarted attempts by Dark Judges to take over MC-1 and then return back to deliver justice to Cal, not being aware of his cunning contingency plan to tackle them.

Overall, Swierczynski tactfully connected all loose threads he had been leaving behind from the very beginning of the series. Judge Verrity could have been a featured character fighting alongside this iconic 2000AD duo for another few arcs though. However, ending it when all ties have knotted together was a best time to finish it on high notes.
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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Judge Dredd – Black Light District | Comics

By going back and forth between sectors to fend off Dark Judges, Judge Dredd only makes things worse for a barely-alive Judge Anderson.

When Judge Tarjay went on a killing spree of Judges, he eventually came face to face with Judge Anderson and took her to Deadworld before shooting her. Though still in contact with her via psychic link, Judge Dredd couldn't save her and Tarjay was able to open a gateway for Dark Judges to successfully enter Mega-City One.

Their leader, Judge Death has found some horrifying new friends other than Fear, Fire and Mortis to terrorize Mega-City One. They all made vessel from dead bodies of fallen Judges and even Anderson was claimed by one. She fought for control over her body before losing control to an alien being that turned her into Judge Blank.

Meanwhile, Dredd was sent to Titan moon to serve a life sentence but he came back with convicted Judge Harvies, housing consciousness of a girl named Pachoda to save his city. He was arrested on orders from Judge Cal and yet he managed to make everyone listen to his idea of how to fight this unstoppable force of Dark Judges.

Back when he went to Cursed Earth, Joe encountered a sentient slime-like being that and helped him take down Circuit Court. It was seeking its significant other, which happens to be Mega-City One and Dredd promised to unite them. A hesitant Chief Justice agreed to transport enough of its mass back with them in their hovercraft.

judge dredd black light district  idw 2000 ad shane pierce
Judge Dredd – Black Light District | Comics

During their confrontation of Dark Judges at Sector One, Blank sends entire Council of Five back to Titan moon except Judge Dredd and Anderson reveals her presence within his mind. He is then attacked by Death and somehow, it found a way into his mind to taunt Anderson but is kicked out when Dredd slide into that primordial ooze.

On the other side of containment shield, Cal announces himself as acting Chief Justice in absence of original Council to assume control over 304 other sectors. Joe came out alive and well on other side of his slime-friend after a month but by then it was no longer sentient and Dredd had to run back to Sector One with a bullet wound.

When he came out on other side a month later, it was completely in ruins and Death was waiting for him with his friends. They keep toying without killing him and Anderson reveals their plan of making clones of him to wear them as flesh suits to safely pass to other side, which led Dredd into shooting in his head and slide into that ooze again.

This time, he came back three months later and found some exorcist rounds to fight back Dark Judges but when he arrived to Sector One, Death, Fear, Fire and Mortis was prepared to capture him right on to drag him back to their cloning machine. Caught completely off guard by this ambush, he loses his Lawgiver and become defenseless.

Anderson sends a psychic signal in a desperate cry for help and Pachoda picked it up as one of the only living being remaining. This momentary interference gave Joe enough time to take shots at his undead enemies to purge them.

Chief Justice Morgan was able to survive an assault on them by some cons on prison planet Titan and made a break out of their hold with remaining members from Council of Five. As they were coming back to Mega-City One, Cal ordered for their vessel to shot down by calling it an off-world terrorist plot to stay in position of power.

judge dredd comics idw 2000 ad duane swierczynski
Relive Death Forever

Here is your links to buy "Judge Dredd – Black Light District" from IDW Comics in issues on Amazon.

Judge Dredd 21

Judge Dredd 22

Judge Dredd 23

Judge Dredd 24

Here is your link to buy "Judge Dredd – Black Light District" from IDW Comics on Amazon.

Judge Dredd – Black Light District

Collecting issues #21-24 from Judge Dredd monthly ongoing comic-book volume from IDW Comics in 2015, "Black Light District" storyline is plotted out by series regular writer Duane Swierczynski (Godzilla, Harbinger Wars) and artist Nelson Daniel (Joe Hill's The Cape, Wild Blue Yonder) that is heading towards a series conclusion.

Interconnected events that took place throughout "City Limits", "The Long Fail", "Into The Cursed Earth", "Thirteen Badges" and "The American Way of Death" story arcs have gradually led toward this culmination of an era for 2000 AD super-cop.

judge dredd comics idw 2000 ad nelson daniel
Ruins of Sector One

Dredd has brought back an old acquaintance to fight a group of past enemies in order to save his beloved city and now he has to face them alone. His closest ally Judge Anderson had been missing for some time after being killed but she makes a surprising comeback of some sorts to help him get back on his rocker before they both perishes.

As Anderson and Joe were busy saving Sector One from Dark Judges with everything at stake, someone else who despised them have suddenly rose to authoritarian power by leveraging certain situation to favor, leading to a follow-up in "Mega-City Manhunt" next, where these heroes would be hunted down by the system itself.
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