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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Daredevil – Guardian Devil | Comics

Karen Page is gone for six months; leaving Matt Murdock completely broken and have his Catholic faith shaken.

Matt Murdock and his long-time love interest Karen Page has been through a lot that they probably wouldn't have survived without each other's support. She went on a separation with him to rediscover herself, leaving Matt in an angered state behind.

She has been gone for almost six months now and all he is left with now is his good old' Catholic faith, which is also pretty shaken these days. So, he heads to church for a confession as he is having a hard time to remember the Lord but it is cut short when he hears something.

A 16 year old girl, Gwyneth suddenly finds out that she was four months pregnant and her catholic parents find it very shameful. One morning she wake up seeing her parents getting murdered in front of her and so, she was running from home.

She gave birth to a baby on her own and as she was about to hit by a car, costumed crime-fighting superhero Daredevil came to her rescue out of nowhere and knocked the attackers down. When he turns back to ask the girl questions and he was left alone to face the cops for the mess he just made.

daredevil guardian devil
Daredevil – Guardian Devil | Comics

Later at Nelson and Murdock law firm, Matt was still unable to shake off the thoughts of Karen when his friend and partner Foggy Nelson introduces a client of a multi-million dollar divorce case named Lydia McKenzie but he hears the heartbeats of that running girl from midnight and her infant child.

Eventually she comes to his office next day claiming an Angel sent her to meet him and she apparently knows who he really is. She hands him over her child to keep it safe from the people chasing after her and then leaves at once.

Matt was astound to learn that she never having engaged in a sexual encounter with anyone before, which means that the child is either a messiah or could be an Antichrist. He called in his former flame and an active Avenger member, Black Widow who thought it was a booty call just like old times.

Natasha Romanov later tries to protect the child from harm upon hearing his side of the story when Murdock even violently attacks her to get the baby. Meanwhile, Karen Page suddenly shows up at his door after having the shocking revelation of being HIV positive because of her time as a drug-addicted porn star in past.

Foggy is suddenly found accused for a murder of a divorcee with whom he was having a secret affair for some time. This led him to be fired by the law firm of his own mother to avoid further problems regarding this case which also disgusts Matthew. While trying to find answers to his questions, Daredevil came across his arch-enemy Bullseye.

He returns to get a piece on him for ol' time's sake and left a lot of bodies behind trying to get the baby. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man also came by to visit him briefly. Murdock is probably going to lose it all soon or getting mad for real but what on Earth are Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange and demon lord Mephisto doing in all these?

For more information on Daredevil – Guardian Devil storyline, you can check out these links below.

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daredevil and bullseye
On Sight of Bullseye

Here is your links to buy “Daredevil – Guardian Devil" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Daredevil V2 01

Daredevil V2 02

Daredevil V2 03

Daredevil V2 04

Daredevil V2 05

Daredevil V2 06

Daredevil V2 07

Daredevil V2 08

Here is your links to buy “Daredevil – Guardian Devil" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Daredevil – Guardian Devil (Softcover)

Daredevil – Guardian Devil (Hardcover)

Daredevil Visionaries Vol 01 – Guardian Devil

Daredevil – Guardian Devil 10th Anniversary Edition

Renowned filmmaker Kevin Smith is roped in for a new storyline for re-launching the second monthly ongoing volume of Daredevil from Marvel Comics and one of the star-artist Joe Quesada (Daredevil – Father, Daredevil – Parts of a Hole) also joined him. "Guardian Devil" is an eight part storyline that collects issues #01-08 from the series.

It elaborates a extensive plot premise where the Devil of Hell's Kitchen is pitted against an enemy he never faced before, ever in his life but already know a lot about him. Quesada's awesome and spectacular drawing lines throughout the mystery-filled pages have made this long-late into an enjoyable ride.

daredevil marvel comics
Devil In Despair

Featuring The Man Without Fear in lead, the story depicts him fighting with his inner demons and many tragedies as he goes out of his mind this time. It is considered as one of the top-notch Daredevil stories around that ran in recent times. Events from "Born Again" is referenced and linked with to tie some loose threads.

One of his oldest enemies, Kingpin has made a cameo appearance in a flashback and friends like Black Widow, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man showed up. DD is troubled by a second-stringer villain Mysterio, who is an enemy of a known ally, who collected vital information against him to beat him.
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Saturday, January 1, 2005

Deadpool | Comics

Deadpool was a Merc with a Mouth, subjected to a rogue experiment at Weapon X that gives him accelerated healing powers and insanity.

