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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Hulk by John Byrne and Ron Garney | Comics

Taking a new alias for himself as Bruce Roberts, renowned scientist Robert Bruce Banner; an expert of Gamma radiation who is also known as the alter ego of The Incredible Hulk is wandering across the U.S. countryside as a loner to hide from the rest of the world and the government as well. But the more he tries to hide from the civilization and the constant rampaging nightmares of Hulk, his alter ego always finds a way out of his feeble psyche to cause massive destruction.

Despite riding for Kansas, he dropeed on Faulkner and took a room on rent for the night. As he constantly gets the nightmare of turning into the green goliath and wrecking havoc, he finds out it all happened in real time and wasn’t a nightmare during sleep at all. An action, Banner is unable to prevent from happening over and over again in spite of his best of efforts. So, the next day he volunteers to help the town by pushing the limits of his mortal body till dusk.

ron garney hulk
Hulk by John Byrne and Ron Garney | Comics

Banner managed to befriend Sheriff Jonas Tolliver of Faulkner, who invited Bruce to stay at his place for the night. The next day, Banner suddenly fell in sick and turned into Hulk again before tearing everything apart around him. The green giant decimated the nearby farms, barns and every other establishment like a raging storm and people could do nothing to stop his rampage. When his path of destruction crossed with Sheriff Tolliver himself, he pointed his gun at the monster although knowing it would do nothing.

Surprisingly, Hulk somehow managed to pull his punches and turned into Banner again before being taken into police custody. Upon putting Banner behind bars, Sheriff Tolliver calls the Mayor and updates about the situation so that he can call in The Avengers to take Hulk in. As Iron Man was assembling Scarlet Witch, Vision and Wonder Man to take Banner in, reports of a commercial airliner being destroyed by the Hulk hits TV.

As he frequently turns into the Hulk and goes on rampage, he meets the Man-Thing, who reaches to the swamp and is abducted by Owen Candler. A small group of Avengers consisting Iron Man, Vision, Wonder Man and Scarlet Witch arrives in time to save Banner from Candler and his evil plan but Banner turns into the Hulk again and engages in a battle with these mighty members of The Avengers and that's not the end of all.

Hulk eventually meets his long time rival and one of the only few people who can actually take him down; the feral X-Man called Wolverine and they both did a number on each other after a long time. When they are both exhausted and done for, The Thing of the Fantastic Four awaits for his fair share of clobberin' time with the Jade Giant. All these time, the Hulk’s actions were being secretly controlled by the villainous Tyrannus.

hulk marvel comics
Rage of The Jade Giant

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Hulk 11

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Hulk by John Byrne & Ron Garney

Legendary comic-book talent John Byrne (Alpha Flight, Uncanny X-Men) envisions the Hulk like no other and when artist Ron Garney (Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America) aids him with his extraordinary drawing skills in doing that, a great saga is to be created. This two industry giant worked together for Marvel Comics back in 1999 with the re-launch of the new ongoing series featuring the green goliath after the first volume previously ended following its 474 issue run.

hulk smash comic
Trail of Mindless Destruction

Byrne and Garney pitched the long story without a big core plot with only the green giant meeting many heroes and villains and fights his way out as well as with his own demons. Although, the story pits the Hulk in the way of many important characters of Marvel Universe, having fight against them too at some point but overall, the entire arc serves as a personal journey for both Banner and Hulk.
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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hellboy – Seed of Destruction | Comics

During the time of World War II, the infamously fabled Russian psychic Grigori Rasputin were recruited in a secret doomsday project by the Nazis that will bring up the end of the world and ensure their victory in the final battle. Though Rasputin was well aware of Hitler’s upcoming fate, he still decides to take the resources at hand for his own purpose to summon his masters, the mystical savage beasts called the Ogdru Jahad on Earth.

mike mignola hellboy
Hellboy – Seed of Destruction | Comics

However, what he ended up transporting via the portal was only a red-skinned half-demonic humanoid boy who was later found by an American elite rescue troops and he was immediately dubbed “Hellboy” by a young paranormal official named Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, who adopted him as his own son afterwards. Even though, Rasputin’s effort of creating a miracle was seemingly laid waste but he still remained in shadows for a long time. He was waiting for the right time to strike back at the world and remained dormant with his destructive purpose withing him.