Most of his early life is unknown and when it comes to remember his own past he also cannot recall almost any of it. Whatever memories he still has are all very conflicting. At one instance it is what he recalls to be raised by a single mother who was very abusive to him and then in another, he remembers losing her when he was only five.

That is what he believes to be one of the primary reason why he grew up to be a criminal later in life but it turns out that, he left home in a very early age and his parents were still living in the same house they had in Canada. When he came back to that place years later, Wade Wilson could not recognize his room which his parents kept the same.

He joined U.S. Army Special Forces but had a hard time following orders, so he was kicked out soon. He is rolled into a CIA-sponsored group of mercenary assassins to kill certain targets that need not to live. These are the events that all took place before he was taken to Department K, meet Wolverine or even becoming the anti-hero Deadpool.

Whatever weird stuff Wade did back then is relatively less known but he traveled to Morocco and then Japan to be hired by a Yakuza crime boss. He was sent to get into a rival sumo-wrestling ring of his boss but ended up falling for Sazae, the young daughter of Oyakata, who was training him in wrestling for three years.

As the time came when his employer told him to kill his expert sumo wrestler mentor, Wilson backed out of this assignment that he claims to be the first time in his life. Sazae was left heartbroken after this and Wade relocated to U.S. he came to meet a mutant teenage prostitute Vanessa Carlysle, whom he would fall in love with soon.

deadpool marvel comics
Deadpool | Comics

Then he was hired to kill a British Government operative named Blind Al, who escaped before he could kill her. To get to him, Vanessa was targeted by his new employer but was saved by Zoe Culloden of Landau, Luckman, & Lake. They believed Wade was some sort of messiah who is going to prevent an oncoming cosmic threat.

Weapon X
Wade Wilson found out that he has been diagnosed with cancer and then broke up with Vanessa, so she could live a normal life instead of pinned with him. He even gave up on chemo treatments as he did not wished to prolong the inevitable. Then Department K contacted him with an offer to become a test subject for one of their projects.

He volunteered for the project and is given former Weapon X operative, Wolverine’s rapid healing factor to survive their experiments. Wade found himself in a field mission alongside other operatives Kane, Sluggo and Slayback. At one point, even Vanessa joined the team as mutant shape-shifter Copycat when her abilities started manifesting.

Later Wilson realized that his healing power is failing, thus the cancer came back and horribly deformed his flesh. Considering him a failure, Weapon X rejected him and sent him to one of their secret facility Hospice. There, every patient ends up being experimental test-subjects for Doctor Killebrew and his sadistic assistant Ajax.

Killebrew and Ajax are primarily responsible for turning Wade Wilson into psychotic super-merceneray Deadpool he'd become later. In Hospice, patients used to bet in a "deadpool" for how long they each going to last there. While suffering at the hands of evil geneticist Killebrew, he eventually met cosmic entity Death and formed a romantic relation.

He keeps on taunting Ajax by calling his real name Francis, earning him the respect of fellow patients but angered the sadistic assistant. To teach him a lesson, Ajax lobotomized his friend Worm, whom he had to kill to end his suffering. Killebrew had a rule that if any of his patients kill another should be executed and so, Francis tore Wilson's heart out.

His thirst for vengeance was so strong that it eventually jump-started his healing factor once again to save his life by regenerating his heart but unfortunately couldn't cure his scars. Nevertheless, Wade quickly rushed out to find Ajax after beating up all the guards in his way and he finally got to and shot his enemy before leaving him to die.

Merc with a Mouth
Upon leaving Hospice, Deadpool became an enforcer for Hammerhead before going back to being a freelance mercenary. He was hired by Kingpin and then tangled with his old pal Logan, when he was a spy for the Canadian government. Wade eventually found Blind Al and keep her captive but he killed anyone who ever tried to help her escape.

Years later, he returns to Hospice looking for a way to get to Killebrew and Doctor Walter Langkowski was assigned to treat him this time, who also happens to be Canada's super-team Alpha Flight member Sasquatch but then abandons this venture as well. Around this time, he got his hands on a teleportation device to aid in his misadventures.

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars
What many doesn't know is that when the Beyonder picked up many superheroes and villains from Earth to his Battleworld to take part in original Secret Wars, Deadpool was one of the selected few. He met an alien woman named Zsaji there, who removed the scars on his face using her power and they both fell in love with each other.