After passing fifty years of that event, the grown up Hellboy is working in the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense in New York, where he works along with fellow agent Liz Sherman and Abe Sapien as a paranormal investigator. When a much older Bruttenholm was telling him about the event of his origin, the place is then suddenly swarmed with frogs and a huge one chase and kills Bruttenholm, leaving markings around him, this sets Hellboy to reveal the mysterious secret behind these malevolent scenes.

For more information on Hellboy – Seed of Destruction limited series, you can check out the link below.

Hellboy – Seed of Destruction (Comics) Wikipedia

grigori rasputin disney
An Agent of Destruction

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Hellboy – Seed of Destruction 02

Hellboy – Seed of Destruction 03

Hellboy – Seed of Destruction 04

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Hellboy – Seed of Destruction (Softcover)

Hellboy – Seed of Destruction (Hardcover)

Hellboy – Seed of Destruction (Kindle)

Created by writer/artist Mike Mignola (Cosmic Odyssey, Lobster Johnson), Hellboy is a fictional superhero from Dark Horse Comics. Hellboy – Seed of Destruction is a four part limited series that is plotted by John Byrne (Jack Kirby's Fourth World, John Byrne’s Next Men) and Mike Mignola, with the former also serving as the artist for the book.

ogdru jahad hellboy
The Ogdru Jahad Unleashed

The story won Eisner Award for Best Graphic Album and Best Writer/Artist for Mike Mignola, as well as served as the main plotline for the 2004 live-action Hellboy movie starring actor Ron Perlman in the titular role. Te aftermath of the book is continued in another limited series, Wake the Devil, released on 1996.
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Friday, March 26, 2004

Venom | Comics

An alien symbiote from Battleworld found Spider-Man as a human host and then latched to Eddie Brock and became the  most wicked of web-slingers; Venom!

The alien symbiote that bonds with a host and grant them superhuman abilities is an extraterrestrial species known as Klyntar came from Planet of the Symbiotes from a remote sector of Andromeda Galaxy. It's very first host tried to unleash a genocide using its power and it horrified them as one of Agents of the Cosmos.

Later, alien arms-dealer Haze Mancer would capture it in an attempt to weaponize by increasing aggression within it but Klyntar managed to escape from his grasp. Then Symbiote Imperium had it contained in a prison fearing contamination of gene pool that would eventually make way to Beyonder's Secret Wars.

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars
It first came in contact with freelance mercenary Deadpool, whose time in Battleworld is forgotten to everyone. After he wore it for a brief time, Wade Wilson realizes the suit being alive and then left it believing his own insanity might affect the mind of this sentient alien being before Spider-Man came in for a costume change.

As he was trying to repair his own suit, the symbiote covered his entire body by forming a new black and white costume similar to the one previously worn by the second Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter. He also discovered soon that his new suit is capable of generating clothes for him as well as much stronger webbing.

venom marvel comics
Venom | Comics

Saga of Alien Costume
Back on Earth, Spidey realized after a while that his new costume is a sentient "Friend" from outer space and even causing him to act aggressively as it was affecting his emotions. When he approached the Fantastic Four regarding this growing issue, Reed Richards informed him that it wishes to bond with him permanently.

Learning its vulnerability to both sound and flame helped them removing it from Spidey using powerful sonic waves. It escaped and hid into his closet by disguising as his regular red and blue costume. Peter then permanently got rid of it on bell tower of Our Lady of Saints Church after the symbiote forcibly tried to bond with him again.

Deadpool: Back in Black
This act of rejection however develops a natural bitterness in it which is also passed into the symbiote’s future hosts. While Peter thought he finally destroyed it, through floor cracks Klyntar escapes and took time recovering. When attacked by alien bounty hunters Killer Thrill, Guzz, and Coldwar, it sought out Deadpool to bond with him again.

This trio of villains was hired by an Elder of the Universe named The Collector to bring the symbiote to him. Though merging with Wade Wilson saved it from being captured by those aliens, they were emotionally incompatible to co-exist and Klyntar had to leave him to go to the church it came from and prey on its next host.

Birth of a Monster
Reporter Eddie Brock was suffering with serious health issues which caused him severe anxiety. As one of his front-page exclusives on Sin-Eater blows up on his face, he got fired. Because of Spider-Man apprehending the villain and revealing what Brock insisted on was wrong, he lost his job at Daily Globe and blindly starts blaming the hero.

After a few failed suicide attempts, he starts visiting Our Lady of Saints Church regularly to ask for forgiveness from God and came in contact with the alien symbiote. It soon merges with him and took the name Venom, thus a new villain for Spider-Man was born.

His intense rage and hatred towards Spidey for troubling hm helped Klyntar bond with him on both mental and physical level. In fact, all that anger actually corrupted the being, which become ever more ferocious and bloodthirsty than it already was. Although the symbiote had a desire to bond with Peter again, he now wants to kill him instead.

It took only a while for Brock to figure out that he now possess all of Spider-Man's incredible powers and because of his already intimidating physical frame, it became more powerful than ever. Merging with his alien costume also grants him extensive knowledge on his sworn enemy as well as his precious secret identity.

Upon bonding together, Venom often referred to them as "we" noting they are two different beings becoming one. It kept Eddie alive from adrenal cancer which he was previously diagnosed with before running into all these and had a little time to live. This suit could also cancel out Spider-Man's unique spider-sense to sneak attack on him.

Birth of Venom
After taunting Spidey a couple of times, Brock decided to pay a visit to Peter's wife, Mary Jane Watson, who was terrified as a result even though she didn't harm her physically. Parker then confronted Venom with a sonic blaster from Fantastic Four but discovered Eddie has completely bonded with it after subduing his enemy.

Though Peter decided to stop using the weapon on Brock thinking it can kill him, when it caught him off guard, Venom took him to the church bell and webbed him up. With struggle, he came out of his captivity and force Venom to exhaust his webbing to a point where he couldn't regenerate more mass, leading it to be captured in a sonic containment cell.

New Ways to Die
When Norman Osborn called in his Thunderbolts team to New York, they came to stalk Spider-Man and they started with questioning Peter Parker about his bug-buddy but got nothing from him. Looking for his enemy over the city, Gargan eventually ended up at F.E.A.S.T. Center and then stumbled onto Eddie Brock, former host of the symbiote.

The symbiote tries to merge with Brock once again and he retaliated by turning into Anti-Venom. Gargan and his suit are literally crushed by their reverse counterpart and even "cured" him by completely draining him off. Osborn however, managed to restore his suit back and made him a poisonous counter using the immune system of Freak.

These two have a rematch and Gargan stung Brock with the poison that nearly killed Anti-Venom but his suit still refused to kill Eddie. This gave the white substance time to recover and it strikes back to destroy the Scorpion suit. When Osborn initiated a self-destruct sequence, they had to postpone the fight and leave to settle this some other day.

Red Goblin
When Norman Osborn bonded to Carnage symbiote and become Red Goblin, he savagely beat Spidey down before leaving him with a warning to go after his loved ones if he doesn't stop playing hero. Meanwhile, Venom showed up at Stark Tower to protect Mary Jane after J. Jonah Jameson tipped off Eddie Brock but only to spook her unwittingly.

Brock did his best to hold Red Goblin off until Spider-Man arrived and they overpowered the maniac but he managed to hurt MJ before leaving. As he tries to follow Osborn, Eddie lends his suit to fight the hybrid Goblin and even though hesitant, Spidey wore the black costume once again to defeat his worst enemy wrapped in another symbiote.