He meddled with a machine to get a new costume after seeing Thor get one but got one in black-and-white that was alive and interacted with his psyche as it was an alien symbiote Klyntar. He left it back to where he found it before Spider-Man arriving to repair his own costume and became bonded to it without knowing its true nature.

Before the event of Doctor Doom stealing Beyonder's power, he briefly started an affair with The Wasp after Zsaji moved on with Colossus. He sacrificed his own life to resurrect Mister Fantastic to save the day and his scars would return for doing so. Wasp was horrified to see his face and wished to Beyonder that he erase this from everyone's memory.

Back in Black
When Spider-Man has removed his symbiotic costume in the bell tower of Our Lady of Saints Church, it felt abandoned and after being chased by a group of alien bounty hunter, it quickly ran from there. It founds a blinded Deadpool in a nearby club fighting Machine Man and bonded to him as he was about to be mind-controlled by Dansen Macabre.

Turning into Venompool, he kicked off all of his attackers and even killed some of them. Aside from having tentacles, Wade discovers that he can now shoot webbing like Spidey. Wilson recalls their time from Battleworld and decides to keep the suit this time. Soon the dup will be persuaded by extraterrestrial bounty hunter Killer Thrill, Guzz and Coldwar.

After defeating Dansen Macabre, he briefly teamed up with Power Pack to fight Zn'rx soldiers, took down White Rabbit alongside Black Cat, devoured Coldwar when engaged, gotten into beef with Kraven the Hunter for mistaking it as Spider-Man and finally saved the latter's life by forcing Killer Thrill to leave him alone before letting go off the suit.

Secret Invasion
Wade Wilson was also operational during the invasion of the alien Skrulls and took a covert assignment from Nick Fury of S.H.I.LE.D. So, he goes to a baseball stadium where an armada ship showed up posing as a mascot and gunned down a few of them. When they deployed the Super-Skrull to catch him, he surrenders and wishes to join them.

Despite his history in killing business and a shady past as a Weapon X operative, the Skrulls were not interested about him but when they discover his rapid healing ability, they decide to develop a new batch of super weapon using his DNA. The new bunch showed potential by taking out an entire fleet of Super-Skrulls with ease.

Although impervious to death, they all now posses Wade's incurable insanity and when he made them blew each other brains out, his intentions became clear to the enemy. The remaining few were killed off by cell overgrowth from his healing factor. Before leaving with the data he came looking for, Wade beats the lead geneticist to death.

Dark Reign
Earlier, Wade went through a lot of crap to infiltrate among the ranks of Skrulls during "Secret Invasion" to get information on behalf of Nick Fury but his transmission was intercepted by Norman Osborn, which he used to kill the Skrull Queen and became director of H.A.M.M.E.R. while Wilson got scammed out of a payday he worked for.

After a botched up job off-shore, he was returning back to America and his ship was sunk by Tiger Shark. He wakes up at a Mexico beach, missing an arm but as he goes out seeking the enemy, it came to him with a huge machete. His friend Hydra agent Bob came to help him fight Shark too but was actually sent here to kill him.

DP clears the wind between them by revealing that he knows Bob was sent to whack him down but then they team-up and defeat Tiger Shark before shooting him in the hand for trying to sell him out. He forced Bob to reveal the identity of his secret employer, who was Osborn and learned that he is the one responsible for Wade missing his paycheck.

So, Deadpool sends an invoice to him next day for a hundred million and he then assembles his Thunderbolts team to confront the merc. DP ran straight to the trap set for him on Avengers Tower but still managed to take down all of his attackers except Yelena Belova, the other Black Widow and even started flirting with her instead of fighting.

With help from Taskmaster, he tries to woo her some more by swapping places and got his head cut off by Headsman, which Yelena put back on. Osborn thought he has seen the last of him but saw him alive and sent master assassin Bullseye dressed as Hawkeye to take care of business but he had to pay Wade to stop him from keep coming back.

Uncanny Avengers
Deadpool has been taking covert assignments from an elderly person that doesn't even pay him. He is worried that if word gets out about him doing charity works, it may ruin his reputation. Though he decided not to take orders from anyone a while ago, the tables have turned and he is not even allowed to kill anyone during these missions.

He breaks into a secret facility to collect a canister before arriving on Avengers Mansion and his handler is revealed to be none other than Steve Rogers, formerly known as Captain America. Turns out what he bust out are Terrigen Mist samples, now will be used to find a cure for M-Pox to save Rogue and he became a member of Rogers' Unity Squad.

Lost Future
So, alongside a team of Doctor Voodoo, Human Torch, Quicksilver, Rogue, Spider-Man and Synapse, Deadpool officially begin his career as an Avenger with Commander Steve Rogers in charge. In their first adventure, they go up against the Super-Adaptoid that was being a challenged to them that neither Synapse nor Torch could handle.

Wade takes him down with an unorthodox method that could've been dangerous and this angers Spidey so much that he quits the team. A villain mutated by Terrigen Cloud called Shredded Man unleashes a dystopian landscape on Boston that required time-travelling mutant Cable to come back from future and join forces to stop him.

Seeing his teammates not getting along with Nathan much, Wade suggests that if he is here from future then things are bad for real. These two mutant mercenaries go guns blazing against those creatures before having Rogue to throw him to at the enemy for a "Fastball Special" when he ran out of ammo and Cable eventually saves the day.

The Man Who Fell To Earth
Trapped inside the prison of Pleasant Hill, Wade gives chase to a vehicle with Nathan, Rogue, Synapse and Voodoo to a vehicle Wrecker was driving. He asks the Wrecking Crew member if he has been looking for Red Skull as he was tasked. Together they all regrouped to fight back S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives to stop them from taking Maria Hill back.

When Hank Pym returns to Earth soon wrapped up in Ultron parts, Wade was surprised as everyone else. He later stops by to ask Cable if Half Life 3 ever drops seeing him talking with Human Torch about future. As the Schaefer Theater is blown up by a distressed Hank, DP has him held on gunpoint after Wasp hits him with an E.M.P. charge.

While Cap and Janet argues about whether to take a shot, he fires a warning shot touching his ear, only to be impaled by a robotic extension of the robot. Nate asks Wasp to fire a second E.M.P. to disable Ultron's remains inside Deadpool's body and then separates the Merc from the machine by ripping it all from his flesh using his telekinesis.

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wade wilson deadpool
Gags, Booms and Wade Wilson

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Dark Reign – Deadpool/Thunderbolts

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Deadpool Vol 02 – Dark Reign (Hardcover)

Deadpool – Suicide Kings (Softcover)

Deadpool – Suicide Kings (Hardcover)

Deadpool Team-Up Vol 01 – Good Buddies

Deadpool Team-Up Vol 02 – Special Relationship

Deadpool – Wade Wilson’s War (Softcover)

Deadpool – Wade Wilson’s War (Hardcover)

Writer Fabian Nicieza (Alpha Flight, New Warriors) came up with the idea to co-create Deadpool for Marvel Comics with artist Rob Liefeld (Heroes Reborn – Captain America, Onslaught Reborn) who made debut in first volume of New Mutants monthly ongoing series in 1991 and then went on to appear in several comic-book titles for years.

After starring in many limited series with single-serving plots, he gets his own monthly ongoing series by writer Joe Kelly (Emperor Joker, Justice League Elite) and collaborating artist Ed McGuinness (Avengers – X-Sanction, Hulk – Red Hulk) in 1997, which often turned into action comedy stories for comic relief rather than some serious stuff.

deadpool the merc
The Best Mercenary Ever

Over the years of publications, Wade Wilson has made more deadly enemies than he made friends that he can count on and though his intentions are not always bad, he is often portrayed as an anti-hero. He would mostly go pick up fights with bad guys who are way out of his league but will manage to take them down in the end somehow anyway.

Even after all that blood in his resume, he somehow pulled off being a member of Uncanny Avengers and mutant superhero team of the X-Men for at least once. In motion picture, the character is portrayed by actor Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins – Wolverine in 2009 first and then later in his R-rated live-action solo Deadpool movie in 2016.

The solo movie became an impressive Box-Office success worldwide and triggered for a sequel. Reynolds eventually returns with Deadpool 2 in 2018 which also stars actor Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz to portray Cable and Domino respectively in the cinematic debut of these characters and a very short-lived version of X-Force at the same time.
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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Daredevil – Born Again | Comics

Karen Page has sold out the secret identity of her former lover Matt Murdock and now Kingpin is hell-bent on destroying the life of Daredevil.

To pursue an acting career, Karen Page had left her job of secretary at Nelson & Murdock law offices. She did find success in Hollywood for a brief time but then reduced to be a porn star and a heroin junkie. Suffering from existential crisis and desperation, she hits the lowest point where she sells the secret identity of Daredevil for a shot of heroin.

This information eventually reaches to Wilson Fisk AKA Kingpin, who orders his assistant James Wesley to track down anyone who handled the information or even knows about it while he verifies its authenticity. The drug dealer whom Karen sold the secrets to is killed but she narrowly escaped with her life and heads back to New York City.