First off, he saved Liz Allan from falling off and then drove Osborn away from Harry and Liz. When Osborn electrocutes Flash Thompson as Anti-Venom for ruining his secret plan, Peter screams in rage and become Spider-Venom but Flash urges him to calm down. Before his final fight with Goblin, he drops the suit and tells it to return to Eddie.

Eddie starts having recurring nightmares from Viking Age of a monster and turns out his symbiote was the one having these bad dreams. When trying to take photos of Jack O'Lantern doing an arms deal, he lost control of the suit as it has gone berserk and starts speaking an alien language before being captured by a man named Rex Strickland.

Rex was a member of a Sym-Soldier Program that S.H.I.E.L.D. employed during Vietnam War and asks Venom to help him liberate his comrades. Though reluctant at first, Brock agrees to help him to get answers for his recent nightmares. However, his suit abandons him when he faced the Sym-Soldiers and got impaled in chest by one of them.

A symbiote-dragon called Grendel is awakened that threatens the city and he goes to confront it alone but is attacked by Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Miles mistakes him for the Venom that killed his mother but Eddie manages to convince him otherwise and these two web-slingers team-up to take down the dragon-like creature with Miles' Venom Blast.

Within the beast emerges a pale entity who introduces him as Knull, God of the Symbiotes. He is looking for a missing piece of Grendel to be free from his imprisonment on the other side of cosmos. Upon contacting Knull, Venom unlocked new abilities and confronts Rex, the missing symbiote of Grendel, Tyrannosaurus posing as his original host.

Knowing none of them could single-handedly beat Knull's avatar, they bonded together and faces the symbiote-dragon with an arsenal of high-tech weapons. They connect to the Klyntar hive mind to call Grendel for a final battle and Tyrannosaurus sacrifices itself to kill the beast using a blast furnace while Venom also died off that heat.

For more information on Venom comics series, you can check out these links below.

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mac gargan venom
America's Favorite Sociopath

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Venom Vol 01 – Shiver

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Venom By Daniel Way Ultimate Collection

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Toxin – The Devil You Know

Beyond! (Softcover)

Beyond! (Hardcover)

Secret Invasion – Front Line

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Amazing Spider-Man – New Ways to Die (Hardcover)

Moon Knight Vol 04 – Death of Marc Spector (Softcover)

Moon Knight Vol 04 – Death of Marc Spector (Hardcover)

Dark Reign – Sinister Spider-Man

Spider-Man – Anti-Venom

Spider-Man – The Vengeance of Venom

Originally introduced on the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, issue #252 from Marvel Comics as a new costume for arachnid superhero Spider-Man in 1984, an alien symbiote that would later take alias of Venom by debuting on issue #300 from 1988 is one of the greatest recurring enemies that everyone’s favorite wall-crawler has ever faced.

Created by artists like David Michelinie, Mike Zeck and Todd McFarlane (Haunt, Image United), Venom eventually became an anti-hero who aside from occasionally teasing Spidey would later become a vigilante as well in his own monthly ongoing comic-book series, after having numerous limited series containing misadventures of his own.

agent venom marvel
Flash Thompson Becomes Agent Venom

Venom’s immense popularity has brought him into many animated adaptation of Spider-Man TV Series and games for decades. The character also made a live-action appearance on the 2007 live-action film Spider-Man 3, where actor Topher Grace played Venom in an antagonist role of Eddie Brock but due to poor character development and very bad use of CGI, it was heavily criticized by fans and critics.

Another attempt of portraying the character by actor Tom Hardy will be seen in 2018's Venom movie from Sony Pictures, which already revealed a terrifying yet much anticipated look of the symbiote, adapting the "Lethal Protector" and "Planet of the Symbiotes" arc. Even before the movie came out, they have planned ahead to bring Carnage as main villain starring Woody Harrelson in sequel.
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