Matt Murdock wakes up in his own apartment completely unaware of these developments and then finds out that IRS has been auditing his tax files and froze his bank accounts. The next thing he knows is that he has been accused to bribe a witness for lying in a previous case and is testified by an honest to God cop, Lieutenant Nicholas Manolis.

Later at that night, he confronts Manolis as Daredevil in his house but instead of talking, the former attacked him and he leaves. Manolis then called Fisk and Matt learns of it from a little eavesdropping from the roof. Apparently, the guy has his son in hospital who needs immediate treatment and that is how he gets owned by the Kingpin.

Murdock's current girlfriend Glorianna O'Breen moved in to the apartment of his best friend and law partner Foggy Nelson after her house was vandalized. He is later called by Matt to work his case before the court hearing and he is prohibited to practice law.

daredevil born again marvel comics
Daredevil – Born Again | Comics

All of these incidents made Matt Murdock more depressed and then his apartment blows up right in front of him. His destroyed costume is the only thing from the wreckage that helped him piece together all the recent mishaps that took place in his life and it could only be an perfectly elaborated plan executed by his biggest rival; the Kingpin.

Investigative journalist Ben Urich of The Daily Bugle learns of the criminal charges brought against Matt and since his buddy refused to share his problem, he talks to his boss J. Jonah Jameson about Murdock's innocence and wants a piece to write on him.

Meanwhile, on the brink of his sanity, Mathew took a train to face the lord of crime once and for all to settle scores and get his life back. When Matt reached in his office, he engaged the Kingpin in a brutal beat down but got knocked over in the end only to later find himself strapped in a stolen taxi cab, drowning in the East River.

He struggles his way back to Hell's Kitchen and finds his way to his father's gym, where he finally collapses from exhaustion and is found by Sister Maggie, who also happens to be his mother. She took her to the local church and nursed him back to health.

In Mexico, Karen desperately tries to get back to New York to warn Matt about her betrayal and hitched a ride with a pervert named Paulo Scorcese, who saved her from the assassins Kingpin sent to kill her and took sexual favors in exchange.

Manolis opens up to Ben Urich about his involvement in framing Matt Murdock when his son died after surgery, which caused him to end up in a hospital bed and Ben to break his hand by one of Fisk's employee. When Manolis tries to reach Urich again, he was strangled to death as Ben was on line, goading him into continue his investigation.

After getting back to his feet, Matt starts preparing him again for getting back to vigilantism to reclaim his life. Kingpin got worried and hired a deranged psychopath to pose as Daredevil and kill Nelson. Then he released an unstable super soldier Nuke on Hell's Kitchen which caused Captain America and The Avengers to interfere.

daredevil costume matt murdock marvel comics
The Devil You Know

For more information on Daredevil – Born Again storyline, you can check out these links below.

Daredevil – Born Again (Comics) Wikipedia

Daredevil – Born Again (Comics) Marvel Wikia

Here is your links to buy “Daredevil – Born Again" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Daredevil 226

Daredevil 227

Daredevil 228

Daredevil 229

Daredevil 230

Daredevil 231

Daredevil 232

Daredevil 233

Here is your links to buy “Daredevil – Born Again" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Daredevil – Born Again (Softcover)

Daredevil – Born Again (Hardcover)

During his long run on the first volume of Daredevil monthly ongoing series, writer Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again) came up with the idea of "Born Again" storyline, which he worked with artist David Mazzucchelli (Batman – Year One, Superman and Batman – World's Funnest) from issues #226-233.

When the story was later reprinted into a graphic novel, it became a phenomenon in comic-book history as well as one of the best stories written on the blind superhero so far. Moving aside from typical fighting with super villains, the plotline uses a variety of Christian symbolism and portrays the rise and fall of Matt Murdock in rough situations.

daredevil vs nuke marvel comics
God and Country

This best-seller book from Marvel Comics has later served as source material for Season 3 of Marvel's Daredevil web television series on Netflix in 2018, where Wilson Fisk uses the information of Daredevil's secret identity against him to destroy his career, reputation, social life and threatened his friends.

Supporting characters like Felix Manning, James Wesley, Melvin Potter and Sister Maggie showed up throughout the arc and a super-villain named Nuke made his debut within the plot. Reference of events regarding Karen Page from this story will be brought up later in "Guardian Devil" storyline and will add more depth to that.
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